Bidaai 25th August 2010 Written Update

Guys gonna rush the update a little today. I am dead tired! My eyes hardly can open so yeah.

It begins with malti telling anmol about the waiter following her all evening, and that he should call the police. Sakshi is scared, ragini tells her not to worry as tammy\’s papa will handle everything. anmol takes the waier along with him. Sakshi tries to go aswell. But she stumbles and drops her purse, her report falls down aswell, but sakshi takes it, Ragini looks at her suspiciously.

Malti and vinu argue Gunni is with kavya and taShi, she showed them the gift she brought. It\’s a jewellery box. All 4 have a cute moment.

AnGini are talking to the waiter. Both are thinking that they recognise his face, the manager shows up, and looks at the waiter. He asks him who is he. Anmol is shocked. Manager says that this guy doesn\’t work for him. Anmol asks him who is he and hat he was doing in the party. Tarun is speechless, he tries to run away, but anmol gets a hold of his face. tarun\’s moustache and beard comes off, AnGini are shocked to see him. Sakshi too comes there, and begins her drama. Ragini scolds him aswell. Sakshi tells him to stop following her and all (yeah keep on going with the drama.) anmol asks if he was the one that sent the goons the other day. Sakshi nods yes, anmol was about to beat him, but ragini stops him and asks him to call the police. Sakshi says no don\’t call the police, as it\’s not good for our reputation and all. Anmol just looks on at her (he kind of is getting suspicious i guess) Saksi continues her drama, and tarun too gets involved and says that he is leaving for ever and all etc. (gosh he is soooooooooooooo boring.) anmol threats tarun not to even look at sakshi otherwise it won\’t be good for him. Tarun leaves. Ragini assures sakshi not to worry and all. And they go inside.

Kaushi and them are leaving, when ragini comes there with anmol and sakshi. Kavya wanted to stay over, but ragini says that TaShi would be coming there to tie rakhi. Kavya says they can tie it here aswell. Ragini says “your bhua needs to tie rakhi on your papa aswell.” Kavya makes a comment “papa can\’t live without mom ” everyone smiles. Malti says “I don\’t lie, kavya Quiet!” Kavya says “even i don\’t like, dadi ma i am saying the truth na?” kaushi explains to her, and kaushi asks sakshi to go aswell. Sakshi is shocked. And vasu tells her that sakshi will stay at the sharma\’s until the wedding day. Sakshi thinks that she had to meet tarun tonight and all. Kaushi says that sakshi is like her daughter so she would do all the rituals.

TaShi come there and give sakshi her gift. Ragini takes Sakshi to the room. Ragini is taking sakshi\’s jewellery, she was planning to meet tarun. Sakshi turns her phone off so tarun wouldn\’t call and all. Ragini was going to take the pendant out from her purse, but sakshi grabbed it off her, ragini asked if she is fine, sakshi makes an excuse of being tired. Tarun is trying to call sakshi but her phone is switched off.

Kavya tells mama ji about the party, kaushi comes there and talks about sakshi, mama ji says she isn\’t coming in the house. Both argue (well mainly it was mama ji lecturing) mama ji says that he isn\’t going to support her in this decision but since it\’s not in our nature to insult guests, therefore she can come. Kaushi invites sakshi in, she takes mama ji\’s blessings,. Kaushi says “you are right, sakshi is like my daughter, she has no maayka. If you want to give her this happiness then i don\’t have any issues, but I will not be supporting it, and don\’t force me into this either. I will not be involved in this marriage. ” vinu asks about he kanyadaan, mama ji says kaushi can do this herself, but he won\’t!

Ends on kaushi.

Precap: kavya yelling in the house waking everyone up and tells them that sakshi is missing. Mama ji is shocked. Nani and vinu enter. Kaushi wonders where could sakshi go.

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BORING episode guys srsly fultoo boring..only anmol\’s anger was the main bit no one would want to miss…srsly!

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