Jhansi Ki Rani 9th July 2010 Written Update

Starts with LB forgiving the demon guy and telling all the villagers that they are all free now. . Everyone start shouting Rani ki Jai and GR, TG, Moropant are very happy. GR is maha happy to finally find his LB and has tears of happiness in his eyes. LB turns to look at GR and GR happily starts walking towards her.( I loved LB and GR in this scene, they were so happy to finally come face to face) Rani/LB starts to leave from the place, but TG stops her and tells Jhansi needs her. But, LB does not stop and tells TG that, GR wont accept her and KG and she needs to leave cause her country needs her . TG finally gives in and lets her go and GR walks in and asks for his horse. The 3 witches listen to GR asking for a horse and wonder whats going on and why is he following Rani. Moti bai comes in and fills in the Vahinis on the latest revealation that Rani is LB leaving the vahinis shocked. Moti bai tells them GR is gone to bring back LB.

Martin receives a letter from Fort Williams thats his resignation has been accepted and is shocked. He asks Spears what he is going to do now and Spears tells good bye and leaves with his men (this scene is hilarious…jaise karni vaisy barni). He is suddenly attacked by the villagers and Karma. They put a blanket on him and beat him up. They finally leave him after giving him a beating and kicking kota and he gets up all mad. He see everyone is gone and starts scolding his Indian soldiers for not helping him and if they are blind and deaf . No one answers and then he starts shouting and asks them to reply. One of the Indian soldier replies that he himself said that Indians are blind and deaf and that they did not see or hear anything so they did not help him.

There GR is following his LB sincerely. LB is hurt and is bleeding but continues with her journey. GR loses LB but finally sees the blood traces and follows her to Durga temple. LB reaches the temple and finally faints (high time she fainted cause of the amount of blood she lost and the way she was wounded by the guy). GR lovings walks towards her (This scene looked so much like JA scene where Jodha was praying and Akbar walks towards her) and sits down staring lovingly at her. He remembers all his scenes with Chota LB (Ulka) till his last scene where LB asks him if he would accept her both as LB and KG? GR then lovingly puts his hand on her face and LB wakes up startled and gets up (LB woke up like she got a 1000W shockhere) GR tries to come close to her and LB walks back wards. LB takes her Talwar and ands asks GR not to come close to her. She is abt to faint when GR holds her hand and makes her sit down.

There in the palace the Minister is preaparing to welcome GR and LB and Moti bai and co offer to help him and decorate the palace. Vahinis are not happy (wonder why…dont they want a heir from GR and LB to keep Jhansi). Vahinis butt in and tell how is it they are so sure this Rani is LB and may be it is someone conspiracy (who else can conspire when the witches are on a scheming break ). Moropant and Co don\’t seem happy with Vahinis, but they continue with there drama. Sakku Vahini want someone as proof who knows that Rani is LB and other Vahinis support her.

Back in the temple LB is not giving a chance to speak and wants to leave but GR does not let her. He takes Vermilion and applies it on her forehead and maang and LB is shocked. LB asks GR to leave her in her condition and asks why he is helping her. GR replies cause she is his Maaharani. LB replies that you have take that right long back and tells abt her pain she went through all these years (I thought it was just 1 year leap). LB tells GR he just gave his decision and just wanted LB and not KG. She further adds that she is adhura without fulfilling her Dharam and Karam and that she can see him leaving her either and starts crying. GR hugs her and tells finally you dont want to listen to my pain even for a sec. GR tells how he is inclomete without her and how he searched for her every where. He asks for forgiveness for anything he did unknowingly and tells lets go home. LB gets up and says where do you want to take me. GR replies I am taking home both LB and KG and that he wont repeat such a mistake in life ever again. LB is maha happy and chota LB\’s last scene is showed. GR further adds that after so many years he realised that Jhansi needs both LB and KG. LB and GR staring at each other tearfully.

Precap:Vahini\’s asking for proof of Rani being LB.
Acronyms:LB-Laxmi Bai, TG-Tatya guru, GR-Gangadhar Rao

Sorry guys i disappeared in btw. Lovely episdoe today, GR-LB emotional scenes were.LB going back to Jhansi and Vahinis want proof next week

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