Bidaai 19th August 2010 Written Update

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AnGini are in the sanstha. The matron inforns them that sakshi has left just a while back. Ragini says “that\’s fine we wanted to come here when Sakshi wouldn\’t be here.” The matron is curious. Anmol covers it up by saying that they are planning a surprise for Sakshi, and had come to invite her friends for the engagement party as well as her personal friends. The matron says “ask one of sakshi\’s friends.” Anmol makes another exucse saying that it is a surprise and that they don\’t want sakshi to know about it. The matron informs them about sakshi\’s diary where she keeps all her contacts and numbers. AnGini follow the matron to sakshi\’s room.

Vasu is giving Sakshi her shagun. Sakshi leaves no chance to impress Vasu, and vasu is highly impressed Vasu gets a call and she leaves to attend it. TaShi come to sakshi and khushi asks sakshi if she could call her chotti ma, but sakshi says no. Vasu\’s smile fades away as soon as she hears this, TaShi are also upset. Vasu comes there and says “why sakshi? Why did you say that?” Sakshi says “ma\’am the thing is that i belive in relationships made from love not relations.” Vasu is impressed once again. “I want khushi to get mother\’s love. I want her to call me mom, not chotti ma.” Vasu is highly impressed. Vasu tells TaShi to give some time to Sakshi and they can help her out with selecting the jewellery for the engagement.

The matron leaves to get refreshments for angini while they search for the diary. Ragini searches through the diary, but there was nothing but contacts. Anmol says “you remmeber last night sakshi was being teased by goons, she then told me that they were here from the jewellers. Maybe Sakshi has sold her jewellery to the jewellers. Ragini says “how can we find out? If we search through her wardrobe then perhaps we can find something.” Anmol agrees, Ragini searches through sakshi\’s wardrobe. Anmol tells her to hurry as they don\’t have enough time. The matron comes there, Angini sit on the bed (gosh they are so close ) the matron offers them refreshments. Ragini has hidden a file under the quilt. She requests matron to get soem water for her. The matron leaves, and Ragini immediately tales the file and searches through it. It was about Sakshi\’s home. Ragini says if we go to this state agency that\’s mentioned here then perhaps we can find something out.” anGini imeediately leave.

Vasu is selecting jewellery for Sakshi. Vasu just gifts her the jewellery and begin to select sarees. Vasu requests sakshi to try on the saree. Tammy compliements Sakshi to khushi.

Tarun is at the state agency, he gives sakshi a call, and he informs her that he is to get the advance back from the agency as they aren\’t going to live here in agar afterwards. Sakshi says “that\’s fine but have you thought where will we go?” Tarun says “mumbai. But we need alot of money to buy an apartment there in mumbai.” Sakshi says “don\’t worry, vasundhra rajvansh will have to pay for taking my advantage. Just think when Vasundhara\’s son\’s wedding would be taking place, then everyone would know that her daughter in law has run away with the jewellery.” Sakshi turns around and is shocked to see vasu there.

AnGini are at the estate agency. They asked the broker about Sakshi, ragini covers it up by saying that they ar eher friends and want to help her out. Anmol says “she loves this apartment, so we thought why not come here and find out about any details, such as deals and payments.” The broker informs her about Tarun, sakshi\’s would be husband. AnGini are shocked. Ragini says “yes we know about it, but we wanted to knoe if the apartment was booked yet.” The broker says “no they haven\’t made any down payements yet.” The broked leaves to attend a call. Anmol says “so she wanted to buy this apartment.” Ragini says “but if she has a boyfriend and wants to marry him, then why did she agree to marry jija ji?” tarun overhears this. The broker arrives, anmol asks about sakshi\’s boyfriend\’s name. But he couldn\’t remember. Anmol says “Sakshi doesn\’t tell us anything. But we want to help her. We are willing to give 15-20 lakhs just like this.” Tarun is surprised. Ragini asks for the papers. The broker says the papers are in the room, but it\’s locked and they can\’t enter until his assistant arrives. AnGini are willing to wait.

Sakshi and mama ji talk (not going to get into detail about this, it\’s boring anyways)

Tarun sneaks into the office, to remove the files. AnGinia re waiting in the room for quite a while now. Tarun tries to get the files but the drawer seems to be locked. The assitant arrives AnGini leave to get the papers. Tarun manages to break into the drawer, and removes the file. The assistant tries to open the door.

Precap; Ragini goes to vasu that they shouldn\’t get sakshi and aalekh married. Vasu asks her for the reason. Ragini shows her a paper it has sakshi and tarun\’s photo on it

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