Jhansi Ki Rani 21st July 2010 Written Update

Starts with the court scene and Tatya ji comes to tell his good bye. But, LB asks him to stay back and take care of naag pooja. Tayaji agrees. 3 witches are planning to kill GR while LB does the naag pooja for the next 10 days. LB goes to her room and places bal gopal in the temple. The ghoongat lady comes there and gives some gyan to LB and then disappears. LB prays to god to make her agooba well soon and then starts writing a letter to her agooba. GR comes there and is staring at LB writing the letter followed by a few eye locking scenes.

There 3 witches and Malcom are planning on how to kill GR and that they still did not find a suitable person close to GR who would cheat him.Malcom then suggest Raghunath singh. 3 witches ask how are they planning to do this and he answers just wait and watch how they will make this Rajput cheat his own king. The 3 witches decide to separate GR-LB again.There GR is still staring at LB and the staring session continues back and forth. Finally LB asks GR to leave as she is not able to write her letter.GR says he is not doing anything and he is just watching her. LB asks what does he want and GR answers LB. Then GR tells some poetry and tells I am not touching you anyways and now you are putting condition on not even seeing you. The ghoongat lady is watching them again. Just when GR is abt to kiss LB, Kashi walks in and GR is upset. Kashi tells Malcom and captain Ross are waiting for him in the court.

Malcom comes in and complains to GR that all there is no law and order in the 11 villages since LB left and dakus have been attacking the villages for a while now. GR asks Raghunath to go the village and check what is the problem. Immediately Malcom (strikes) and tells Raghunath that even the dakus are Rajput and will he be able to kill his won people.Raghunath is really mad and takes his sword out and Malcom & Ross vs Raghunath are shooting glares at each other. GR asks Raghunath to be under control and take the sword off Malcom. Raghunath asks for forgiveness and that give him permission to let him go and kill the dakoits. But Malcom butts in and tells that British do not trust Raghunath and if GR can guarantee that Raghunath will do his job correctly. Else GR\’s adminstarion will be questioned and there will be a review board to decide if GR can be the king or not. GR is mumed and LB asks Tatya tope to go and take care of the dacoits. Raghunath is hurt (I am confused. Isnt Jhansi administration under GR\’s control and he will take care of law and order his way. So, how can Malcom force GR to use or not use a particular person. This is getting really confusing and the script is going haywire.)

Precap:GR-LB doing nag pooja and the ghat bandhan is on fire.

Everything is so confusing for me right now. I still dont understand how Malcom can ask GR to gaurantee if one of his own men will do the job correctly or not. And if GR cannot gaurantee abt that particular person they will take away the throne. If that is the case then GR would have lost Jhansi long back to the British. I think the CV\’s are seriously messing things here cause they are lost in making JKR all abt scheming and romance. And whats with GR getting mum all of a sudden in the court, he was doing so much bak bak just a while ago infront of LB

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