Jhansi Ki Rani 30th July 2010 Written Update

Starts with GR asking LB abt the culprit, but LB tells him she really does not know who the culprit is. Just then Kashi comes and tells Tatya ji wants to give some medicine to LB. There Tatya ji shown walking suspiciously in the corridor with the invisible lady watching him. Tatya ji finally enters LB\’s room and GR tells him not to misunderstand but he does not trust anyone now and wants to test the medicine first. (wont blame the poor guy…he has no brains…and cannot see/understand anything even if it is happening just below his nose) GR tests the medicine and it is free of any poison. Just then a soldier comes nad tells GR his horse is ready. LB asks if he is going some where.GR tells he is going to Shiv mandir and he needs to find the proof before the culprits clean the place. GR is walking and remembers all the incidents where LB saved GR (all scenes of Choti LB and Badi LB saving GR..funny thing is he also remembers scenes where he was asleep or fainted).

GR finally reaches the shiv temple (walking by the way…he might have forgotten he was supposed to go on a horse). PM and Raghunath also reach the place and GR blasts them a little. GR is looking at the evidence and see the burned rope and asks what could have burned this. PM adds that only diyas are lit in the temple and Tatya ji was responsible for the preparations here. GR tells Tatya ji will be questioned.There Tatya ji apologizing to LB that if he did not ask her to come to Shiv temple she would not have gotten hurt. LB says its not his mistake. He then takes out a different medicine from his bag (not the one which was tested) and LB takes the medicine.

The 3 witches are worried and think they did a mistake in choosing the mohra. Two witches start blaming Sakku bai that its because of her LB realized some one is trying to kill GR. They pray to god hoping that this time there plan will be successful. There in some dark place the raincoat man is doing some pooja with lemons, chillies and skeletons. In the palace LB is feeling giddy and the invisible lady comes and tells LB the culprits are trying to kill GR using water. She asks LB to open her eyes and save GR. LB finally says Tatya dixit and faints.

There the raincoat man is doing his pooja. The raincoat man takes off his hood and its tatya dixit and he takes a pran that he will tie his hair only when GR\’s dead body is burnt (oh my god they changed the history itself…i hate Zee and the so called CV\’s…tatya ji was one of the persons who was with LB even after GR died) He also says that he gave LB poisonous medicine and he also knew that GR will test the medicine so he had 2 packets in his bag. The 3 witches are impressed with tatya ji. Tatya tells now LB wont be able to save GR.

Precap: GR is with LB along with Tatya. Tatya says someone did black magic on LB and he has to do something to save and LB and our lovesick puppy GR readily agrees. Tatya and GR are leaving and Tatya\’s bag falls down and all the medicine fall out from his bag. LB is pointing GR to the direction of the medicine with her eyes (but I am sure our tube light will not understand this and Tatya will cover up with some nonsense excuse. Finally a miracle will happen and GR will be saved by LB)

I am very upset today. how can the writers change the whole history in the name of entertainment. Why cant they read the real books instead of showing this crap or maybe they should have just made a regular soap opera instead of JKR.

Now I am very sure as Fuzzy/Reva predicted GR will come back from the dead as a sexy vamire

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