Bidaai 18th August 2010 Written Update

Okay guys

Here i am with today\’s update sorry guys i am up with a little bit of Fever so pardon me if i forget anything, and it won\’t be that much into detail either.

It starts with Ragini trying to explain to Vasu to not to take advantage of someone\’s problems. Mama ji begins with his lecture on about making deals with these orphan girls for our own advantage. Vasu says “i am not taking advantage. No one forced her to do this. She didn\’t refuse when i asked her.” Mama ji says “did you try to find out if she had any reason behind this?” Vasu is not willing to listen and gives her decision on AalekhShi\’s marriage. Anmol tries to assure mama ji that they will try and find out the reason behind sakshi agreeing to this marriage.

Sakshi is being congratulated by the guests, Tarun calls her, she excuses her self and goes to a room. Tarun with his usual drama (I swear this dude gets on my nerves ) sakshi sees Saadhna\’s paintings made by aalekh. Aalekh comes there and asks her that what is she doing in this room. Sakshi gets scared, and looks at Saadhna\’s paintings. Aalekh says “who asked you to touch them? Only i can touch them.” Aalekh is covering the paintings, sakshi is trying to leave, but aalekh holds her hand and says “you can\’t go now as I am not done yet.” Sakshi tries to go away, but aalekh doesn\’t let her go.

Vasu Indu talk about Sakshi and Aalekh.

Aalekh closes the door, and he shows her, her painting and thanks her for helping him out that day. Sakshi says “it\’s okay. I\’ll leave now.” Ragini opens the door and asks about what they are doing in the room and who closed the door. Aalekh says “i did. I wanted to thank her.” Ragini says “won\’t you want to see what my jija ji gifted you?” Sakshi says “i\’ll go and see it at home.” Ragini says “he made a painting of you, please take a look. He is a very good painter. He made all those paintings. Well you do know that he was married before. My jija ji loved her alot. My saadhna was very lovable. She never thought about herself. If i tried a million times to be like her, i could never suceed. Never. And there\’s no one that can take my saadhna\’s place. Make sure you think over your decision. I don\’t what you are doing and the reason behind it. I don\’t want that in the future you rethink over your decision and you find it wrong.” Sakshi has flashbacks. And leaves.

Tarun comes to meet sakshi. Aalekh and ragini are covering up her paintings. Aalekh sees that sakshi has forgotten the painting and her mobile. Ragini takes the painting and mobile and leaves.

Tarun and Sakshi are talking about the party and sakshi\’s decision (not going to get into detail. Stupid Tarun he\’s acting like there\’s no one more innocent than him.) he hugs her, ragini comes out looking for sakshi. She notices her dupatta behind the car, and walks towards it. Tarun says “did they give you anything today?” sakshi tells him about the ancestoral necklace but aalekh snatched it off her. Tarun is like he\’s not interested, and says “don\’t worry, we\’ll get more chances like this one. Now no one can stop us to fulfil our dreams.” Sakshi tells him about her fear. Tarun says “it\’s just until the engagement. Then we\’ll leave this town forever.” Sakshi\’s agrees. (can anyone be anymore dumb than her? Isn\’t it obvious that he is using her!) Taruna nd sakshi are about to leave, but ragini comes there. Tarun makes an excuse about being a reporter and he had come for the party but eventually got late. Ragini says “it\’s really late, take the interview some other time.” Tarun leaves. Ragini gives sakshi her mobile and painting. Sakshi immediately takes the phone, but takes the painting after a while. Ragini tells sakshi that she can share anything with her, and insists her that the driver will drop her. Sakshi is looking at tarun go, ragini notices this and gets curious.

AnGini are preparing to sleep. Anmol is setting up the sofa as he says “you are right, Sakshi definately has a reason to do all this. You remember i told you about some goons teasing her, and when i had gone to save her she let them go. I really find her behaviour strange.” Ragini says “there is one more thing. When i had gone to give her the gift and her phone, i saw he with a guy. She got scared as soon as she saw me. When i asked her about the guy, so she told me that he was some reporter, but the way she was looking at the guy, i felt something weird. I felt as if she knew him from before. There must be a reason behind her doing this. I don\’t want any problems on our family due to mummy ji\’s stubborness. What\’s the reason behind this, it could be that sakshi is playing around with mummy ji\’s emotiones. I will not let the histry repeat itself. We have to do something. We have to find out about the reason before the engagement takes place.” Anmol nods.

Next day, sakshi leaves in the car that vasu has sent. AnGini arrive as soon as sakshi leaves. Anmol asks ragini about the time they have. Ragini says “we have atleast 2-3 hours, and in this time we have to find anything we can about Sakshi and her secret.”

Precap: TaShi come to Sakshi and khushi says “can i call you choti ma?” Sakshi says “no” Vasu over hears this. TaShi look sad.

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