Bidaai 30th July 2010 Written Update

It begins with aalekh being treated. The dr informs them that his last memories that he had when he was normal have been refreshed seeing the similar incident in the play. And aalekh assumed that tammy was in danger as she was in the same situation like saadhna was once. Therefore he ran to save tammy. If a family member was with him then it wouldn\’t have happened. Ragini looks on at anmol, anmol looks on at aalekh
Vasu is in tears in her room. Inderjit comes there. Vasu says “i have lost my one son, i don\’t want to lose my other son. If something happens to him then i don\’t know what will i do.” Inderjit assures her that they all are here for aalekh. You, me, ragini. Ragini takes care of him alot. Vasu says “ragini has her life aswell. She has alot of things to take care of, but aalekh has no one.” Suddenly they hear aalekh calling out to saadhna. Vasu indu leave to check,

Ragini says “jija ji what is it?” aalekh says “i told you right saadhna will be here, see she is here.” Vasu comes there, aalekh says the same thing. The dr says “you must be dreaming, saadhna isn\’t here.” Aalekh says “Dr, saadhna was with me, she held my hand and brought me to the school.” The dr says “saadhna cannot come.” Aalekh says “why can\’t she come? Hold on, if saadhna wasn\’t with me then how did I get this earring of hers?” vasu is shocked, and so are everyone. The dr says “you have met a girl, but it isn\’t saadhna. Tell me did you see the girls face?” aalekh closes his eyes and imagines the same girl he met, she sat in the auto with her. Aalekh kept addressing her as saadhna and tells her about the wings. The girl says “i am not saadhna.” Aalekh says “no she wasn\’t saadhna, if she was saadhna then she wouldn\’t have said that. When i wanted to ask her name, i was too late as i had reached the school. She didn\’t get off the auto. I had to give khushi her wings, so i went to her school. But tammy…” aalekh again imagines the bomb. Aalekh screams out “BOMB” aalekh gets worried and begins to ask vasu about TaShi . vasu assures him that both are fine. Aalekh then remembers khushi telling him that it was paper. Aalekh asks ragini to make soup for him, he leaves. The dr says “now we can see hope in his treatment.” Ragini says “jija ji will be fine soon right?” the dr says “maybe. The way he accepted that the girl he met wasn\’t saadhna, we just need to make him face the reality that saadhna is no more.” Vasu says “if that happens then will my son be fine?” the dr says “i cannot assure that, but there is improvement in his health.”

Khushi is upset, and is looking at wings. She remembers the entire play issue. Khushi wipes her tears and runs to aalekh. Aalekh is writing in his diary. Khushi is scolding him about why he was being so careless, what if something had happened to him. Why don\’t you ever listen to me?” ragini comes there. Aalekh says \’but you said i am the world\’s best father.” Khushi says \’what you did there was wrong. It was a play, nothing happened for real. You know i am very angry with you. You ruined tammy\’s show.” Aalekh says “oh god, i never realised. But i had gone to save tammy.” Khushi says “you ruined her fairy\’s play. She must be feeling very bad about this.” Aalekh says “i\’ll apologise to tammy.” Khushi says “no need, i\’ll tell tammy not to talk to you, then you will never do this.” Aalekh holds on to khushi and apologises to her and says he\’ll go to tammy and apologise. He was about to leave but ragini says “no need jija ji.” Shefeeds him soup. Aalekh sits down and looks at the upset khushi. Aalekh indicates ragini to look at khushi. Ragini says “you know jija ji, your khushi loves you heaps. She can\’t stay angry with you more than 5 seconds. Right khushi? I said the truth na?” aalekh shakes his head. Ragini says “your dad apologised to you na? Atleast forgive him now. Be friends with him again.” Khushi and aalekh hug each other, aalekh gives her a kiss, but leaves traces of soup on her cheek aalekh wipes it off. Aalekh says “ragini call tammy aswell na.” Ragini says “i\’ll send her right away.” Ragini leaves to get tammy.

