Bidaai 12th August 2010 Written Update

It starts with AnGini hug, ragini backs away and turns around when she realises she was hugging anmol. Anmol says “Ragini first of all your love never lacked everything because you are the best. You lacked nothing, you gave them love only. If both the girls are unhappy today the only one is to be blamed is the time. Both of them are kids, they don\’t know what\’s right and wrong. Don\’t be disheartened. Ragini watch that day will come very soon when they will realise the love you habe for them, and they will be proud to have a mother like you.” Ragini says “but whatever khushi and tammana told mummy ji today it made her intentions even more stronger. How will i go and explain it to her that i can take care of both the children. Mummy ji will definitely get aalekh married and i won\’t be able to do anything.” Anmol says “ragini sometimes there are situations that aren\’t in our control, but we shouldn\’t give up. Wrong things are happening, but we can\’t stop fighting the wrong. I am with you.” Ragini looks on at Anmol.
TaShi are praying in front of God. Khushi is praying for a new mom, and tammy prays for the same. Tammy hugs khushi.

Mama ji is talking about Vasu wanting to get aalekh married, kaushi indirectly agrees with Vasu\’s decision (well that\’s what I would say) mama ji is explaining to her that vasu is thinking wrong. Kaushi still supports Vasu\’s decision. Mama ji questions her if she wants the same. Kaushi says “maybe it\’s for his own good.” Mama ji is surprised. Kaushi explains it to him that aalekh needs someone. Both argue \’ not going to go in detail.

Sakshi is waiting in vinu\’s cabin. Vinu arrives and apologises her for being late. He tells sakshi that his wife is not ill, and tells her about how much he loves Malti and how he\’s always taken sakshi as a sister, and apologises to her for the rumours that were spread. And vinu decides to call his old secretary and that he will give her a recommendation for a new job. Sakshi is in tears. Vinu explains her that he has reasons for this and requests her to leave this job as he will not change his decision. Vinu gives her the recommendation and wishes her good luck. Sakshi leaves.

Anmol is painting Sakshi\’s portrait, vasu comes there to gives aalekh the news about khushi agreeing on aalekh\’s marriage. Vasu sees sakshi\’s photo and aalekh tells her about how she saved him the other day and all. Vasu says “I am asking because i feel as if i met her somewhere.” She tries to recall where she met sakshi. (i\’ll tell you, she\’s in your Nari Niketen) aalekh tells her to remember as he wants to thank her for saving him the other day. Vasu smiles and says she will try to find out about her. Vasu is happy about aalekh talking about another girl other than saadhna. She tries to recall where she had seen her.

Sakshi is walking on the streets at night and recalls scenes of her childhood to karan to her being sacked from the job. Sakshi is tensed. Thr matron informs sakshi that vasundhra wants to meet her. Sakshi goes to meet her. Vasu sees her and thinks about aalekh mentioning her. Vasu sthanks sakshi for saving aalekh\’s life the other day. Sakshi asks vasu about how she got to know her whereabouts. Vasu tells her that he is a very good artist and he had made a painting of her. After a few talks on aalekh and his history Vasu sets the marriage proposal in front of her as she would be perfect for him and will help him overcome his mental instability. Sakshi is shocked hearing this. vasu says “i can understand you must be hearing this, but sakshi think from a mother\’s POV. The doctors have said that aalekh will be fine when he forgets saadhna. He needs your help. He has the right to start his life from afresh.” Sakshi doesn\’t know what to say. Vasu says “you can take your time.” Vasu gives sakshi a gift that aalekh sent her. It\’s a new pair of earrings. Sakshi says “i cannot accept this.” vasu says “i can\’t take this back as this belongs to you now.” Vasu forces the gift on her

Vasu tells her to think over this proposal and brainwashes her mind on how luxurious her life will be as well as a loving family. and how she will be addressed as Mrs Rajvansh as well as get property shares and all. She invites her over for the party she is holding for the 5th anniversary of this nari niketen, as well as announce the engagement if she accepts this proposal. Vasu leave sakshi in a dilemma.

Precap: aalekh knows about sakshi coming to the party. Vasu asks aalekh about how he knows this and aalekh tells her that ragini knows her from before and she confirmed about her coming to the party.

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