Bidaai 13th August 2010 Written Update

Ragini is in the dining room setting up the table, aalekh comes there and takes her and anmol with him. He shows Sakshi\’s portrait to them. Ragini is in thoughts seeing the pic. Anmol says “what a sweet face, her face tells that she must be a ver ncie girl.” Anmol notices ragini in thoughts and asks her if she doesn\’t feel the way he does. Ragini says “no no it\’s not tha, it\’s just that i feel i have seen her somewhere.” Aalekh says \’really? Even mamma was saying the same.” Ragini says “i met her at our nari niketen.” Aalekh says that he wants to thank her. Anmol suggests her to invite sakshi to the party. Ragini agrees.
Mama ji is doing invitations for the party. Vinu tells mama ji about sacking sakshi. Mama ji asks for the reason. Vinu says “she will not have a problem to find a new job. It was hard for me to have her as my secretary after all that was done.” Mama ji says \’but this job really meant for her.” Both discuss on sakshi and how it was for her wellbeing only. Malti comes there asking vinu if he could drop kavya to school. Vinu again taunts kavya on missing the bus on purpose and all. (both have a funny moment) vinu finally gives in and drops kavya to school and mama ji to the sanstha.

Vasu is making arrangements for the party as she doesn\’t want anything to be left to the last minute. Mama ji comes there, vasu isn\’t happy. Mama ji is there to talk about sakshi. Vasu is thinking if sakshi told mama ji about the proposal. Vasu tells him not to interfere in her personal life. Mama ji lectures about helping and all. Basicallu vasu thinks mama ji knows about the proposal while he is talking about her job. Vasu gets it when mama ji talks about her job, there\’s a relief on vasu\’s face hearing about the job, and says that she will do something.

Aalekh is talking to khushi, who is in thoughts. Aalekh asks her if something is wrong. Khushi says “i am thinking about the new mom. How will she be?” aalekh says “we\’ll get the one we want. Tell me the kind of mom you want and i will draw her.” Khushi is describing while aalekh draws. It turns out to be ragini\’s painting. Both are shocked seeing that it\’s ragini.

Aalekh is over dressed for the party. Anmol says “don\’t you think you are a bit formal for today\’s party?” aalekh says “really? Then what do i do? I am really confused.” Anmol suggests him a designer kurta. Ragini comes there and asks if he going somewhere. Anmol says “no he is planning for tonight.” Ragini says “my jija ji looks dashing in anything he wears.” Anmol says “no no tammy ke papa is more dashing then me.” Aalekh stands nest to anmol and asks ragini to tell who is more dashing. Ragini has no answer to this. anmol just looks on at her. Ragini looks on at anmol. Anmol says “not fair, ragini will say it\’s you.” Ragini changes the topic and asks aalekh if he wrapped the painting. Anmol shakes his head. Ragini suggests to make a thank you card for her. Aalekh says “okay and i wil tell saadhna as well.” Aalekh begins to make a card, ragini looks at anmol and says “i was thinking that….” her expression immediately changed when she saw the way anmol was looking at her. “I needed to talk to you, if you have time then…” anmol says ;tell me, i can do anything for you.” Ragini says “can you pick up sakshi?” anmol says “okay i will.” Ragini goes to aalekh, anmol just stands there gazing at ragini.

Sakshi is getting ready for the party. Karan calls her and sakshi says \’i have called the media and informed them that there will be a breaking news at the party tonight.\’ Karan says “great. You haven\’t given any hints to anyone right?” sakshi says “no i haven\’t” karan is planning something big for sure. Both discuss about their plan for the party. Skashi wears the pendant vasu gave her during the proposal.

Vasu is getting the house decorated for the party. Aalekh comes there and says :mama i\’ll gift her a rose with the painting. As she wil be coming to the party.” Vasu says “who told you?” aalekh says “ragini knows her.” Vasu thinks if ragini knows about the proposal and thinks that she should be more careful.

Precap: anmol to the rescue! Sakshi is being teased, anmol comes there to rescue her.

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