Bidaai 23rd August 2010 Written Update

Ragi: i know ur not like u look, u hide all this from us, we\’ll have 2 do something

Saakshi: what r u gonna do?

Ragi: nothing, we will give u something healthy 2 eat. Ragi showed her the report and it said Saakshi\’s an anaemic patient or something like that.

Ragi: ur gonna be a part of our family now, so ur now our responsibility. Ragi brought her in the room. Anmol came to Alekh and says he\’s looking very good in Sherwani. He asked if Alekh\’s happy.

Alekh: yess, ofcourse, sadi\’s gonna come back to me. I\’ll explain, I\’ll have to marry the painting girl, and she will be my friend, once we\’ll be friends, then Sadi will be happy and she\’ll come back 2 me.

Anmol thinks: ow sow, Ms. Rajvansh told him that Sadi will come back 2 him. he then asked who told him, alekh says Khushi. Will Sadi come back to me he then asked Anmol.

Anmol: everything will be fine. Tarun planning 2 go from there, Just then Saakshi called him and told him what happened.

She was talking with Tarun and Khushi and Tammy came. She then asked them 2 give her 5 minutes to get ready. The kids went and Saakshi says: I\’m getting very scared, I got jewellery from them, now we can go from here.

Tarun: it\’s not that easy, we didn\’t plan anything yet. Please have some patient. Everything will be fine, I\’ll be there with u all the time. (He wants more money, so greedy).

Anmol helped Ragi with her Necklace. Anmol: it\’s very beautiful, so r u.

Ragi: thnx. Tarun dressed as a waiter came to the party and Ragi asked him to give Saakshi juice to drink. Anmol came and asked why she\’s looking upset.

Ragi: I think I saw this waiter somewhere.

Anmol: maybe at some party, where\’s bapuji?

Ragi: I don\’t think he will come. Just then Kaushi and Malti came and presented Saakshi a necklace. Waiter (Tarun) it\’s very beautiful madam. I brought this juice for madam. Saakshi recognized him and was shocked. Vandana (Saaskshi\’s friend) came and says she wanna talk with her. Vandana: what happened, why r u gonna marry this mad son of ms Rajvansh. She then told her that she won\’t tell anyone about her pregnancy because she changed the report.

Precap: Alekh: Ragi, what if u return this ring?

Ragi: why, aren\’t u happy?

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