Tammy is crying, guni says \’it\’s okay tammy, half of your play was done good na? Atleast you got to become the fairy.” Ragini comes there to call tammy. Tammy says \’i don\’t want to talk to him. He ruined my play.” Ragini says “no no it\’s not that, he didn\’t know that it was a play, he got scared.” Tammy says “how can he not know? I was wearing the wings and had the fairy dress on, then how could he not know that it was a play?” ragini says “your chachu had forgoteen his way, he reached the school with great difficulty. When he arrived he heard the bomb explode and got scared, he thought that khushi was to be a fairy.” Tammy remembers about isha telling him that he got upset seeing her as the fairy and not khushi. Tammy says “that\’s what i am saying. He wasn\’t happy about me being the fairy. That\’s why he ruined the entire play.” Ragini scolds tammy for speaking so rudely about aalekh. Tammy says “i don\’t want to speak to him.” Ragini says “why are you being so insolent? He is trying to apologise to you and you aren\’t willing to listen. Go and meet him now.” Tammy being stubborn says “i will not go, you can\’t force me.” Ragini says “tammy stop being stubborn, go and meet him or else.” Tammy says “what? You will slap me? It\’s always my fault, even that day you slapped me due to the kite incident, and today i am again to be blamed. You love chachu and khushi more than me. Infact you don\’t even love me.” Khushi overhears this, AnGini are shocked. Ragini tries to say something, but tammy runs off, leaving ragini in tears. Both angini look at each other. Anmol says “whatever happened, was because of me. If i had reached home on time, and if aalekh bhaiya has this attack during the play then, even then i would\’ve been able to take care of him. My lateness caused all this.”

Khushi says “please tammy don\’t be angry. Papa didn\’t do this on purpose. He brought wings also. But when he saw the bomb he got scared.” Tammy isn\’t willing to listen, and is not willing to forgive aalekh for what he did, and tells her that she doesn\’t take him as a friend no more. And makes khushi chose between her and aalekh. Khushi says \’i cannot make a choice. Sorry.\’ Khushi leaves.

Vinu\’s friend again brings a secretary for vinu. (not gonna get into detail about this) the secretary is the same girl aalekh met. It\’s sakshi. Vinu tells her to meet someone who\’ll show her around the workplace and introduce her to the staff aswell. (mallika\’s BG score was bein played here)

Mr akash trying to talk t sakshi about vinu and makes an excuse about vinu\’s wife having cancer and asks her to take care of him (gosh such a cheap guy he is)

Kaushi at the rajvansh house, she asks for aalekh. Vasu talks about her son being humiliated, and says she doesn\’t want all this again.” Kaushi says “have you thought of something?” vasu says “the dr said we can hope for aalekh to be normal again. But I want someone to take care of aalekh.” Kaushi says \’ragini is there na.” Vasu says “no not ragini. Don\’t take me wrong, but ragini too had a life. I want someone who can take care of aalekh 24/7” kaushi says “you mean you want a nurse?” vasu says “no, nurse will take it as a duty. I want someone like saadhna. I will get aalekh remarried.” Ragini is shocked hearing this, so is kaushi. Ragini says “how can this happen mummy ji? Mummy ji how can you even think of someone taking saadhna\’s place in jija ji\’s life.” Vasu says “perhaps you haven\’t heard what the dr said. He said this is the right time to tell aalekh that saadhna will never return. He needs to move on in his life. Do you want aalekh to be trapped in saadhna\’s memories? The memories that does not do anything but stop his progress!” ragini says \’mummy ji i too want jija ji to be normal like he was before due to saadhna\’s love and trust. But to cure him this is not the only way. I am happy for that ray of hope we have got. But that doesn\’t mean to get him married. How can some girl just marry him?” vasu says “you are saying this because you can\’t see anyone else with aalekh except saadhna. But i am a mother. My son has lost his wife, his brother, his identity. there is no aim left in his life. He is still very young, if i want to vring a wife for him then what is wrong with it?” kaushi tells ragini to rethink about it as vasu isn\’t wrong. Ragini says “how can you even think of jija ji getting married? It\’s not that i am worried for the girl, i am worried for jija ji aswell. And no one can take saadhna\’s place in jija ji\’s life. I mean jija ji lives for saadhna. He can never see anyone in his life except saadhna. Will that girl create the same place for herself in aalekh\’s heart like saadhna has? No. Mummy ji think about khushi. Will any girl except khushi as their daughter? And will she except her husband to be like a child himself, and moreover a step daughter too. Mummy ji no girl will except these conditions.” Vasu says “i agree, but you never know, maybe we can find a girl like this.” Ragini says “you are forgetting that my saadhna was forced into this aswell, it was my saadhna who accepted this relation from the heart. but it\’s not necessary that another girl will be the same. By doing this you are going t ruin three lives. One is that girls, 1nd khushi\’s and third jija ji\’s.” Vasu is in thoughts.

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