Bidaai 20th July 2010 Written Update

Hey everyone ……long time …but finally back to updating … without much talk lets get to the update

– Khushi with Alekh\’s help cuts her fairy dress and keeps it in her bag …she is happy as now she wont be the fairy

-KNivas kaushi , malti and her kid are waiting for tammy , khushi nd ragi to arrive when the kid says that tammy wont cum bec of the fairy issue , Kaushi says no one will discuss this on tammy\’s arrival , malti says why shud i be discussing it , kaushi says she\’ll call ragi nd find out

-Kaushi calls up ragi nd asks abt tammy and when will the kids be at KNivas and thats ragi too shud come after the pooja

-Ragi goes to wake up tammy but she pretends to sleep so guni , khushi and ragi tempt her thru a new lehenga to wake her up and go to Knivas and their temptation pays off

– Anmol asks ragi if everything is ok and she says yes , he gets a call and takes her leave , while he is talking on the fone guni and alekh come and guni complains abt khushi and tammy taking up time to get ready , when anmol discloses that he is taking alekh to office today and that this is a secret guni and alekh agree , Anmol gets alekh all set for the office

-Khushi sees alekh all dressed up in a suit and is happy and whispers to him that our plan worked see tammy is happy , and also compliments alekh

-At KNivas the pooja takes place and guni ,tammy nd khushi get their gifts , malti\’s kid tells tammy to give exchange her gift with khushi as the dark color wont suit her as she is dark , khushi is all tears …while malti nd kaushi look on

– At the office Anmol has asked fot the power of attorney file and gets alekh to sign it

-Kaushi tells tammy that she will get her to put ubtan so that she becomes fair , tammy is happy and on ragi\’s arrival khushi tells her abt the ubtan and tammy\’s wish to become fair ….ragi tries to reason out with tammy as to why she wants tobe fair and why cant they be like this and that its not necessary to be fair to be a princess and gets tammy to smile .

-the kids leave to play and ragi reprimands kaushi for her doing

Precap: Tammy and anmol sharing a moment and khushi see\’s it and asks guni that why cant her dad be like tammy\’s dad , guni says bec he is yr dost and khushi says i have loads of friends …and i only want my father to be my father , alekh overhears

Thats it friends …hope u like the effort …….if u do hit like button ……..and a special thanx to dazzlinggangsta for filling in for me for the last few weeks !!!!!


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