Jhansi Ki Rani 6th July 2010 Written Update

Raja (Rani) says to Martin\’ If we win you will have to return the villages & treasure back to the King! Martin says we will fight tomorrow till we die! Martin leaves. Acharya says \’ tomorrow the decision will be in our favor. Gangadhar Rao asks Raja (Rani) if she has faith that she will win. Raja (Rani) says\’ forgive me but if this firangee\’s had stayed here as guests we would have never spoken to them like this. But they think we are their slaves!! At least they will learn that on this earth there are people who will fight for their rights! Raja (Rani) asks Gangadhar Rao for blessings to win. GR says he has faith in Raja (Rani), blesses her and leaves. Raja (Rani) then touches the ground where he stood & respects it. Karma sees all this!

British Comm
Spears questions Martin\’s decision. Martin says the villagers cannot defeat me. They have dug their own graves! Spear says but what if Fort William find out\’. That rings bells in Martin\’s head. He remembers his resignation. He calls the sergeant and asks him to get the message back. Martin says to Spear he will be stunned to see the person who will be fighting on their behalf. He has a plan. He asks the sergeant to go and get a prisoner\’.

Gangadhar Rao requests to speak to Samar singh alone. He asks about LaxmiBais whereabouts. SS says he feels sorry for GR but on the other hand he is proud to have promised his sister to help her hide her identity while she achieves her mission. SS says I know where she is but I will not reveal anything to you even if you get me killed. She has gone through so much all because of you. She was thrown out of her own husband\’s house without any solid proof. I accept that you are a great King but you are an unfortunate husband, who never understood his wife due to his false ego! Sad part is you still don\’t understand her! (Wow\’ SS was awesome here.GR needed someone to show him his false inner reflection) Karma has over heard the entire conversation!! (I think GR/LB should employ him as the head of their spying team\’ Karma will excel in that position!)
Anyway\’ so Karma ends up at Rani\’s feet begging for forgiveness. He says he has found out that she is their queen Maharani LaxmiBai. The villagers have been blessed to have their own queen fighting for them. Rani says if you feel that then promise that you will hide my identity. Karma agrees & refuses to let Rani fight the Firangee\’s. Rani assures Karma that she will definitely conquer the Angrez in the duel, no matter what plans they come up with. All she requests is their support. Karma states that he has full faith in Rani \’ She will show firangee\’s their place!

Durga Mandir
Gangadhar Rao is on his way to the palace, thinking over what samar singh had told him & concludes that LaxmiBai is around in Jhansi. (Finally inke dimaag ki ghanti baji\’) He comes to a Mandir with Goddess Durga and prays\’..
“Adharam ke naash karke Dharam ko sthapit karne wali\’ Aaj bhi Adharam Dharam ke shamshak apna seena taan ke khada hain\’ Raja ko aesi shakti pradhan kar ke woh en angrez ka swabhimaan akhandeet kar sake.” He then prays to the goddess that he is willing to accept LaxmiBai without any conditions\’ please meet him up with her.(About time too)

Samar Singh tells Rani that he has seen Jhansi Naresh suffer, he is missing his wife. Rani says she wants to go back to him too but only if he is willing to accept her as both LaxmiBai & Kranti Guru. Acharya comes and gifts Rani his sword, blessing her to be victorious.

Everyone starts arriving. GangaDhar Rao does tilak on Raja (Rani) saying all us Hindustani\’s pride lies in winning this duel. May god make you victorious. Shatter this firangee\’s ego into bits Raja! Raja (Rani) takes his blessings.
Gangadhar Rao arrives at the arena. Anouncement is made that on behalf of the Angrez the prisoner will fight. He is led into the arena in a cage\’ The guy looks like Tarzan/ogre! Everyone are stunned as Martin himself was supposed to fight with Rani. Martin & Spear are happy\’ all others are worried. Raja (Rani) arrives on horseback, she has a determined look on her face\’. Not even for a mili second does she flinch looking at the ogre.

Tomorrow should be an awesome episode\’. It will be treat to watch How the High & Mighty Fall!!

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