Bidaai 28th July 2010 Written Update

*) Ragini asks why he did like that & tells him that she will Take the dress with her & Alekh is making Faces suggesting as if his lie was caught .Ragini asks Gunni to bring new dress & Gunni asks her Khushi already has a dress as she had to go out with Vasu & ragini says that the dress has some marks if they wash it will lose it\’s shine.Gunni says she will bring.Malti is at some gym with her friends and tells them that her son is doing play in the school & he must be playing main lead (hero) & she tells them she wants to buy some dress & her friend tells her that her son is also in the play & they will go to shopping together & she will drop Malti at her home on the way But malti does\’nt want to show them her home(area) & she is telling there is no need for that & they will only go for shopping but her friend insists & malti is worried

*)Ragini is Sitting with the dress in deep Thoughts & Anmol enters & tells her that what happened last night will not happen tonight & he will make Tammy understand & still Ragini is starring at the dress & he asks if the dress is for Tammy She says no it is for Khushi & she is still worried he asks if everything is right & she says i don\’t know to whom i want to talk about Alekh & tells him she should talk to Docter during her next Visit about Alekh & tells him about the dress.He says don\’t worry i will talk to Alekh & tells him she will go & check whether the dress fits Khushi & she does\’nt want any problem tomorrow & they both go on the same side & Eye lock .So Anmol takes is briefcase on the bed & Stands Aside and makes way to ragini(Cute Scene) & Follows her.

*)Khushi & Alekh are in thier Room Laughing(Alekh was sleeping on khushi\’s Lap) Ragini & Anmol Stop & Khushi is telling him that her teacher had asked call masi ma about the dress but she lied to her teacher that she called Masi ma About the dress but she did\’nt call her & she tells him she did\’nt concentrate when teacher was teaching steps & Tammy was watching & she must have learnt every step by now.Anmol says how a little girl can think so big & make such big sacrifice @ her Age.Ragini tells him she is not any ordinary girl,she is Sadhana\’s Daughter love & sacrifice is in her blood.
Alekh is telling Khushi that Ragini knows about the dress & he being good Father Saved his Daughter & asks her he is good Father Na. Ragini says i can\’t let Khushi do this & is about to enter the room but anmol Stops her saying it is not the right time(Alekh & Khushi are happy together)

*)angini in thier room.Anmol Tells her soo much love is there between Tammy-Khushi.Ragini tells Anmol she has to Stop Khushi from doing this sacrifice.anmol Asks her do you feel you are doing the right thing & she asks him are you saying we should let Tammy become Fairy he says it\’s not like that & asks her think about Tammy\’s Happiness & She tells Khushi has got this Chance after long time & she wants her to enjoy her life & not sacrifice & ahe wants Jijaji to feel proud about her Daughter. Anmol asks her Just for a second think ithis situation in reverse .Think Khushi wanted to be Fairy But Tammy got the the role & tammy wanted to Sacrifice it for Khushi Then what wouls her Decision be would she decide thr same thing in that situation also.Ragini is thinking.Anmol tells her He wants to see Tammy happy & Khushi tooooo .Think what is right being mother to both of them & not as Tammy\’s Mother & khushi\’s Masi ma.He acdepts Right decision from her

*) In the morning Tammy-Khushi are ready to go to school,Gunni is waiting .Vasu & inderjit come & wish Both girls best of luck.anmol comes there and gives them & for Kavya Hot chocolate drink.Anmolaskd Inderjit if he is coming but inderjit tells he has some meeting.Ragini comes there with dresses for both of them Khushi becomes sad & Tammy is also sad but says the dress is good.Ragini shows Tammy also her dress & gives it gunni to give it to her Teacher .Alekh comes there & tells in Khushi\’s ears that their plan Failed & Vasu asks about wings & Ragini says she has ordered from some shop & they Leave.Ragini was looking for Anmol\’s Reaction about her decision & Anmol was about to Leave but stopped & told PERFECT & told her he would have done the same thing & tells her that he will pick up Alekh Later & Bring him to school & she was taken back but he assures her that this is very big day for him & he should be there.

*) In Vinu Office His friend tells him that he knows his problem & call new secretary & Leaves from there & Vinu started to give dictation & That girl was trying to come close to him & when he asks her what she was doing she tells she has hearing problem & asks if she can type & she says i have joined Classes & he asks her to grt out & she asks for now or forever .He asks her to get out & she goes out & his friend comes in & has an expression which said nothing can be done about you( I may have missed if he siad something)

*)Ragini is calling the costume shop where she had ordered the wings & he says it is not ready & she scolds him saying if he could\’nt give it on time what was the need to take the order & tells him she is coming there & make him give her the wings & leaves.Alekh is coming down & sees Ragini leave & asks guddi about it & she tells about the wings & alekh says to himself it is my Daughter\’s show how can he let her Down(i think he will prepare the wings)

*) @ school Khushi is sad & sitting in front of the mirror & tammy got ready in her costumes.Khushi calls her teacher & tells her she is not feeling good & she may be having fever .so the teacher asks for thermometer.Khushi gets worried & goes & sits near the hot chocolate drink & gets the Idea .Someone gave her the Thermometer but she removes and puts it into the flask & when teacher calls her she kepps it in her mouth & the teacher checks & says You have very hisgh Fever & Khushi is holding her head & saying she is not at all feeling Good So the teacher asks her to take rest & asks other teacher who will play Fairy ,Khushi was like her moment came & told them Tammy will Play Fairy she remembers all the steps & the teacher Agrees & tells Tammy will Play Fairy & Khushi is happy as her Maksad is fulfilled

Long update as there was only one commercial break

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