Jhansi Ki Rani 14th July 2010 Written Update

Starts with LB entering Rani Mahal with Vahini saahib, Sunder, Munder and Kashi. Sunder informs LB abt how no one was allowed to enter Rani Mahal since she left except for Sunder/Munder/kashi. LB enters her room and starts remembering her old days with GR (eating samosas and swing scene).She then sees a picture of Prachi and remembers her old days with prachi and cries. Then she walks into a place full of her portraits (LB roop, KG roop, when GR first sees her with her sword in the temple)and gets really happy . LB is really happy and tells that she thought GR would have throwed all her stuff away. Sunder/Munder/Kashi fill in that GR spent most of his time here and that he would clean her stuff and himself and put it away (wow GR is truly devdas). She then see her weapons and remembers chota LB-GR scene of shooting arrow on the tree to meet GR. She is abt to shoot the arrow and Saawariyan comes to her. Sunder or Munder (I am still confused) comment that looks like she has a message form GR. She is happy and abt to run but see GR picture (the one GR tore) and takes it and runs towards GR\’s room. (A beautiful song is being palyed in the back ground and I dont know the song) GR see LB and is very happy. He takes the pic from her hand and attaches the piece to LB\’s pic. LB has happy tears and then she turns around to see GR\’s room. She looks at GR\’s bed and then at GR shyly…..GR turns to her and extends his hand to LB. LB-GR in an incomplete embrace and are walking towards the bed and are finally sitting on the bed staring at each other. There Vahinis scheming with the British on how to stop GR-LB milan (I say they need to think quickly)

Oh my god…the Vahinis and British zero in on Vahini saahib to separate GR-LB. The British men further adds that she is not LB\’s real mother she just brought her up and the 3 Vahinis are staring at him.There Vahini saahib enter Rani mahal and asks where is Manu. Sunder/Munder/Kashi are worried that the muhurat is still not decided and LB went into GR\’s kaksh. Vahini saahib asks them to go look for LB (I am not liking this) There GR-LB are romancing big time and GR Rao gives red rose to LB. GR is abt to kiss LB and she gets shy and moves away . GR then says some poetry, touches LB\’s face and romance continues. LB asks GR what he is doing (looks like LB needs bees and birds lessons here ). Ok GR then admires her beauty and compares her to pari and LB closes her eyes…and when she opens her eyes GR is gone. GR is standing near a statue and LB\’s asks who is this and GR tells its her. GR then tells abt how much he missed her and that being a man he cannot even shed tears.

Precap: Vahinis telling Aajisahib that LB is the reason for Prachi\’s death (oh my god I hate this…they are turning Aajisahib into next aayishree, so she is going to separate GR-LB milan this time with a meeti churi). Cant LB-GR spend some time in peace….and cant the CV\’s focus on GR-LB and how they deal with the British for some time

Ok after the episode all I can see is a tumultuous time ahead for GR-LB and hard head hitting story is waiting for us ahead

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