Bidaai 24th May 2010 Written Episode

Alekh says he\’s worried about Indrejeet as he thinks Indrejit is worried about something. Sadi: why don\’t u call him? He says oki. Then some quests came and asks for Vasu\’s daughter-in-laws. Just then Alekh and Sadi came down. Indrejit seemed lost and Alekh went to talk to him. Alekh asks if there\’s something he wants to tell him. Indrejit says there\’s nothing.

Malti and Vinu were talking on the phone, Vinu told her that he got a job but it\’s not permanent. And he also told her thatonce he will get the permanent job, he will return Anandji\’s money.

Ragvir are outside the police station. Ragi: we have to tell the police everything. They were just going inside and Ranveer got a call, the caller asks him what r u gonna tell the police?

And who will believe u? Today u got this pic, what if u get tomorrow another pic in which it\’s clearly shown who the two ladies with Suman are? How will u tell all this to ur parents? Just go home now and tell ur parents the truth and cuts the phone.

Ranveer says they have to go home right now. At home the quests were still there. Just then Alekh says sadi it\’s time for ur medicine, and they went upstairs. In the car Ranveer told Ragi about the pic, the caller was talking about.

The servent brought a parcel, Vasu told him to put it on the table. Sadi was there and she opens it and found the pics of her, Ragi and Suman. Alekh came and she shows him and says she can\’t understand when and who took them. Vasu called them and they went. Sadi: I\’ll ask jeejee when she will come. She puts all the pics back but one fell (she didn\’t saw it) Salekh came and Indrejit says he has to go now as he has something important to do. Ragvir came and Vasu introduces them also. After some time the quests went and Alekh and Vasu talks about Indrejit. Vasu says she will talk to him. She came to Indrejit and asks but he said there\’s nothing. Vasu: u can share everything with me.

Indrejit: what if I made a mistake, will u help me?

Vasu: ofcourse I\’ll, but why are u asking that?

Indrejit: just like that.

Ragi found the pic on the ground and Ranveer came and asks from where she got it and is that the only one or are there more? Sadi came and told her about the pics and asks but who can take them as no one was there that day. Sadi told them about the parcel and they went to see but it wasn\’t there. Alekh came and told them that Indrejit took it with him. Sadi asks what going on. Ranveer went to Indrejit and saw him looking at the pics. Ranveer came in and Indrejit: isn\’t this the came pic which we saw in the paper today morning. Vasu also came and asks what happened. Just then they read the letter. Ragi told everything to Salekh. Indrejit: now we know everything. Ranveer gave the letter to Ragi read. Salekh also read it.

Vasu: how do u this woman?

Ragi: we went to her for a job, but we didn\’t know who she is. Anandji took us there. We don\’t know what she\’s upto.

Indrejit: this is a serious matter, we\’ll have to do something.

Ragi: who is it? What does he/she wants from us.

Vasu: nothing will happen. We\’ll do something, we just have to make some calls. Indrejit called someone and says: can\’t u stop all this. What, it\’s already published.

Sadi: who will believe us?

Vasu: do u know where Anand is?

Ragi: we went to look for him but he was nowhere.

Precap: Ranveer: I think someone wants to scare us. Just then Karan came in and says: ur absolutely right Ranveer.

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