Choti Bahu 11th August 2010 Written Update

Brief Summary:
*Dev refuses to sit in the RP puja with Radhika.
*Dev gives Radhika a nasty look and storms out.
*MR worries that her 600 crore fortune is at stake if Dev doesn\’t agree to sit in the puja.
*Kanika threatens to never let Radhika have Dev.
*Radhika confronts Dev about the night they were intimate. She challenges him that if he really believes Kanika is his wife, then why did he make love to Radhika without hesitation.
*Radhika asks Dev how he could recognize his father\’s photo and recall the secret RP mantra, but Dev doesn\’t have an answer.
*MR overhears RaDev\’s conversation and learns that they slept together.
*Radhika makes Dev look into her eyes and swear upon her that he doesn\’t feel anything for her, doesn\’t consider their intimate moments sacred and pure, and doesn\’t want to sit in the puja with her. He is unable to attest to any of those things and finally agrees to sit in the puja with her.
*MR tells Rajan that slowly Dev will be drawn in by Radhika\’s faith as her faith has been what has sustained him until now. She vows to break Radhika\’s trust in Dev for good.
*Radhika informs the PF that Dev will sit for the RP puja with her and they are overjoyed.
*MR schemes to keep Dev\’s memory supressed for good and keep him away from radhika permanently.

Detailed Update:
Part 1:
The episode begins with a re-play of Dev cruelly telling Radhika and Dadi that he will not sit in the RP puja and cannot give Kanika\’s “rights” to someone else. Kanika grins like a monkey. Dadi says only RP and RPtain can sit in the puja, but Dev gives Radhika a nasty look and storms out like a spoiled brat. Rajan takes this opportunity to make a smart remark about how Abhay babu never disobeys MR and earns a glare from mommy dearest. Kanika gloats while Dadi, Vaishali, and Radhika all frown. MR heads up the stairs as though she is the mistress of PB (this lady and her cartoon family make me sick. Rajan is the only semi-tolerable one due to his comedic relief). Upstairs in her room MR complains to Hanuman that she must make damaad babu sit in the puja. Rajan snickers and says, well he always listens to everything you say so this time he will too. MR does not think it\’s that simple. MR is annoyed that this time Abhay did not listen to her (yeterday she had asked him to sit in the puja but he refused). She is afraid she is losing her hold over him and says, I see that damaad babu started making decisions for himself…this better not become a hindrance to my plans. Oh Lord, she calls Rajan \’lala\’ just like Amma calls Shastriji \’lala\’ and says, it is very important for damaad babu to sit in the puja with Radhika, lala! In comes Kanika with her monkey grin and MR says to her, what are you smiling about, princess Kanika? Kanika says she\’s happy that her husband wants to stay away from Radhika. Rajan tells her to stop the theatrics and reminds her that Dev is not her husband, he is Radhika\’s husband and now MR knows it too. MR angrily tells Kanika to change her ways and stop acting like a jealous brat so that she doesn\’t ruin MR\’s plans. Kanika refuses, saying Abhay is mine and I will not let Radhika have him. She leaves the room and MR howls, this girl better not let my 600 crore fortune slip away from me!

Part 2:
Dev is standing and sulking in the temple room. Radhika comes up to him and places her hand on his shoulder, but he walks away from her so that her hand drops. She asks him where he\’s going and he rudely says, I\’m going to my wife. Radhika quietly says, if you feel like being with your wife so much then what are you doing here right now? Dev does not have an answer. Then begins their exchange:

