Bidaai 9th August 2010 Written Update

Indrejit explains that they want Alekh to be better asap. Vasu: I already did it once and now I\’ll do it again. Alekh angry, Khushi: ur angry on Vasu, she must be feeling very bad. Alekh and Khushi talks about mama\’s so Alekh says Vasu wants to bring ma for Khushi so once Khushi\’s mom will come then Tammy won\’t fight with her.

Vinu wanted to discuss something important so he called Saakshi late at the office, she didn\’t wanted to go so she called Vinu and told him she\’s not feeling well and she\’ll come tomorrow.

Kavya asked mamaji to bring him to the mall. Mamaji first didn\’t wanted to go but malti and Kavya insists and he agreed.

Vasu told Ragi not to send lunch for her as the girls have made something special for her. She lied, she had a meeting with a girl for Alekh. (her parents were also there). Mamaji asked Ragi if he can take Tammy and Khushi with him to the mall. Mamaji told her that vasu isn\’t at the nari niketan yet.

Anmol came and asked what happened, Ragi told him about Vasu.

Anmol: that means she lied to u. but why?maybe she went to meet some other girl somewhere.

Ragi: what are we gonna do now?

Anmol: first we have to know where she is? Anmol called Chandan and asked where he is, he said at the Mall. Anmol and Ragi went with the kids to the mall. Mamaji and Kavya also came to the mall. Kavya guides mamaji. Mamaji and Kavya went to eat something and there mamaji saw Vasu. Kavya saw Ragi, Anmol, Tammy and Khushi and went to bring them. Mamaji came and asked what she\’s doing here. Mamaji knew Kiran\’s dad and they talked. Kavya informs Ragi and the others about mamaji and Vasu. The kids went to play and Anmol and Ragi went to Mamaji and Vasu. Mamaji got to know why Vasu came there and was shocked. Just then Anmol and Ragi came in and Vasu saw them.

Precap: Vasu to Kiran\’s dad: u should also think about ur other daughters.

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