Pavitra Rishta 23rd June 2010 Written Episode

Short update

Sul aai tells manju she will invite sav aai to the godh bharai
Sul aai persuades Sav aai to come to the godh bharai
Choo is shouting at Sul aai and Manav stops her
Manav defends Sul aai but then Sul aai calms manav down and leaves
Sul aai has gone to satishs house and sees that all is not well between BA and Vershu
Ajit is having problems with his “Business” and RA has a gift for manju
Baba coughs up more blood …

Long Update

(Archus House) Vinod is preapering for the godh bharai and Sul aai tells baba that they have to go and invite people … manju says no one will be invited and i dont even want to this ritual … manju says id you aint gonna invite RA then dont invite no one …. and you said you were doing this for my happiness so you can listen to … Aai tells manju that she will listen to everything that is right … and why do youthink we wont give RA an invite ?? RA has done so many bad things that we should have broken a relation with her a long time ago but we have because her daughter is our DIL and even today we will respect her … manju says then fine you cant invite Sav aai because RA wont like it … aai says she doesnt care becasue this is her house and she will decide who will come into this house and i will definatley invite Sav aai because even though ArMan are divorced … but this house is bonded with Sav aai\’s house ….

(Manavs house) Sul aai comes … Sav aai and baba greet her … Sav aai asks how is she … Sul aai says its manjus godh bharai tomorrow and i would love for you to come … sav aai says there is no relation with that house and ManChoo are getting married so it will be difficult to come because of the preperations … baba says what are you saying ?? Sav aai says thai is inviting me so i will say yes or no … Sul aai says you once said that doesnt matter about ArMans marriage status. but we two houses will stayed bonded together … Sav aai says when i see archu then i remember the divorce in court and if i see archu then i might create some hungama … sul aai says do you really hate archu ?? sav aai says i cant even hate her … this whole house loves her … and Choo is gonna be the DIL of the house and so i dont want to do anything wrong with her … sul aai says ok, you dont want to come to archus bhabhis godh bharai but you can come to your daughters SIL\’s godh bharai … sav aai says it will still be hard … sul aai says if archu doesnt face you then will you come … sav aai says yes … sul aai gets happy and leaves !! Sul aai is leaving the house and she sees Choo …


(Outside manavs house) .. Choo says to sul aai that i still have fear in my eyes and your daughter is responsible for this … and after the divorce why are you and archu trying to bond a relaiotn with this house ?? Sul aai says i have come to invite you guys to my DIL\’s Godh Bharai … Choo says Manav was once your SIL but he isnt no more … aai says i can never forget this … i see archu in pain because of this thought … choo says this si archus fate … if she doesnt have a husbands hapiness in her fate then what is my fault ?? Sul aai says archu never tried to steal manav away from you … Choo says everyone tells me this but if archu has taken such a sacrifice then why is she making me pay for it … why does she keep meeting him and make me remember that archu was once manavs wife … if i owe manav a favour then i will return the favour later … CHOO … manav shouts Choos name ,… Choo turns around … manav tells her to stop and she has no right to talk to aai like this … yday you suspected me and archu and now today you are suspecting Sul aai … if you suspect me and archu then i can stay quiet but if you suspect Sul aai like this then i cant bear it … and i am marrying you today because Sul aai gave Archu a good upbringing to be able to take such decisions … Sul aai tells manav to calm down and that she knows what choo is going through even though she might not understnad me or archu … Sul aai leaves … Choo looks at manav but manav walks inside…

(Satishs house) Sul aai arrives and vershu is happy to see her … BA and baba greet Sul aai … they all sit down … baba tells vershu to feed Sul aai … vershu leaves to get some food … Sul aai invites BA and Vershu to the godh bharai …. vershu comes in with food … sul aai is happy that Ashwins truth has come out which was necessary to build bridges between you and vershu … BA says he is happy too and she is happy that the miunderstnadings have been cleared but sometimes mistakes still happen … but the person making the mistakes is different … vershu says if one has to make mistakes to save her self respect then i dont think its called a mistake … sul aai looks worried … baba changes the subject and says to bring Man baba over tomorrow since its an all women ritual … aai says ok and she is worried …

(Manjus room) RA rings Manju late at night and RA says sul aai came to invite me to the godh bharai and even sav aai is coming… manju says she knows … and i told aai not to invite Sav aai but aai is very stubborn … RA says i will be stubborn too and not come … manju says come for me ,… RA says ok …and i have bought you a great gift and i will give it to you tomorrow… RA puts the phone down and Ajit storms in the house shouting down the phone saying all of his money was in this … you better fix this problem … RA says whats happened … Ajit says its just a minor problem and it will be sorted … RA is worried because of the money but Ajit shouts at her and tells her that he will sort it out …


(Manavs house) Baba is telling Sav aai that an actor might not have a job but he always has joy reading dialogues … aai says dont you get hapiness drinking alcohol … ?? Baba says why do you always have to bring alcohol into this ?? Baba coughs really hard and coughs blood into his hankerchief …. there is blood on it but aai doesnt see it … aai says alcohol can kiil you … baba says it can save you … dont you remember what happened at the bomblabst ?? aai says that was Gods grace and not alcohol … aai leaves and baba coughs up more blood … he is looking very worried


Precap …. baba is really bad and coughing into the sink … manav gets baba onto the bed and now he is worried … .

mmm … an ok episode … nothing too exciting … but now sul aai relaises that all is not well between BA and vershu … i really hope baba gets a liver transplant !!

so for todays epi i would rate it a 7/10 !!

What would you rate the epi ??

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