Jhansi Ki Rani 23rd July 2010 Written Update

Starts with the Ghoongat lady talking to LB and then Kashi come to inform LB GR will be waiting for her the next morning. LB turns around and finds that the ghoonghat lady is leaving. The 3 witches are talking abt putting poison on the sword and GR will die and they shows us some one in Ghoongaht putting poision to the sword. Then after few minutes the ghoongat lady comes and is abt to take the sowrd but LB arrives and the ghoongat lady leaves. LB sees some foot prints in mud near the sword and at the same time they show Raghunath washing his legs covered with mud (is this JKR or a story written by mystery writer..looks like they are reading too much of James paterson or Sydney sheldon etc…change the name of the show to who is betraying GR instead) LB alerts GR and GR blast Pradhan matri and Raghunath. Later LB and GR are practising and the ghoongat lady is outside the palace for alms, but she wants it only from LB. Tatya ji tells LB is busy but the lady is adamant. The lady then tells if she does not get her wish fulfilled she will give shrap to the whole kingdom and Sunder hears this and is shocked. There LB and GR are practicing with the 3 witches watching and waiting for GR to die. Sunder comes in at the right moment and tells LB abt the beggar. GR is mad and tells sunder to ask the beggar to wait, but LB tells it is not right to make a beggar wait and leave with leaving the 3 witches disappointed.

The beggar asks LB to give her something she received recently from someone close. LB realizes its the sword and the lady asks her to do abhishek before giving it to her. Sunder, Kashi pour the milk for abhishek and as soon as LB puts the sword in milk the milk turn black. LB realises that there is poison on the sword. LB runs to see the beggar and there the 3 witches are talking to someone that this time GR is saved but next time this mistake should not repeat. The shadow leaves. LB reaches the gate but the lady has already left.

Precap: GR-LB sword fight and GR is struck by the sword and GR falls down immediately with LB staring at him.

The precap is either LB\’s dream or LB-GR are playing together to catch the culprit cause the CV\’s current tag line is catch the culprit. And with the shadow person and ghoongat persons this has turned into a mystery novel but so much better than the last 4 episodes.Hail CV\’s.

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