Choti Bahu 4th May 2010 Written Episode

Part 1
Sarpanch asks Dev if what Daaima is telling is the truth?
Dev says I only know that I had no physical relation with Vishaka. The Daima says I checked Vishaka and she was with a child. Her grandmother had brought her to abort the bady. Ask her. They show everyone\’s shock faces. They ask Amma and she says yes I had taken her. That is why I had lied and said raadhika was not married. Vishaka always loved Dev and felt married to him. OMG this Amma, doors of hell must be waiting for her with open arms. RaDEv are shocked. Amma says I told Vishaka in the eyes of sociery you are his wife and he is your husband and that is why she thought Dev was her husband. (I feel like throwing up. What is with Amma and CVS?) Vishaka did not know that Dev will give her up and make Radhika his wife. MY god she is acting and crying. When I came to know Dev was already married to Radhika and I took Vishaka to Daima. OMG RaDEv are so shocked, they are speechless. Sarpanch asks Dev, you said you had no relation with Vishaka than what is this? So what Amma is sayinf is truth or not. Dev keeps quite. Radhika asks him to say the truth. Dev says if I tell the truth your family will be dishonor. Radhika says,I cannot bear if someone dishonors you or blames you for your good character. I will speak the truth. Radhika says to Sarpanch, it is truth that Vishaka was pregnant but nor with Dev but from some other man. All are shocked. But than Amma start acting and blames Radhika for making her sister characterless. She asks why even after the divorce, Dev took Vishaka to his home and took care of her. Why he took care of her when she lost the baby? OMG she is going full 9 yards. RaDev have no words. Amma tells Sarpanch ask Dev. She says he did all this because he is the father of the baby. Really Amma is so sick.

Part 2
Sarpanch asks we do not know what is the truth and who is speaking the truth. As Daima as amma supporting her and Radhika is supporting Dev. Rite than they see a car. Radhika says Dadima. Dadima comes and talks to Sarpanch and says I know there is a debate going on about Dev and Radhika\’s marriage. But this is our internal matter between the two families. We have already taken care of it. Sarpanch says now the matter is not about this but of Raj Purhoit staying with an unmarried girl and living with her as a husband. But another matter has come to light. Dadima says what. He says when Vishaka left PB, she was pregnant. OMG I am feeling sick. Everyone\’s shocked expressions. Sarpanch says Raj Purohit has sinned as he had relationship with an unmarried girl. Dadi feels sick and Briju and Deepika go to hold her. Briju runs to bring water. RaDEv are very upset. Mrinalini is telling Chachaji that we thought we are coming to see single drama of Shastriji but here there is double drama. The second one of RaDev. Dadima asks Sarpanch how did this come out? Sarpanch says daaima told us and than Amma supported it. Even Dev and Radhika knew about it. Amma screams on top of her voice and says not only they knew but knew everything. Dadima and Shastriji are shocked. That is why Dev brought Vishaka to his home. Dev and Radhika have something in their mind. Dadima starts walking towards Dev and says, you hid this from me. Dev says that is true that I hid from you as to why I brought Vishaka to our home. She had lost her child and needed help and support that is why I brought but I am not the father of her baby and that is the truth. Dadima looks and than goes to Sarpanch and says my Dev has never lied to me. From day one he loved Radhika and wanted to marry her. Vishaka\’s coming to out home was a mistake and an accident. He never consider her his wife. Even Vishaka never wanted to be the CB of out family. She always wanted to be in movies and that is why she had left out home and gone. So, in this case child can never be of Dev. Sarpanch says but how can we prove it. Raj Purhoit has been blamed with such a big crime. It is out my bounds as Sarpanch.You have been a RPtian. You used to give justice when your husband was out of town. I request you to five the justice. All look on.

