Jhansi Ki Rani 26th July 2010 Written Update

Starts with LB not finding the invisible lady and she has a day dream that she killed GR. LB then runs to GR yelling Maharaaj and finds GR talking to Pradhan Mantri (PM). GR gives money to PM (Suspect 1), but he tells GR he has already arranged the money and LB looks suspiciously at him. PM leaves and LB is staring at GR who is taking his kurta off and thinks abt her day dream and runs to hug GR. LB is crying and tells GR what if she would have hurt GR in the fight. LB then decides to keeps the facts to herself (true saas bahu heroine who wants to glorify herself and solve all the problems by hiding the truth ) till she finds the truth. Some one comes in and tells GR the ministers are waiting for him in the court. Suddenly a cat attacks one of the soldiers in GR\’s room and LB is alert and wants to find the culprit.

LB leaves telling GR she wont come to the court today. There the new pandit is testing the sword and tells LB that he is the only one who know how to make this poison and he stopped making this poison long back. He further adds he never told any one abt the recipe and that he wrote the recipe in his book and finds that his book is missing. He tells the last time he used the book was int eh palace and LB concludes the conspirator is someone from the palace. There 3 witches are not happy with the outcome and LB walks in and wants to spend quality time with them.

Some tu tu mein mein follow btw LB and the 3 vahinis and then they decide to play something for time pass. Sunder comes in with the sword and LB takes the sword and points it at the 3 vahinis one by one. The 3 vahinis are sweating profusely and LB warns them that if ever anything happens to GR they wont be alive. Sakku bai finally get her voice back and yells at LB and asks her to find proof first. Sakku asks LB to leave and the other 2 vahinis praise Sakku and make fun of her. Sakku then tells it was really her intention to divert LB so there mohra will kill GR and LB. LB is walking with Sunder and telling her that she is sure the 3 witches are diverting her attention and there mohra will attack GR. Just then someone calls Sunder (Suspect 2)and she leaves. LB sees someone in black attire and asks tum (mystery continues)

In the court GR is waiting for LB and they are discussing abt the Raj kosh and how they dont have enough money in the kosh (what do they do with all the money that every 2 weeks the same track is introduced ). Just then Malcom appears in the court telling that the situation is still not under control regarding the Rajputs. GR tells Malcom that he has full faith in TG. Sunder comes to the court and tells GR that LB is not her room.

Precap: Mystery mystifies with LB missing and GR finding her payal in the corridor. GR is wondering where his LB is (and I am wondering if I am really watching JKR or a badly scripted thriller)

Nothing to talk abt todays episode. Have fun and enjoy the latest thriller JKR.

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