Radhika: Why don\’t you accept me as your wife?
Dev: I have no relation with you.
Radhika: Yes you do.
(cue \’Baware Naina\’)
Radhika: Your bond with me is so strong that you are drawn to me and always come to me.
(Dev frowns and shifts his eyes away from Radhika)
Radhika: Even without intending to, you seek me out. When I get hurt, you feel pain. If we don\’t share any kind of relationship, then why does all of this happen?
Dev: I don\’t want to speak to you.
Radhika: MR tried to stop you from meeting me. But you disobeyed her and came to help me save the RP ship. If we share no relationship then why did you come here?
Dev: Whatever happened until now was all my mistake and I do not wish to repeat my mistakes again.
Radhika: You know what the truth is in your heart. But you call it a mistake and become a stranger again the minute you begin to feel something. If you truly don\’t know anything then how did you recognize your father\’s portrait the day you came here to save the RPship? How did you know the RP mantra?
Dev(raising his voice): Who knows what…I have nothing to do with that (very good Dev…when you have no decent come-back, just yell at her some more and say things that make no sense. Good going, writers! )
Dev: All I know is that my wife is only Kanika. I don\’t want to know anything beyond this.
Radhika (glaring at Dev): Ignoring facts is not going to change them…it\’s not going to make the truth go away. If you really believe that Kanika is your wife, then how did you allow yourself to be intimate with me? If Kanika resides in your heart and not Radhika, then how did we become one that night? How did you dare to touch me? Place your hand on your heart and ask yourself this: the night we made love, were you with a stranger or with your lawfully wedded wife?

(MR is snooping around in the shadows eavesdropping. Her eyes bug out of their sockets when she hears the part about RaDev\’s SR)

Part 3:
Radhika: Answer me! Was our intimacy sacred and pure, or something sinful and impure?
(Cue \’Teri har Jhalak\’. Camera focuses on Radha Krishna idols. MR squints and looks angry, while Rajan, who is also eavesdropping, has a huge smile on his face)
Radhika: Your silence is screaming only one fact: that you are indeed my husband. That our realtionship is one of the deep purity created by God.
Dev (yelling loudly): No! You are not my wife! Whatever happened that night was a huge mistake…a deception. I deceived and cheated my wife!
Radhika (angrily pulling Dev\’s hand and placing it upon her head): Then look into my eyes and swear to me that you regret whatever happened between us that night…that you feel nothing for me. Go ahead! Tell me that you feel nothing for me!

(Dev is unable to speak or move. MR is freaking out and Rajan is enjoying the show very much. Finally Dev moves his hand from Radhika\’s head.)

Dev: This is exactly what I don\’t understand! I don\’t understand why whenever you come in front of me I lose all control…and I don\’t know what happens to me. (He pauses) Please leave me alone. Please go away from here.
Radhika: Fine. I will go away from here. But just answer one question. Why don\’t you want to sit with me in the RP puja?
Dev: Because in that puja a husband and wife sit together and you are not my wife! (Gosh, if he says aap meri patni nahin hain one more time I\’m going to hurl my shoe at the screen! )
Radhika (with a look of resolve and determination on her face): You have accepted Kanika as your wife and you don\’t want to do wrong by her. But it better not be that in trying to do right by her, you do wrong by ME!
Dev: What do you mean?
Radhika: I mean that no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, the night we spent together, the loving moments we shared…those are proof of our pure, untainted love and the marriage which God bound us in with one another even before we came into this world. If in any corner of your heart you consider your relationship with me and the night we spent together to be pure, then please do not refuse to sit in the puja with me. If not for me, then at least for those moments we shared together. (Radhika turns Dev to face her and says in a sharp voice) Look into my eyes and tell me you don\’t to sit in the puja with me…that what we shared was not pure and fully rightful.

(RaDev look into one another\’s eyes for a long time. Finally Dev breaks his silence.)

Dev (gently): Fine. I am ready to sit in the puja with you. (He turns and walks away slowly while Radhika smiles and folds her hands to thank Kanha.)

