Jhansi Ki Rani 7th July 2010 Written Update

Anyways\’. Today\’s entire episode at the Arena

Tarzan/ogre is shown coming out of the cage making funny noises\’

The two vahini\’s & lacho talk and conclude that by trusting Raja (Rani), GangaDhar Rao has put Jhansi at risk.

MoroPant is worried about how will Manu fight this ogre and wants to ask Maharaj to stop the fight. TatyaGuru stops him saying it is not right to doubt Manu\’s intentions. She must have thought, understood & planned before coming into the arena. Villagers & all are worried.

Martin stands up, silences everyone and makes a speech. “The day of the duel is finally here and the destiny of the 11 villages will be written today. I announce the rules of the game and that is that there are no rules! Warriors will fight till death. Whoever survives wins! If Pascal(ogre) wins, then the 11 villages will remain under British Custody & the villagers will have to pay double tax (Lagaan). If he looses then I declare/promise that East India Company will give everything away. (This Martin is too confident\’. Good it will be a pleasure to see him fall from his high pedestal!)

GangaDhar Rao then says that this is not a fair game. Martin has choosen an ogre instead of a human to fight the duel! GR says he knew beforehand that Martin would cheat. Then he says in English\'”But today you have stooped the limit which I never thought of Mr Martin” (This part is actually funny\’ I think GR was using the accent on purpose)

MotiBai is worried about how this little boy will fight the ogre. Tatya Guru comes up to her and says, you have seen this courage many times before. You are just unable to recognize and the ogre has no idea what he is facing! MotiBai is puzzled\’.. TatyaGuru says.. “Maa Durga ki komalta ka pratee bhi toh unki prateema mein dikhay deta hain, Chintu aaj yahan par unka yeh swaroop tandav karta hua dikhay dega”
MotiBai knows that miracle can only be done by Manu\’. And it dawns on her that this is MalikaAlya. She then says they should make the Maharaj aware. TatyaGuru says the time is not right. Manu\’s goal has not been achieved nor has she consented to it. This secret will still have to be kept under cover.

Martin says there is no foul play the ogre is his best warrior. GR says duel will not start without a proper warrior. Martin says the duel will be now or never! He then turns around and says to the audience \’ this boy challenged me in front of everyone and I accepted the challenge keeping in mind the King & his Kingdom. (Yeah right) Now the king is concerned and is talking about withdrawing. That means that Hindustani\’s can never prevail against the British. Neither in War nor in duel!

Raja (Rani) shouts “Eh Firangee” (I love this\’.. My heart smiles with joy when she does this). Raja (Rani) says – Eh Firangee\’ Dhoka aur Vishwaas Ghaat toh tere khoon mein hain! If you had the guts then you yourself would have come to the arena. Remember one thing \’ “Es dharti ko buri nazer se dekhne wale ko toh Hindustan ka bacha bhi meeti mein mila deta hain, toh phir tuu aur yeh (ogre) kya cheez hai”. Raja (Rani) then requests GR not to stop the duel as the villages should remain in the hands of the king & his subjects not the firangee\’s. All I need is everyone\’s trust as that will be my strongest shield! GR blesses Raja (Rani) to be victorious & announces the start of the duel. Raja (Rani) then requests to take blessings from his (her) guru. While walking towards AcharyaJi (at the same time TatyaGuru is walking towards Acharya) she silently takes blessings from MoroPant. Manu takes blessings from both Acharya & TatyaGuru. GangaDhar Rao is surprised to see this and wonders how TG can be the guru.

Ok\’ now the fight. Ogre comes forward with two chain type weapons and Raja with his sword. Raja manages to disarm the ogre. Martin gets worried and announces the end of the first round. (Yeh toh abhi se dar gaya\’.) Ogre gets caged & Martin walks upto him and gives ogre some type of a poison saying that he should throw it in the boys eyes so he can\’t see anything! Ogre gets angry and throws some in Martin\’s eyes\’.

Fight starts again\’. This time ogre comes with a spear, Raja (Rani) again disarms him and also hurts him in his arm. Ogre falls down\’ while Raja (Rani) was not watching he takes out the powder, (No one notices this…. Not TatyaGuru, Not GR, No one…) as soon as she turns around he throws the powder in her eyes. She screams saying she can\’t see. (I guess this is the point where Acharya\’s blind fold training will come in hand). Martin & Spear rejoice shaking hands!!! Episode ends\’.

Disturbing precap \’ ogre advances on Raja and hurts him\’..

Ok.. I guess we all know that Raja (Rani) will win this duel but I don\’t understand why she has been hurt. Maybe… Martin will say something that will make her blood boil & she will jump up again….. I don\’t know. Lets see what tomoro brings….

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