Bidaai 29th July 2010 Written Update

It begins with khushis faking sickness, and the eacher offering tammy the role for the fairy. Tammy and kavya are really happy. Khushi thanks the god for listening to her prayers. One of the students come and informs that khushi has fever. Tammy runs to her, and asks her about her health. Khushi says “i am fine, just have a little headache. Tammy you will be the best fairy ever. Just concentrate on your dance.” Tammy kisses khushi on her cheek

Aalekh is making wings for khushi and talking to himself that he will fix everything, he is her father na, so he will take care of everything 9awww he is so adorable) Ragini arrives there with the wings, and sees tammy wearing the fairy dress, and is surprised. Kavya comes there. Tammy gives ragini the news of her being a fairy in the play. Ragini asks about khushi. Tammy informs her that khushi has a fever therefore she is resting. ragini is in thoughts. Tammy asks ragi how is she looking, ragini kisses her and says “you are looking beautiful.” And gives her the wings. The teacher calls for the final rehearsals, ragini goes to meet khushi, and sees her sitting there all fine. Ragini walks up to khushi and calls out to her. Khushi is shocked to see her and then pretends to be sick. Rgini calmly asks “khushi nothing has happened to you, you\’re totally fine right?” khushi makes an excuse again of having a fever. Ragini says “now you\’ll lie to you\’re maasi ma?” khushi says “i don\’t like dancing and i don\’t want to be a fairy, the teacher never understands this.” Ragini hugs her and thinks “i will not let you sacrifice anymore.” And says “you know khushi you are just like you\’re mother. That same beautiful face, and you heart is even more beautiful. You know what me and tammy have in common? I was very lucky to have saadhna as my sister, but tammy is really really lucky to have a sister like you.” Khushi says “so you\’re not angry with me na?” ragini says “no, you\’re maasi ma can never be angry on you right?” both hug

Malt and vinu arrive at the school function, as usual malti praising kavya, and vinu always bringing it down by saying something embarrassing about kavya malti meets her friend from her salsa class and begins to blabber about ragini\’s in laws and all (showing off as usual) vinu is looking embarrassed malti is really exaggerating about her status and her charity work, vinu just looking at her in an annoyed way. (malti is the biggest liar ever, like seriously) ragini arrives, malti introduces her to her friend. Vinu asks about vasu and all. Ragini says “that they will come soon.”

Anmol on the phone with ragini informing her that he will be there soon with aalekh bhaiya. Anmol is looking for aalekh, but he is nowhere. Anmol is worried and searches the entire house for aalekh, guddi too is looking for him. Gusi inform him about aalekh talking about giving wings to khushi.

Aalekh out in the streets, scared, in tears, holding wings tight near his chest, almost getting run over by the traffic of agra. He tries to cross the road but is almost run over by the auto rikshaw. Suddenly a girls pulls him away, aalekh on the ground, looks at the girl and excitedly says “saadhna!” the girl helps him up. (okay seeing her eyes i felt that this girl is the Maithili from do saheliya. The article was right)

Anmol is worried for aalekh, he inform guddi not to call anyone, and wonders what to do.

Tammy\’s play begins. Teacher narrating the story of the play, kavya messing around with kids, teacher notices this and indicates kavya not to do anything mischievous. Malti calls out o kavya and says “aww my son is looking so cuite ” vinu says “cuite? He\’s a tree!” malti says “so, my son is such a cute tree.” Ragini is tensed, vinu asks ragini if everything is fine. Ragini says “tammy\’s papa hasn\’t arrived yet, he is never late for any play of tammy\’s don\’t know what happened.” Vinu tries to call but malti interrupts.

Anmol on streets looking for aalekh. Ragini is calling him.

Tammy\’s play begins. Indu and vasu are surprised to see tammy as the fairy. Khushi in the backstage enjoying the play. Ragini keeps looking at the door. Tammy is upset not to find anmol at her play. Ragini has her eyes set on the door, and then at the play. Aalekh arrives at the venue and is happy to see tammy doing the role. Ragini sees aalekh, and she goes to get him. Aalekh gets worried seeing the bomb which happens to be a scene in the play. The fairy to die in a bomb blast i guess (seeing aalekh i feel he\’s definitely going to have an attack for sure.) ragini is walking towards aalekh, aalekh remembers saadhna\’s death. He\’s getting an attack. He gets scared as the bomb blasts on the stage. He screams out “TAMMY” and runs to her on the stage and tries to protect her. Everyone is shocked to see this. And everyone begins to talk about aalekh. Tammy is trying to tell that she is fine. Aalekh si not willing to let go of tammy. Ragini si trying to make her way through to the stage but is unable to. Gaurds are trying to get aalekh away, khushi comes there trying to save aalekh. Ragini is at the back looking helpless. Khushi yells “leave my dad.” Aalekh says “dost you leave, there\’s a bomb everyone will die.” Khushi tries to explain nothing will happen. Tammy is trying to tell him the same. Khushi tells him that it\’s paper only. Aalekh says “this is not a bomb?” khushi says “no it\’s not a bomb.” Aalekh finally let\’s tammy go. khushi hugs him. Aalekh has a sigh of relief, but not willing to let go off khushi. Everyone asks about aalekh and say “why is this mental here? He ruined the entire play. Who let him in? Where are the teachers?” khushi is in tears. The students asks khushi that “you never told you father is mad.” Khushi tries to deny the fact her father is mad and stands up for him. And says “i ahve never seen my mom, when i was little she went to god, he is my mother, father my friend. He gives me his whole time. Does your father give you his time? He is not mad, he is the world\’s best father. He never thinks bad for any. There\’s no one perfect than him. He tried saving tammy from the bomb, then why are you all calling him mad? He is not mad, he is very nice. Let\’s go papa, let\’s go from here.” Khushi takes aalekh away.

Tammy is being given first aid. But tammy is worried for aalekh and requests the teacher to not to get aalekh beaten up by the gaurds. Teacher assures her that nothing will happen. Those usual girls taunts tammy again about aalekh this time and says “he is khushi\’s father after all and he loves her alot, since khushi wasn\’t a fairy, that\’s why he ruined our play on purpose.” Tammy denies it. But the gil poisons tammy\’s mind against aalekh.

No precap!

guys if you miss the entire episode it\’s okay. but one scene is not to be missed that is khushi standing up for her father. seriously that simply brought tears in my eyes. whatever she said was true…every single word she said was true

oh guys a bad news. the TB article was right, we hve a new entry and it is the girl from do saheliya. her eye was shown only. but you can pretty much make out that it is that girl

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