Part 3

Dadima says, I cannot give justice. I know my grandson is speaking the truth. I know him very well. I can never find him of any wrong doings. I know Vishaka always told lies. She has given so much sorrows and pain to our family. I hate her. I will give justice one sided one. Please forgive me. Sarpanch says with such clarity you told you feelings. You will never back off from justice. Please I pray to you to give justice. Dadi looks and gyatri matra starts in the background. Dadima takes out her slippers and Briji makes her sit on the chair. Trio clowns are very happy. Dadi says to give justice we need both, the accuser and the guilty one. I am giving 2 days before we can decide. Here we have Raj Purhoit but we do not have Vishaka. It is a request to Amma that she has 2 days to bring Vishaka. Raj Purhoit you have 2 days to prove yourself inoccent. OMG amma not give up. She says so Dev will be free. What if DRP, due to his post will get the sabot and will twist and change in his favor what will I do. All villagers say amma is rite. So Dadima says OK, Radhika will find the proof and Dev will be in Ashram, where he will not be able to talk or meet anyone. (sought of home arrest) Only for sometime he will be able to meet Radhika but that also under limitations. RaDEv are loking sad at Dadi and she is also very sad. Amma and Clowns are happy/ Sarpanch says you have given a fitting sentence for now but what if RP is guilty than what punishment you will give him. Dadima closes her eyes and than replies. Da tina ta Da. Dadima says, if RP is found guilty than he will have to give up his Raj Purohit post and new RP will be selected. Clowns look happy. Also since all PB belongs to PTrust, than his full family will have to give up PB and leave the house in one clothes. All are shocked. Even the clowns. Dev and Dadima look at each other. They show Dev being taken to Ashram. Vaishali comes and is crying and hugging Dev. She says he is innocent. She goes to Dadima and says you know he is innocent. Dadima says I know he is innocent but it is matter of 2 days only. Than proof will be found. Vaishali says does truth need proof. My son\’s truth shine on his face. How can everyone put my son in court, Vivek told ne everything. It is your justice, how could you be so hard on Dev. You know……….she starts to cry.

Part 4

As Vaishali questioning, they show Dadima is feeling giddy and is about to fall and Dev and all come and hold her. Dev tells Briju to bring medicine and water. Dev gives medicine to Dadima as Briju says she has not had any since afternoon. Dev goes to Vivek and tells him to take Dadima to Delhi and show her to DR. Dadima says no Dev, I cannot go leaving you here in this state. Dev says please Dadima do not do zidda. Radhika is here and if she needs any help Vivek and Briju will help her. Chachaji looks worried and is thinking. Vivek says, Dev I will stay here. Dev says no you know all the case history and you can tell the DRs. Chachaji says I can stay back to but Arjan us taking care of the mutt business alone so I need to go and help him. Dev says no one will stay back. Radhika is here. Dadima says no we all should stay back. Dev comes and takes dadima\’s hand and keeps on his head and says you have my head promise, you\’ll need to go. Dadima looks at him and is crying. Dev touches their feets and walks away. Radhika comes and says Dadima, your faith and trust is will us. After two days Dev will be with you. You just rest and please go. They all go. They show Shastriji sitting and Devki comes. He says see to hide one truth, what has happened. We are the ones who are guilty but see Dev has to bear the guilt. He is blamed and has to near the dishonor on his head due to is.
Shastriji prays to god and says God if I have done any good deeds than Dev should be proved innocent. He says I can bear the burden of my sins but I will not be able to bear the burden of someone innocent. Devki just looks on and is cryingand walks away. They show Radhika coming to Shastriji\’s home and is calling Amma. Amma says, you have come. All because of you Vishaka and Shastriji have been dishonor. Why you come? Radhika says you can blame but for now please help me. (Radhika you have high hope regarding Anna. Do you thing she will help you nowwwww)
You knew from first that Vishaka was pregnant. Please tell me whose baby it was. Amma says yes Vishaka told me, it is Dev;s child. Radhika says this is all lies. It is not my husbands child. Tell me whose child it was. Amma says am I crazy to tell you. Go try to find the truth, but you will not find it. I am cursing you. Radhika looks shocked.


Villagers are running after some guy and they says hit, hit him. Radhika looks and sees Purab.

Go Dadima you Rock. Her faith and Trust in Dev…….

So happy Radhika thinks about Dev\’s name and honor and is ready to fight all.

Shastriji is praying for Dev for he too has faith and trust in DEv.
What a shame to have a mother like Amma.

Amma will rot in hell.

The most interesting thing is that the full truth will come out and will cleanse RaDEV\’s life.
One by one all the evils done by Amma and Vishaka will come to light. Everyone will come to know the extent to which Radhika suffered at Amma\’s hands. How much she was abused. Vishaka is characterless. here Amma is fighting for Vishaka\’s rite by digging a well for Radhika but it will be Her and Vishaka who will fall in this well and be buried. Poetic justice will happen.

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