Choti Bahu 30th April 2010 Written Update

Part one:

The game of the Purohits are done..
Dadima is scolding Dev as not to be upset at Radh as he cannot be upset with her best friend. Dev says now what is this? You are my best friend. Dadima says whatever is yours is Radhika\’s also so now I am her best friend too.

Mrin is still playing with her Phone. She must have a long battery life on her phone as she has been on that all day.. Any way she nonchalantly asks Radh to bring water for her. Vivek and Dev looks at her. Arjun signals her as if what is that.. she just shrugs her shoulders and keeps on playing with her phone. Radh goes to bring to all the way to the bus to bring the water. Feels some one if following her. She looks back and smiles. On the bus she goes near the back seats and a hand falls on her shoulder. Turning she was about to scream but a hand comes on her mouth hushing her up. Once again her husband has followed her to steal some moment with her. He nuzzles her neck while she objects but smiles at his techniques. Birju was about to climb the bus but sees them cuddle up and stops outside. Dadima comes birju says he will not in the bus.. dadima herself goes in and sees them snuggles up and stops in her track. Both of them are baffled and try to give excuse but dadima stops them and says carry on with whatever you were doing but when done just give me my medication from the black bag.. She climbs down and is happy to see the love between them. She prays that God may keep them like this and no evil eye may come on them\’ this is the second time she said that and I am sure the evil eyes is ready for attack\’ well the camera goes to Shantanu the slimy fox..

In the temple of VR.. Shastriji is still on his atonement Yagya. The slimy fox has devious smile on him. Devki comes and ask him to stop and come home as all are watching them. He sternly tells her that the mandir is his home and she better leave him alone.. fox keeps on smiling.. Some one comes running and say a big bad omen has happen as the Hari idol in one of the Mandir has been broken.. all are shocked.. Shastriji stops his puja and looks back. The slimy fox say.. How can something like this happen in the town like VR.. Some one definitely must have done a big sin. Here shashtriji is doing the Puja for atonement of sin and the other side the Idol is broken.. What do you think what must have happened\’ Shasthri and Devki looks at him totally shocked\’

Part two:

The villagers are at the temple asking Shastriji the reason for broke Idols.. Shashtriji have shocked expressions he says after a while that definitely some one has done great sin in the auspicious land of VR. All says we think the same. A lady says Shastriji you were doing the atonement puja and here the idol is broken.. What kind of atonement were you doing.. Shastriji does not answer.. All villagers are upset and start asking him the reason. The fox says it must be something his personal and you cannot ask him that.. The lady says no we have a right to ask as it happened in the land of VR and one of our idol is broken. Shashtriji just stay there without a word and the uproar starts in the temple\’ Well well the fox steps in and tells him that it was not his mistake that he has send the unmarried daughter to the Purohits as he did not know but in fact his family is responsible for that. He brings the whole truth out in front of the villagers. All are putting their hands on their mouth with the sheer shock of it\’ Bella who acted as Radhika\’s sister in the wedding here all these and is shocked..

Shantanu tells others that Shashtriji is great man as he did not do anything wrong himself but he is still doing the atonement puja than goes to Babuji and turns him to the idols and says tell the people that you are not involved in this crime. If some one is responsible it is your wife and your mother. Shastriji looks on.. Bella is listening and is horrified\’

Part three:

Suddenly the heavy wind blows and all flame of all the lamp gets off. And the sindoor and haldi from the puja plate is gets blown off.. All are shocked looking at the nature playing the part. Shashtriji says I am responsible for what ever happened here. All are angry at Shashtriji and says he is great a sinner. The fox says this is mandir and not the court we may go out of here\’ Devki mumbles that now Amma needs to clarify the things and leaves the mandir asap

At the picnic spot dadima is telling every one to pack up. Dev objects but dadima says look at the weather the storm is approaching we better head home before it comes on us.. all starts to pack up.. Dev calls Radh she was standing and looking at the weather. She was getting restless.. Dev approaches her and says what happened Radh.. She says something is not right I feel very disturb\’ I am starting to get worried.. Nothing like this ever happened to me before\’ Dev consoles her that everything will be ok and leads her to the bus.

Here at VR.. All are discussing the incident of 1st wedding and condemning shashtriji more and more. The fox steps in to interfere but all makes shashtriji responsible being the head of the house\’… Shantanu craftily puts the proper question and instigates the crowd more and more.. He says he did sin but he did the atonement puja.. so he is clean but are you going to punish him now.. All says we will and they all go toward mandir again with the slimy fox. He tries to stop all but all push him aside and throws him on the ground.. In fox rolls on the ground and the crowd moves on\’ The fox than gets up from the ground shaking the dust off him and has this irritating conniving smile..

Devki has entered the house out of breath and calls ammaji and says something horrible has happened as now the villagers knows that Radh was under the veil.. and that we send Vishakha was at purohits.. Amma stands and her anti Radh slogan is on\’

She says for that Radhika how much my lalla has to suffer..

The Crowd is gone back to mandir and accusing Shashtriji of disrespecting the honor of his daughters and says he cannot stay in the Mandir but has to be removed.. they hold his arms and are about to drag him out\’

Part 4 th
People are dragging him out of the mandir….

Purohits are entering the house.. All say they had lot of fun today.. Deepika wanted to go with Vaishali to Matt as it would be another picnic.. Dev says we did come early… all are talking but Radh stands there aside feeling disturbed…. Suddenly Dadima looks at her and says Radhika, what\’s the matter why do you look upset? Before Radh could answer there was a phone ring and she quickly goes to pick up the phone. Bella asks for radhika and tells her what happen at VR and about the truth of 1st wedding coming out and all are furious and angry at Babuji and he is being accused of so many things.. Looking at her horrified expression Dev comes forward and takes the phone and talks with bella. Bella says they better come fast as Shashtriji is in big trouble..

Dev tells Bella that they will be there asap and puts the phone down .. Dadima asks what happened… Radh runs to her and hugging her sobs ceaselessly telling her what happened.. that the villagers now know the fact of the 1st wedding and her father is being accused of very bad things.. Dev tells her not to worry and everything will be ok… Telling Dadi that they need to go to VR they both almost run to door..

Here at temple people are dragging Shastriji mercilessly beating up up with the sticks in their hand.. At the steps of the Mandir they just push him on the stairs and he is rolled on those stony steps… OMG very cruel scene.. but they do not stop there but mercilessly keeps on hitting him with their sticks and kicking him.. Without a word of protest Shastriji takes all the beating.. He is wounded badly and the blood starts oozing from his wounds but he does not utter a word. Here Dev and Radh are in the car.. today Dev is not driving the car.. Radh is totally devastated and now regretting so much about telling the truth that because of that all things are coming upon her father… Dev tries to console her but she does not find comfort in that…

The crowd is wild and is on the mission of beating up Shastriji\’ Babuji is almost about to faint.. RadhDev are on their way to VR…

There was a promotional ad for DID Little champ by RadhDev and no precap…

Let\’s see what happens on Monday..
I am not sure what Amma will do.. Is she coming out and spilling the beans .. I do not think so as She is still accusing Radh…
Do not know what Devki will do..
Babuji is almost fainted… let\’s see what he says..

The main thing is what Dev and Radh would do…
How Dev the RP and Dev the son in law do the justice and save babuji…

Are they going to bring the incident to the the Judgment seat of DEV the RP? or will call that Chief mahant???
Is the total tyranny of Amma be exposed??? or she is still going to manipulate all.. God have mercy…
Let\’s see those in upcoming week..
Raj Bhaiya you trully said… calm before the storm…

Have a great Week end

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