Jhansi Ki Rani 16th July 2010 Written Update

Starts with (so called) sword fight with Nana and Moti bai watching GR-LB (why cant they leave even after seeing there Sword fight romance is beyond my understanding). Ok back to the sword fight….GR-LB sword fight is going on ala Jodha Akbar stye, with GR making his moves and LB melting and forgetting to fight and Nana wondering what is happening to his chabili. (oh my this is getting funnier and I fell of my chair now) The fight continues with Moti bai and Nana watching them without blinking there eye lids. GR holds LB and vice versa and GR remembers him blowing air on her face and does the same again and LB loses the grip on her sword and Nana is shocked. GR tells LB he won but LB does not want to accept the defeat and tells him he distracted her. GR tells but still he won and LB wants a rematch. GR agrees for a rematch but just then Kashi comes to inform that Aaji saahib is waiting for them.

OK now comes the shocker….GR\’s Pradhan Mantri is in trouble casue his Bhanja has spent all the money which was supposed to go to the treasure and he wants loan but the guy reuses to lend money with out any security. A British soldiers listens to this (oh my god he is going to betray GR) There Tatya ji is looking for a Muhurat for GR-LB milan with all the vahins, Moti bai, Sunder/Munder/Kashi waiting eagerly for the Muhurat. Tatya ji takes out the Muhurat and tells its tonight 2nd prahar and everyone is happy except the vahinis. Just then GR walks in and Aaaji saahib informs him abt the muhurat and LB-GR stare at each other for a bit and then remember there sword fight scenes.

(oh my god) GR\’s informer is beating the dholak in front of all the villagers and telling that GR has asked everyone to pray for Jhansi\’s uttaradhikari. He further informs the villagers that the muhurat is taken for tonight for GR-LB milan. There an informer informs GR that there is message from Bithur and GR is worried. He informs GR abt Baji Rao\’s deteriorating condition and tells that Baji Rao has asked Nana and Vahini Sahib to return as soon as possible. GR is worried as to how he will inform LB this, cause she is very close to Baji Rao and she might get veyr upset hearing the news In Rani Mahal LB is being teased by Kashi and she also informs LB that the whole of Jhansi is praying for uttaradikari.

Sunder/Munder are decorating the bed and room and GR walks in and tells them he brought some flowers for the decoration which LB likes. Then he inorms them abt Vahini sahib leaving to Bithur the next day and that LB should not get this news or she will get worried. LB and GR getting ready for the Milan and Moti bai wishes LB abt becoming a mother soon. Sunder comes in and LB asks abt Aaji sahib and Sunder tells that Aaji sahib is busy with Havan preparation. LB and GR are ready and are waiting for the muhurat. Some naach gana is going on and Moti bai teases LB a little.

There Vahinis and the 2 British men are thinking on how to stop the milan and that they still have time to stop the milan. They think they could do something during the havan to stop the milan and start laughing victoriously.

Precap: Pradhan Mantri telling Moropant that LB will be deprived of having a kid (dont have the rest of the video…if anyone has seen the precap please fill in)

Oh my god looks the 3 witches have trapped Pradhan Mantri…how could he do that to GR

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