Bidaai 27th July 2010 Written Update

-Mamaji nd mamiji discussing Anmols gesture and goodwill as well as how lucky ragi is …but how Vasu is so unsure of Anmol even now …and that she was going to disclose the truth to tammy .Mamaji enquires abt what malti told kavya as that is the root cause of this all

-Ragi giving anmol a piece of her mind and he is quitely listening and laughing , Ragi asks why is he laufing to which he replies that it wud have been better had i been crying cause i cud have said these are khushi ke aansoo ,aap itne haq se daant rahi hain …that is the cause of this smile ,and had i taken u along to aap police waalon ki bhi bolti band kar deti jaise abhi meri ki hui hai and ragi smiles…..Indu interrupts the moment and calls anmol for dinner (Indu was just like an vamp …there at the wrong time)

-Kaushi ,PC question Malti and are furious with her ….as Kavya spills out the beans …Vinu also comes to know of the whole fiasco …Malti gets a warning

-Tammy comes to Angini\’s room to sleep with them ,both feel awkward and make a million excuses but tammy is too smart for them and both have to give in to her wish …and both lie on tammy \’s either side and give each other free ki smile and having several eyelocks ….(Apoorva\’s expression\’s were bang on ……….i am seeing him after such a long time ….hope they give his char some fun flavor as well…right now tammy seems to having max fun at others expense )

-Anmol is telling tammy a love story …but is continuously staring at ragi and he also gets a shocker when tammy puts ragi\’s hand in his and puts her\’s on top of theirs ….bechara telling story was never so difficult ……the daughter isnt make his life any easier is she ?

-Angini stuck for the night as even in her sleep tammy doesnt let either get away …and so Angini sleep after staring at each other for ages ….

-Tammy wakes up remembers khushi nd off she goes ….and then open field for Mr Anmol to stare , drool over his lovely wife ………his pleasant moments come to an end with ragi waking ….both out feeling awkward and ragi says she has work and wlks off …with Anmol smiling …….

-Khushi -Tammy praying and ragi comes and remembrs her own times with sadhna,Anmol comes to pick the girls up for school and once again ankhon ki gustakiyan shuru …kitna stare karega …..and he tries to talk but ragi again walks off …and he says fine we\’ll talk at night

-Ragi while keeping alekhs clothes finds khushi\’s fairy dress ruined …and asks alekh abt it and he takes the blame on himslef and ragi is like why did u do it ?now what will khushi wear and alekh is like now dost wont be fairy ?

Precap :None

.Ooooooh i love Apoorva …..awesome expressions …….loved him to bits today …..but tammy is proving that she is ranvir\’s blood …..utni hi smart hai …….I know its hard to let go of fav jodi\’s and actors but Apoorva deserves the accolades ……he was super cute today ……..

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