Bidaai 26th July 2010 Written Update

Everyone shocked, Tammy knows the truth and asks why they didn\’t told her that her dad isn\’t alive anymore. She went to mamaji and asks him about her dad. Vasu: it\’s time to tell her the truth. Vasu wanted to tell her the truth but mamaji stops her. Ragi: she\’s still a kid, she won\’t be able to \’.. Vasu: no this is \’ Just then Anmol came and Tammy went to him. She asks where he was and she thought he won\’t come back anymore. They hug. Anmol: I\’m here now na, so stop crying. I had a important meeting today that\’s why I\’m late. Tammy: bari mom, did u also gonna tell me the same thing about papa? Anmol: sweetheart, she wanted to tell u that I was hungry and not feeling well. Ragi came and says yess she wanted to say that, now u go to guddi di. She went.

Anmol: u wanted to tell Tammy the truth?

Vasu: sto pretending, ur Ragi\’s husband but ur not Tammy\’s dad. Who are u, what r u? Ragi, tell him we know the truth. Ragi gave him the papers and he says there must be some misunderstanding. Guddi came and give Anmol some papers, he smiles and everyone reads and mamaji says yess, it was a misunderstanding, here they wrote Tamanna Rajvansh. Anmol: I told u it\’s just a mistake.

Vasu: what was that, u took Ragi and Alekh\’s signature on the power of attorney? Or u wanted to give everything u had to them?

Ragi: we can talk about all this later, he just came home. Let\’s have something 2 eat first.

Vasu: this man betrayed u, still ur on his side?

Ragi: he made a mistake, but he also corrected it. He came back that\’s enough for me. She wanted to go but Vasu: why did he came back? To take Ragi with u, maybe she will go but I won\’t let Tammy go with u. She will stay with me.

Anmol: I didn\’t knew u hated me so much, that u will let ur daughter-in-law go from here.

Ragi: no one wil go from here, this is our home, our family. We only want the blessings of our elders. Come, let\’s have dinner together. Anmol and Ragi went.

Vinu and Malti in the car. They talked about Ragi and Anmol. Malti was worried about Ragi. She also suggests to make some beautiful girl his secretary. Ur bapuji\’s son, u won\’t betray me.

Mamaji and Kaushi talked about relationships.

Mamaji: Our Ragi is complete now, time is gonna change now.

Kaushi: I hope it\’s for better. Indrejit came and mamaji and Kaushi leave 4 home. Before they left mamaji asked him to have a talk to Vasu, Ragi and Anmol.

Anmol, Ragi and Vasu were talking about the power of atornety papers. Anmol tried to explain her that he didn\’t wanted to talk about all this at home.

Indrejit came and says: if someone wants to save someone, then he would do the same. Anmol: this isn\’t the right time.

Indrejit: no it is, anmol did everything to save me. There were some legal issues with the property I bought 4 Ragi and Alekh. There were some problems and Anmol helped me, otherwise, Ragi, Alekh and I would have been in jail. Anmol got to know about all this and helped us. He did something only a son can do for his dad. Ragi went.

Precap: No precap

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