Jhansi Ki Rani 8th July 2010 Written Update

Today\’s episode is worth watching everyone\’.. Awesome

Episode starts with Raja (Rani) and Ogre fighting \’ Raja disarming ogre and hurting him a little \’ Ogre getting the powder out and throwing it in Raja\’s eyes! (What\’ I thought the rule of fighting is not to show your back to your opponent even for a second???)

Anyways\’. Karma says martin must have a hand in this. He gets angry and rushes to strangle Martin. Karma threatens Martin that he will kill him if anything happens to Raja! Karma gets dragged away by Martin\’s sergeants & beaten up.

Acharya remembers the words of wisdom he had said to Rani.. “A real warrior is one that keeps all his/her five senses alert whilst fighting. But the one who uses his/her sixth sense is the one who wins!” At this same instant Rani remembers her blindfold training with Acharya. She rips a piece from her turban\’s loose end and blindfolds herself. Ogre then advances on Rani with a spear and tries to harm her. But now Rani is alert with her listening skills and she avoids every attempt successfully. GangaDhar Rao is impressed! TatyaGuru is proud. Moropant is thankful & Acharya is keenly listening (watching with his sixth sense)! Ogre then breaks the spear into two and attacks from both sides. He manages to hurt Rani on her arm, she falls, her turban falls off & her hair comes loose! GR is stunned that Raja is Rani! Rani is still on the ground when the ogre advances and hurts her with the spear. (Aw\’. This was painful to watch. I flinched). TG gets angry, MP shouts stop him he will kill my Manu & it dawns on GangaDhar Rao that this is LaxmiBai. Finally!!! Rani then turns on her side in pain & her necklace falls out. GR sees the necklace & remembers gifting it to LB, who had in turn said that till death she will not remove it. Everyone are stunned/shocked seeing Rani lying there lifeless! Martin/Spears are rejoicing. Spears says look at that \’ Ek ladki hum firangee se ladegi? Both are making fun. GR remembers everything in flashbacks \’ Him taking away LB rights and sending her away from his kingdom, LB saving him from Karma, LB taking care of him when he was wounded, How she got him to the palace to foil Martin\’s plan\’s.

GangaDhar Rao then storms towards the arena. Martin comes and stops him saying, You cannot go into the arena, otherwise the agreement will become void. GR says he cannot leave this lady in this state and now he will finish the duel! Martin says I know she is a woman but she was fighting on your behalf & she has lost! GR glares at Martin saying “She has not lost, she is wounded & I have to save her”. Martin says if you want to save her then you will have to sign on this agreement (Gosh\’. He is always producing agreements!) that the villages will stay in British custody. Accept that you have lost & that the British are mightier!
GR was thinking of what to do\’.. When Acharya stands up and starts praying\’.
Om bhur bhuvah svah, tt savitr vrehyam , bhrgo devsya dhimahi , dhyo y nah pracodyat
The Arya Samaj interpretation: “O God ! Giver of life, Remover of all pain and sorrows, Bestower of happiness, the Creator of the Universe, Thou art most luminous, adorable and destroyer of sins. We meditate upon thee. May thou inspire, enlighten and guide our intellect in the right direction.”
Everyone joins in\’..Rani starts stirring\’.. Karma regains his consciousness & joins everyone in the prayer. Rani finally gets up & removes her blindfold. She is facing GR who is looking at her in amazement/awe\’. Cute eye moment here. Rani starts fighting again but ogre keeps hurting her. MoroPant goes to GR and requests him to stop the fight or else his daughter will get killed. GR looks at him and says you knew all this and you kept it hidden from me? At that moment ogre picks Rani up and hauls her up in the air! She falls upon a chest. Ogre advances towards her with an intent to harm her but she escapes & the ogre gets trapped.Rani then gets her sword & we see her on horseback with her rope. She swings the noose round the ogre neck and drags him on the ground. Martin/Spears are shocked! GR is happy and says “Shabaash Maharani”! (Finally…) Rani then drags the ogre round the arena and we see flashbacks of all her valiant deeds. She stops in front of Martin and says \’
Dekha Firangee, hum chahte toh isse abhi maar sakte te. Par humne aisa nahi kiya kyu ke hum jaante hain ke yeh tumhare hathiyacharo tale dabba hua hain. Marna tumhare sanskaaro mein hoga, Hum Hindustani ke sanskaaro mein nahi.
Rani then sets the ogre free & says to the villagers and now you all are free too!

Episode ends on Raja/Rani/Manu/LaxmiBai\’s face\’. And GangaDhar Rao looks like a love struck puppy!

Today\’s episode definately belongs to Kratika Sengar as LaxmiBai. She was awesome. I look forward to tomoro…. want to see Martin\’s fallen face! Although I am hoping that he will do something stupid in anger & will have the pleasure to see the door of the death god\’s abode with Manu\’s hands. (Gosh I have never wished anyone dead in my dreams forget life!)

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