Part 4:
MR and Rajan are in MR\’s room talking. She expresses her thoughts that damaad babu was unfaithful to Kanika (stupid lady, he\’s not Abhay and he\’s not married to your idiot daughter! You already know that!) and this is a huge catastophe. She says, how could damaad babu have spent the night with Radhika, lala? (Funny how she keeps calling Rajan \’lala\’. I bet he\’s loving his mommy\’s attention! ) Rajan plants another seed in his mom\’s mind and says, how could your damaad babu be so characterless! He doesn\’t know he\’s really Dev. He\’s convinced he\’s Abhay…so that means he wanted to cheat on Kanika. MR furrows her brows and thinks. Finally she says, lala, it wasn\’t my damaad babu who spent the night with Radhika, it was Radhika\’s faith and belief that her husband would come back to her. That same faith indeed did bring him back to her. No matter how much Dev (she finally calls him by his rightful name here) tries to stop himself, he will keep being pulled towards Radhika\’s faith. Before Radhika\’s faith can interfere anymore and ruin my plans, I must break her trust in her husband completely so that she walks away from him for good. Rajan asks, and how do you expect to do that, mom? He gets scolded for saying that and then is ordered by MR not to reveal to Kanika what she and he just overhead about RaDev. MR then says, there has never been anything that I have wanted which was denied to me. I have always gotten what I wanted and accomplished what I set my mind to. She tells Rajan to leave her alone so that she can think.
Downstairs the PF are gathered and lamenting about how the puja will be incomplete without Dev. Vaish cries that Dev is unknowingly spoiling the family tradition by refusing to sit in the puja. As expected, Radhika comes and delivers the news that Dev has agreed to sit with her in the puja. All are overjoyed. Vaishali says, this is my dear CB…even today she saved our family\’s honour! Radhika says, no not I, but Dev did. I know he would never do anything to harm the reputation and honour of this family (uh oh…her statement coupled with MR\’s evil look spells trouble. I\’m sure MR will make Kanika try to sleep with Dev! Here comes ONS track part 2!) Dadi is ecstatic and tells everyone to make preparations for the grandest celebration anyone has ever seen.
Rajan comes back to MR\’s room and she gets annoyed and asks him what he wants. Rajan instigates her against Radhika by hinting that Radhika was successful in getting Dev to sit in the puja and is gloating about it. He spices up the story a little by fibbing that Radhika is claiming that Dev listens to her and not to MR. Suddenly Dev comes in and tells MR that he has decided to sit in the puja afterall. MR is stunned and takes this to mean that Rajan\’s claim was true and Dev did listen to Radhika over MR. Dev claims that sitting in the puja will keep the RPship protected and invoke dharam (good will). MR pretends to be happy with Dev\’s decision while Rajan makes faces. Again Rajan tries to instigate MR against Radhika and earns himself a bit of praise from his mom for warning her in advance. She then vows to keep Dev\’s memory supressed for good and keep him apart from Radhika. Episode ends.

Precap: MR is in RaDev\’s room talking to Kanika, who is in a white nightgown. She is shocked to learn that Dev sleeps on the sofa and not in the bed with Kanika. Kanika fearfully tells her mom that she promised “Abhay” five years ago that they would not have marital relations until his memory came back.

Comments: It was nice to see Radhika stand up for herself and give strong responses to all of Dev\’s weak arguments/comments. If you notice the writing, it is very poor especially where Avi\’s dialogues are concerned. Dev/Abhay is not saying anything concrete or anything that makes sense. I wrote out all of RaDev\’s dialogues in the format of a script today in the update so I noticed right away how poor the writing was. I think after having said what she did, Radhika should have walked away and let Dev come to her later and agree to sit in the puja. That would\’ve been more effective for the viewers. Well after this puja she should stop chasing after him or trying to make him remember anything. And she should definitely not put up with Dev yelling at her. I was so distraught today to see him shouting at her numerous times. A big thumbs down to you today, Dev! You were not acting like a man but rather like a beast!
Well, it doesn\’t take rocket science to figure out which way this track is now headed, based on MR\’s evil looks in the last scene and in the precap. Obviously she will try to get Kanika to bed Dev. Here we go again with a disgusting ONS scenerio! The less I say about this filth, the better. I am sure Misti73 and others will cover it well in their reviews. So here we have it folks, \’The Sordid Tales of Amma and Vishaka\’ round 2! Just change the names and faces, but the story is exactly the same! CVs you are truly pathetic!

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