Jhansi Ki Rani 27th July 2010 Written Update

Starts with Sunder/Kashi telling LB is not in her room nor in the palace. GR is livid and asks who was she last seen with and 3 witches are scared . Sunder tells GR abt LB meeting with Raj Vaidya and then the 3 witches(3 witches are abt to get a heart attack). All the while PM, Raghunath and Tatya are shown alternativey (for special effects and to intensify the already tangled mystery) GR summons for Raj vaidya and makes him tell the truth abt the sword being poisoned and that LB was looking for the culprit (GR seemed like a volcano today without LB around). GR bashes up PM and Raghunath and then tells he knows who is behind this. Then announces that with in 24 hrs if LB does not return he will punish them in way which was never done before. 3 witches are dripping in fear and sweat by now .

Whole of the palace and GR are looking for LB with flashes of LB-GR romance being played in bits and pieces. (Back to the suspects) PM (Suspect 1) is sending some unknown trunk to some unknown place and Raghunath is talking to some burka clad gentlemen using some bade bade suspicious words which make him Suspect 2. In the mean while Sakku is talking to some burka clad person and askign him to take her to LB and the burka clad person nods in disagreement that he did not abduct LB. Sakku is shocked.

Sunder finds LB\’s payal and hands it over to GR and GR goes back to his dreams for a while. . There LB is shown praying to god to protect GR in some hut. Suddenly the invisible lady walks in and LB tells she has been waiting for her for a long time. (even I am confused that I am jumping from one scene to another with no continuity, but thats what is being shown) Invisible old lady gives some payal to LB and tells this will protect GR and also adds that the culprit is someone who was loyal to GR and was hurt recently and LB goes to thinking mode.

Back to the palace again….GR is dejected with the sudden developments and decides to take a beauty nap. GR is sleeping and a shadow is walking towards GR (shivering while watching the scene) and its LB who is staring at her hubby and someone in a burqa behind the curtains is watching LB stare at GR. LB senses someone and runs to the curtains and finds no one. (wow did not know curtains can create so much mystery in every scene in JKR …maybe they should start selling these curtains to fill the ever empty Raj kosh) LB then decides to spend the night at GR\’s feet and its morning. GR wakes up and is over whelmed to see LB and asks her where she went. LB religiously tells GR she cannot tell him anything right now, but GR tells he knows the truth abt the sword and that someone was trying to kill him using LB. LB is in tears and GR tells LB that he wont die so easily (even we know that…..how else will JKR survive if GR dies…what would be the future track and who will be the guinea pig) LB-GR finally hug.

Precap: Sunder comes and tells Sakku bai that LB asked her to come to the courth. 3 witches are tensed.

Usual Suspects : PM and his trunk, Raghunath and his burka clad man, Tatya ji and his confusing looks topped by the EVER GREEN 3 witches

The End

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