Choti Bahu 5th May 2010 Written Episode

Radhika inquires about Vikram from Purab
Radhika is confused as to what she should do now as Amma keeps lying. She goes to Kanha for guidance, and just then sees a bunch of people running after Purab and beating him. Radhika thinks, he can tell her about Vishakaha. She goes and saves Purab, the villagers make fun of Radhika for the deeds she has done. Radhika gives them her gold bangle as they claim Purab them 70,000 Rupees. They lesvae, and Purab is back to hus cuties . Radhika inquires about Vishakha and where she went in Mumbai, Purab refuses to tell without money. Lol this Purab is as greedy as before, he asks for Radhika\’s diamond earrings. After Radhika gives it to him, he tells her everything, but it\’s muted for us. In the end we just hear Purab saying that Vikram was the father of Vishakha\’s unborn baby. Radhika is shocked.

Radhika goes to the police station
Radhika goes to the Police station to inquire about Vishakaha. The police officer there tells her that he has been shifted to the central Jail in Delhi. As they require info from the Delhi headquarters which will only open in the morning, Radhika just waits outside the police station for morning, so she can get the info as quickly as possible.

It\’s night time as both Radhika and Dev spends their nights separated with tuhi aake bol kanha…. playing in the background. Both are very upset as Dev thinks how many difficulties their love has to go through as Radhika thinks their problems will definitely end. She thinks there are just 2 more nights till amawas, then they will just lead a happy life.

Radhika finds out Shantanu bailed out Vikram
It\’s morning, Radhika inquired about Vikram again and she finds out that someone bailed out Vikram, the police officers tells her that it was Shantanu who bailed Vikram out.

Radhika meets Dev at the monastery
While Dev does hard work at the monastery, like any other normal worker, Radhika comes to meet Dev. But Radhika is not allowed to as the meeting time is in the evening only. But she does manage have a glare at Dev and see his work. Dev too sees her and they have a sweet moment, with their hands meeting between the fence. Radhika kisses his hand and tells Dev about Vikram and how Shantanu bailed him out just last night. Radhika get\’s Shantanu address from Dev and heads for Delhi.

Amma searches the house so that she can get some clue on whereabouts of Vishakha, so that she can tell everyone that it was Dev\’s child in his womb. Amma tells her intentions to Devki, who scolds her for lying. Amma keeps claiming she is not lying as her Vishakha is soo beautful no one can resist her. Devki prays that Radhika comes home soon with proof. Devki talks back and says you got punishment not once but many times, but u still don\’t understand lol.

Radhika spots Vikram in Delhi
Radhika goes to Delhi, she actually spots Vikram there. But before she can catch him, he\’s gone. She then heads towards some guy who she thinks is Vikram.

Radhika is thinking as she\’s walking that tomorrow Dev will be proved innocent and after that there will only be happiness in their life.
I\’m sure she\’s thinking this as she is walking towards that man, but I bet that guy she is looking at is not Vikram. So all her hopes will fade away.

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