Pavitra Rishta 26th July 2010 Written Update

Quick mini update:
Manav encourages Ajit to get a job with the help of Archu
Dharmesh refuses to give him a job cause of his bad past reputation
Satish convinces him to give a second chance.
Ajit is moved by ArMaan\’s help and is humbled infront of them.
Sul aai has decided to lived with Vinod-Manjusha for a little while. Manjusha and Rasika aai make an evil plan to turn her into a maid.
Rasika aai as usual is insulting Vaandu when ajit walks in and tells her he has got a job with help of ArMaan. He tells her he has realized his mistakes and evil-doings. She should too ask forgiveness from Archana.
Nidzo\’s commentary:
Episode starts with Manav thanking Ajit for saving Archana. Then Manav offers to help Ajit by getting him a job at the garage cause Archu is the supervisor that. Ajit refuses to take that job cause he doesn\’t want any more ehsaan from them despite what he did to break their marriage.
Manav tells him that he is only helping them cause he knows Ajit is trying to reform, there is no shame in trying to help him. He takes him to Archana\’s office.
*Archu\’s office*
She is happy seeing AJit and tells him not to worry about the job. He will get it based on his ability and passion to work hard. Since Satish isn\’t there yet, she asks him to wait longer.
In the meantime, Dharmesh walks in and introduce Ajit to him. Dharmesh apparently did know about Ajit\’s past kaartoot. He insults him by telling he can\’t offer a job to a person like him that will ruin his reputation! He excuses himself and walks out.
Ajit tells Archu not to worry about it, it isn\’t her fault that he isn\’t trustworthy because of his past. Archu walks out to talk to Dharmesh.
Dharmesh straight up refuses to give a job to such a person because of the risks involved but Archu insists that she will take responsibility of anything that goes wrong. Again, Dharmesh refuses her nicely. Satish walks in the conversation and states that he agrees with Archana. They should give every person a second chance and if in future the need arises they can always fire ajit.
Dharmesh is still not convinced but agrees half-heartedly.
Archu breaks the good news to Ajit ! Ajit and Manav get happy ! Archu gives him a speech about him being part of family and this was nothing , only she asks him to keep her faith and not break it. Ajit breaks down and asks for forgiveness for breaking their wedding.
*In the company\’s lunch room*
The clerk is narrating the whole situation about Ajit getting a job through Manav\’s help. They further gossip about seeing ArMaan at the station…*disgusting*. Apparently now they are doing Jhasoos work!
*Satish\’s Aai –Baba\’s place*
Varsha is worried that Satish\’s Baba is sick and aai didn\’t inform him. She is completely offended that they don\’t consider her daughter enough to ask for her help. Aai tells her this is just minor things and they don\’t need to get upset about it. Aai insists on changing the topic because she doesn\’t like refusing to come back home. Varsha is sad but nods.
*Vinod\’s apartement*
Vinod picks up the call from Sul aai and he is happy that aai agreed to come over! Sul aai accepts that she just couldn\’t say No to punni \’s request, so she will come over for couple days.
Vinod tells the good news to Manjusha who pretends to be ashamed that despite everything Sul aai shows her badaapan.( Vinod leaves for office and tells her if she needs anything SMS him lmao )
Manjusha and Rasika aai talk up on phone, RA tells her to treat her MIL like mother. Giver her respect and shower her with hospitality , then slowly turn her into a maid. Neither Vinod or Sul aai will realize when this transition will take place. [May I add, RA is busy doing maid work herself :P)
*Rasika Aai\’s *
RA is torturing Vandu by telling how she is bad luck and her being from a poor family couldn\’t even help them from this horrible situation. Ajit enters and announces that he has a got a job. He tells how Archu helped him get this position. RA is unhappy that he has finally put his honour down infront of Archu. Ajit urges her to do the same (LMAO wth) . He warns her to admit her mistake and to do so before it is too late.

Manav is holding Archana and walkind with her ( I am assuming, she is hurt? ) but all the workers are gathered and giving him the dirty look.

OKAY. Todays episode was mostly about Ajit\’s job… but I really hope het gets a better job than Archu or Manav cause clearly he is waaay more educated? What say you guys?

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