Jhansi Ki Rani 29th July 2010 Written Update

Starts with the 3 witches laughingly victoriously abt there Ghanti plan to kill GR (Cant these 3 witches come up with atleast a good plan to kill GR instead of these hilarious Ghanti killing plans). There PM, Raghunath and Tatya wants to accompany GR to the temple as they doubt the other 2 are plotting to kill GR. There LB assigns Sunder or Kashi to protect GR and she will go the Kaali Mandir to find the Kaala mandir Rahasya. Sunder promises that she will protect GR even if she has to give her own life (how is she gonna protect GR…she was never trained in anything if I am not wrong). GR starts to leave to the temple along with the 3 witches, 3 usual suspect and 3 NOT trained body guards assigned by LB that is Sunder/Munder/Kashi.

LB goes to the kaali Mandir and is looking around the scary looking place and there the gloves and Rain coat clad person is lighting the diya next to the rope. There in the kali maa temple some half naked men are sitting around fire and putting something in a havan. LB is abt to leave and the invisible lady appears and gives her prasad and tells her GR loves her very much. The invisible lady tells you have to go to the Shiv temple now and do the arti in all the directions. LB questions how she knows that she is going to Shiv temple. The lady says its getting late and your horse is waiting for you and LB turns to see her horse (LB has X-Ray eyes like the invisible lady…she is inside the temple and she can see the horse which is grazing in some open area)

(Heres the funnies part of todays episode….adn the longest seen) GR is praying to god, LB is riding her horse, 3 witches smiling victoriously and then glancing at the Ghanti, PM and Raghunath looking at eachother suspiciously, Sunder/Munder/Kashi watching the 3 witches and 3 suspects and finally LB arrives. GR-LB do the arti and then LB takes the arti around the temple as per the Invisible lady\’s instructions and she see that the Ghanti is moving in slow motion towards GR. The 3 witches close there eyes in happiness that GR is going to die. In the last moment (which I did not expect at all and was sitting on the edge of my seat to see if GR is alive) LB saves GR. 3 witches not happy and LB faints hitting her head on the floor (hoping she does not have memory loss)

GR is maha mad and so are the 3 witches and PM and Raghunath at eachother . GR calls Laxmi and lifts her up and warns that no one should come near her.GR takes LB to her room and is calling out to her to get up (He walks all the way from the temple to Rani\’s kaksh). Outside Rani\’s Kaksh Tatya, PM, Raghunath want to meet LB, but the soldiers tell them its GR\’s order and no one can enter the room. The 3 leave dejectedly. Raj vaidya arrives and prepares some medicine. GR gives the medicine to LB and LB is conscious. GR has a huge smile on his face (Sameer has such a cute smile…this is the only worth watching scene in the whole episode) Sunder/Munder/kashi leave and GR tells LB that he was scared for her and tells LB that till she is there no one can hurt him. GR then asks LB tell me who did this and LB is thinking abt the 3 suspect and the screen freezes.

Precap: Tatya ji wants to give some medicine to LB but GR tells him he does not trust anyone any more and wants to test the medicine first before giving it to LB.

Wow what a ride. Nothing to talk abt todays episdoe. The only part I liked was when Sameer smiles

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