Jhansi Ki Rani 17th June 2010 Written Update

Starts with LB seeing GR lying on the ground with arrows. She tries to wake him up and she shouts Nahi. (Oh my god this is not a dream) There in the village all the villagers are cyring over the dead bodies. Then LB decides to take GR to his camp but hears Martin planning to kill GR if he is taken to his camp.Martin is asking the soldiers where GR\’s dead body is and he wants his dead body. But, the soldier tells he wont go to get the body and walks out and Martin tells the remaining soldiers to kill him and LB sees this. Martin warns Karma that he needs to get GR\’s dead body else he is in trouble. GR\’s Ministers are worried as to where GR is and LB takes wounded GR to her place and is crying . She takes out the arrows one by one.(why is she not calling a doctor). LB goes out to takes out Haldi and sees the villagers crying and shouting. They tell LB that they wont leave GR alive. The sadhu and LB trie to calm the villagers but they don\’t agree and decide to go and kill GR. LB goes into her hut again and checks if GR is still alive or notand the villagers are going crazy outside.

Its morning now and the GR\’s men are still searching for GR. The horses suddenly stop moving and Raghunath gets down to see whats under the leaves. Raghunath sees a hand with GR\’s ring and they find GR\’s body with his head decapitated.

Shradha is with SS and tells him abt last night events. The villagers are still shouting abt killing GR. Karma comes and tells them to stop and tells them that GR is already dead and they start celebrating. SS, Sadhu and Shardha are shocked. LB hears the celebrations and wonders what is happening and SS tells her that they are celebrating GR\’s death. There in the palace vahinis are crying in front of GR\’s dead body with the rest of the clan staring and shedding a few tears .

Precap: Vahini is checking if it s indeed GR or not.
Acronymns:SS-Samar singh, LB-Laxmi bai, GR_Gangadhar Rao

God what a pakaavu episode. They are dragging this endlessly with ample amount of drama and masala. Cannot get any worse than this. Miss the JKR show which I fell in love with

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