Bidaai 10th August 2010 Written Update

-mamaji\’s friend discloses to him that he is getting his daughters rishta fixed with alekh and mamaji questions vasu nd angini abt it ,Angini say they know of it but are not for it .vasu says she has the right to think of her childs happiness and mamji agrees with her sentiment but questions his friends action and if h really cares for his daughter or is this abt some deal or compromise ,the friend mr dubey gives it back to him saying u must no better as didnt u do the same

-ragi jumps in defence of mamaji and explains the entire truth to mr dubey and Anmol also questions mr dubeys role as a parent in full fairness

-vasu asks Dubey to think on his own

-Alekh painting the girls pic ….the domestic help comes and asks him abt the missing earing in the painting and alekh says its with him and she tells him he shud give it bk to her when he meets her next

-Sakshi Vinu bit …tammy khushi and kavya sneak out of the play area and start palying hide n seek

–Mr dubey calls off the rishta and thnx mamaji

-Khushi cant find tammy or kavya

-Vasu belittles Ragi and mamaji and questions their right over alekh as well as vasu , she really is mean towards ragi nd her marriage to Anmol , she says u did get married as it was ranvir\’s last wish ,do i have to die and will then alekh get married as per my last wish .

-Mamaji nd Angini not sure abt Vasu nd her moves

-ragi goes to get the kids when kavya and tammy spill the beans abt khushi not being their with them

-Anmol goes in search of khushi ,so does mamaji nd kavya while ragi gives a piece of her mind to tammy

-Anmol finds khushi nd brings her bk , ragi is happy …but now tammy goes away seeing her mum\’s special affection for khushi.All are very worried and searching for khushi

Precap:Anmol explaining thre entire khushi tammy Ragi situation to guess who vasu …nd khushi comes there and says i want a mom for myself …Angini are stunned out of their wits .vasu seems to have got a lifeline

What the hell is a guy like Anmol doing in that mad house ….he still has his senses intact …..cant believe ………god knows where this marriage obsession wud lead to ………

And Ramadan Mubarak to everyone !!!!


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