Jhansi Ki Rani 20th July 2010 Written Update

Starts with court sequence and LB and GR decide to relieve Tatya ji from his duties for a while.Tatya ji tries to protest but LB makes him understand and he leaves. Tatya ji goes to his kaksh and starts crying that he does not know anything. Just then the 3 vahinis come in and start filling his ears but Tatyji does not fall for there trap. Suddenly the 3 vahins realize that someone is watching them from behind the curtains. They check behind the curtains but find no one. There in the palace some lady in ghungat is trying to go into Rani mahal but the guards send her away.

Back in the court Moropant ask GR to go and take rest and LB asks Sunder and Kashi where Aaji saahib is. GR tells she left to Bithur last night because of baji rao\’s bad health condition. LB is shocked and asks why no one informed her abt this. GR tells dont tell them anything, cause it was him who asked them not to do so. LB is mad and leaves the place in a huff. She goes to her room and starts packing her stuff and GR comes and stops her.

LB blames GR for not telling her abt baji rao and decides to go to Bithur. GR takes one of his necklace and puts it in her bag. GR turns the other side and is talking to LB, but he turns around and finds that LB is gone. He turns to devads mode and sits on his bed dejected. There Moropant and Chimanbai are packing to go to Bithur. Just then TG arrives and asks Moropant how he can leave to Bithur with out informing him (What is TG doing in Jhansi when Baji Rao is so sick…why is he not going back to Bithur ) LB arrives and asks Moropant to take her along with him, but Moropant tells her Jhansi is your home now and if your mother was here she would have explained it to you. He tells that Jhansi needs you with all the conspirators in Jhansi. Just then Moropant realizes that someone is listening from behind the curtains . Moropant tells Baji Rao will get well soon and he will come to meet you. LB finally agrees.

The new pandit is with the 3 vahinis and they ask him abt the new muhurat. He tells its 2 days later. But, the vahinis ask him to take a different date for SR and he tells a date 10 days later (oh god they are going to drag this for 10 more days that is 1 more month).GR is in his devdas mode in LB room and turns to see LB there. LB tells she is not going to Bithur. LB is taking out her clothes and finds GR\’s necklace. GR tells he put it in there, so she would remember him and come back. Then the 2 go to the court and the pandit tells GR abt the next muhurat. GR is very happy with the muhurat and announces that the new pandit (who came in at the right time to stop GR-LB SR) will do all the duties which Tatya ji used to do. Tatya ji listens to this and is not happy, nor is LB (nor am I) That ghoongat lady comes to the court and wants to meet LB. LB hears the commotion outside and asks the soldier what the problem is. The soldier brings a gift whihc teh lady wanted to give her and LB takes the gift and finds bal gopal. LB is happy but Janaki tells it is not good for a queen to take gifts from strangers. LB shuts her mouth and LB suddenly see the woman walking away (how is this possible, this women was outside the court and now LB sees this woman walking in a corridior from her seat)

Precap: LB talking to the Ghoonagat lady and asks who she is. The lady says I your dasi and keep this idol with you all the time and it will protect you from bad things.

Acronymns:LB-Laxmi Bai, GR-Gangadhar Rao, SR-Suhaag Raat (most important historic sequence of JKR )

God I cannot believe I watched this episode. It was just BLAH. Whats with this SR, pandit, muhurat, dead coming alive…my head hurts and I am sleepy at 11:00 in the morning.

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