Bidaai 23rd July 2010 Written Update

*) Vasu shows her the POA Documents(she said copies but it was original) & says that anmol has taken everything away .But Ragini at first does\’nt believe & tries to call Anmol on his cell but it was switched off & calls his office & he is not there .Vasu tells her why would he be here & we will not know in which part of the world he is at present.Shrmaji & Kaushi come there & sharmaji asks Vasu what is she talking about Anmol .Vasu tells her that she is talking about Anmols intensions from past 6 years & today i have proof

*)Tammy ,Khushi ,Alekh & the house maid (oops i forgot her name) are in Alekh\’s room showing him the painting and Tammy\’s prize.Alekh praises Tammy\’s paintings .Tammy leaves & Aleks stops Khushi & asks her to show the Painting in which khushi had drawed Alekh & her but She was feeding biscuit for Alekh so alekh tells she did wrong it must be him feeding her instead of her & he said that he will be correcting her mistakes as he is her Father(so sweet) and Alekh wants to give khushi something he gets up and hurts himself with the scissors & khushi once again becomes Caring daughter to her lovely father

*)In Ragini\’s Room she is talking to Ranvir\’s picture crying and asking him why did he made her fulfill his last wish see now it all went wrong Na & sharmaji enters and asks her why is vasu blaming Anmol he has fulfilled all his duties in last 6 years perfectly to which Ragini answers she thinks the truth is what Vasu thinks .sharmaji is shocked and asks her what is she talking about.She asks “WHY ” the question which Vasu asked for 6 years WHY he is with us & WHY did he marry a widower who had a daughter as he was rich & he would have got anyone as his wife.Sharmaji remembers Anmols confession about Ranvir\’s promise but he nicely tell her because of the promise he had made to his friend he is fulfilling all his duties.He said Ranvir had complete trust on Anmol & he made the right decision.He says he hoped to see the trust which he has on Anmol in Ragini\’s Words and heart.He says you are saying these words from your mind just ask your heart and hear to what it says but Ragini says i\’m not here alone i have my Family.
So Sharmaji says that he trusts Anmol so much that he can give his life to him even without Thinking & Ragini,Khushi,Tammy & alekh are part of my words(Fantastic Alokji).He says something about sun & its rays never dimishing & compares Anmol to it(i don\’t remember correctly that dialoge i have to see it once again) Ragini is astonished to see so much belief on Anmol from her Dad

*) Kaushi is calling malti & telling her about Anmol & tells her they will come when the problem gets Malti after hanging up is talking to herself that this had to happen & she always wondering why he was still there inspite of him being rich & KAVYA is standing behind and asks him what so she tells him that tammy\’s dad has gone very far & he is never going to come Back.He trys to ask the meaning but she scolds him & tells him that he will go & tell Vinu who she could not contact on phone

*)Sharmaji & Khaushi are trying to stop Vasu from contacting Police.Vasu tells her she should call now or he will escape & we can\’t Catch him(vasu please he is not a terrorist) & Inderjit is on flight from USA(i did;nt know he was out of country) & she is alone to which Sharmaji says we all are with you don\’t worry if Anmol is proved guilty they will be with them.He says that they should wait & not take rash decision for which they will feel ashamed of later
In Vinu\’s office Vinu & his friend are taking interview for secretary post & his friend says to one candidate they will contact her later.vinu asks him why did he do like this he says she was boring type & they needed good looking type ,to which Vinu says we are not interviewing for modelling post.& good looking Lady walks in

*) Tammy is very happy in her room with her tropy & Naughty KAVYA calls Tammy & tells her that father is no more she says yes i know he is in office.So KAvya tell her that his MUMMY told him That your father has gone very far & he will never come back.Vinu & his friends are taking interview for this good looking one & malti enters & sees this

*)Ragini,Vasu,Sharmaji& Kaushi are waiting in the hall & vasu lost Patience & tells that she will call police & then Tammy comes running and hugs Ragini & Asks her that why did they hide the fact that her father has died & has become star just like Khushi\’s Mummy & will never Come back(She was talking about Anmol ) & everyone had shocked reaction on their face(but they thought she was talking about Ranvir)

Precap: Vasu is telling Tammy that they wanted tell her about her Dad

I think two things can happen either Anmol comes back at that point or Ragini will stop Vasu from Telling the truth

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