Bidaai 11th August 2010 Written Update

Ragini\’s crying. Anmol is trying to pacify her. He asks her not to cry. Tammy is like no where o be found. Kaushi calls ragini and asks her about what she said to tammy. Ragini said “tammy is lost.” Kaushi tells her that she is here. Ragini asks kaushi how did tammy get there. Kaushi says “she ran away from the mall. What did you say to her that she is crying so much?” ragini immediately leaves with anmol and bauji.

Kaushi and nani are talking about tammy. Kaushi says “if ragini repeats the same things again and again then one day TaShi will end up with conflicts in their relationship. I understand that khushi doesn\’t have a mother and ragini fulfils that duty, but tammy too should be given the same love and affection. Right?” kaushi too has the same thoughts about aalekh\’s 2nd marriage. Khushi over hears kaushi\’s convo.

Ragini is talking to tammy. Ragini says “how did you come here? Your mamma got so worried. What if something had happened to you.” Tammy says “so what mamma? It would\’ve been good. Then you would\’ve been khushi\’s mom.” Ragini is shocked. She says “no no, i am your mom only.” Tammy says “but you love khushi only.” Ragini says “it\’s not like that your mom loves you alot. Tell me what did i do? Why are you punishing me?” Tammy says “it\’s not just once, it happened again and again. That day when aalekh chachu was flying the kite, you hit me. And then you got khushi to be the fairy, you didn\’t even once speak about me to the teacher. And when i came to your room to sleep, you went to khushi. And that day when you had gone out, you only spoke to khushi, not me! F you loved me you wouldn\’t have done this. your always talking about khushi, you know how bad i feel?” Ragini hugs her and tries to justify herself, and explain how aalekh had slept on the entire bed and khushi didn\’t have any place to sleep, so that\’s why she slept in her room with her. And the phone call had disconnected due to the rain. And she tries to explain to her that she really loves her. Khushi over hears this. tammy says “you always scold me. When khushi disappeared you yelled at me, but when i disappeared did you even once scold khushi? No!” ragini says “you know whom did i scold the most? Myself! I thought that why did i leave you kids alone!” ragini apologises to tammy and promises not to scold them at all. And she says “i scolded you na? Then punish me, scold me, but never leave me!” (aww guys such a touching scene) Tammy hugs ragini and apologises to her and asks her not to cry and that she will never do this again. Anmol enters and sits besides tammy. He wipes her tears. Anmol says “tammy you remember that day when i came late and you were so worried whether i will return or not. We both felt the same today. Because we both love you alot. We don\’t want to lose you. Your getting me na what i am trying to say?” Tammy apologises to anmol, he hugs her and keeps repeating i love you to her.

Mama ji and nani were talking about the whole situation. Ragini is in the kitchen. She is in thoughts. Kaushi sees that ragini has put salt in the tea instead of sugar. Kaushi tells ragini to sit in the room. Ragini says “i don\’t know ma whenever i try doing something right it always goes wrong. I swear i don\’t take ones side. You know na that i can\’t do injustice with my children. Then why does my daughter think that i don\’t love her, when i love her even more than my life.” Kaushi tries to explain it to her. Ragini says “I searched for myself in tammy, i thought that the love saadhna and i shared, that love will be between khushi and tamanna too. But tammy is completely opposite to me, her thoughts are different.” Kaushi talks about being it a new generation and how she should care about tammy and her feelings.

Tammy apologises to vasu aswell for her doing. Vasu tells her t go and play. Tammy leaves, vasu says “so this is how you will take care of khushi and aalekh.” Anmol tries to stand up for ragini. He says “mrs rjvansh everything happened so suddenly that…” vasu interrupts again accusing anmol and ragini. Both try to explain to vasu. Anmol says “Ragini loves khushi so much that tammy feels bad about it. Ragini is like a mother to khushi, she never differentiated between the two.” Khushi comes there saying “but i want a mother of my own.” AnGini are shocked, vasu is surprised. Anmol asks khushi to repeat what she jus said. Vasu says “didn\’t you hear what she said?” anmol says “but for you there\’s masi ma.” Khushi says \’but i want my own mom.” Anmol is shocked, ragini in tears.

Khushi is sitting on the bed, ragini comes there in tears. Ragini asks khushi if she is fine. Khushi doesn\’t respond, and walks away. But ragini holds her hand. Ragini says “don\’t you like your masi ma anymore? Did your masi ma make any mistake? Tell me i\’ll make up for it. Tell me one thing don\’t i take care of you? Why don\’t you take me as a mother anymore? Why do you want a new mom for yourself? Say something atleast?” ragini hugs her and breaks down in tears. “do you know i only want your happiness. I love you alot. Even more than myself. If i have hurt you i am sorry. Forgive me please.” Khushi apologises to ragini in her thoughts for what she is doing, and walks away, leaving ragini in tears.

Ragini is talking to saadhna\’s photo . she apologises to her for not fulfilling her promise and remembers mamaji\’s words when she promised him that she will not let khushi lack mother\’s love. Ragini is in tears and says that she has lost today. Anmol puts his hand on her shoulder. Ragini hugs him and cries. (OMG their first hug.) Anmol wipes her tears. (Ishq ke imtehaan plays)

Precap: Vasu meets sakshi and asks her to marry aalekh.

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