Bidaai 26th August 2010 Written Update

It begins with mama ji not agreeing to do the kanyadaan. Sakshi says that she shouldn\’t be here. Kaushi says i;ve brought you here as my daughter, so i will do your farewell like my own daughter. Tarun wondering why sakshi isn\’t answering her phone and etc. He praises Sakshi\’s smartness (more like teasing her) his friend says “could she possibly change her mind? I mean could it be that she wants all the property to herself, and live as the Rajvansh\’s DIL.\’ Tarun yells at him that she can\’t deceive him and etc. His friend says “can you guarantee it?” Tarun says “if she deceives me then this is her biggest mistake. I\’ll expose her! Tonight she will come to give me the jewellery. Ig she doesn\’t show up by 11 tonight then she will not be able to show her face to the entire agra.”

Malti and Vinu argue with each other about sakshi living in the house and doing her farewell etc.

Ragini is working in the kitchen when vasu shows up. She had come to thank her for the arrangements and all. Ragini says “no need to thank me, this was my responsibility. You must be tired. Please take rest.” Vasu says “there\’s not much time in the wedding, spend as much as your time with khushi, later on her new mom will arrive and then you may not get time.”

Anmol is talking to TaShi. {Cute scene} Ragini comes there and tells them to sleep now since they have to wake up early tomorrow. Tammy says “she isn\’t sleepy.” Khushi says “maasi ma please sing us a lullaby then we will fall asleep.” Tammy says “yes mamma, please sing us a lullaby, soon khushi\’s new mum will come then she will sleep with her.” Anmol looks at ragini, who is a bit upset. Anmol says “that won\’t happen, se we all live together. Sometime ragini mama will sing lullaby\’s sometimes sakshi mamma. And if you want i can also sing lullaby\’s. You want me to sing?” Ragini smiles. Aalekh says “no tammy\’s papa. Ragini is the best when it comes to singing lullaby\’s we want to hear her only.” Ragini sings khushi\’s lullaby, aalekh, tammy, khushi are leaning on each other, while anmol too sits there watching, his eyes are set on Ragini. TaShi and aalekh fall asleep, ragini stops singing. Anmol goes to Ragini who is a bit upset, he wipes her tears, ragini turns the other way. Anmol indicates her to smile, and she has a slight smile. anmol says “let\’s go.” both leave the room.

Sakshi writes a note for the sharma\’s, packs her bags and jewellery. She was getting late, it was 10:30, tarun was waiting for sakshi. But sakshi couldn\’t leave due to nani sitting in the lounge room, she finally left the room, when sakshi sneaked out.

Tarun says to his friend \’it\’s 11:30 let\’s go to the rajvansh house to expose her. Sakshi shows up, his friend runs off. Tarun asks her where she was all along. He sees her baggage. Both Sakshi and Tarun sit in the park. Tarun is checking out the jewellery. Sakshi tells how she was at the sharma\’s and all, but tarun is least interested in her talks and more in the jewellery. Tarun asks for the necklace kaushi gifted. Sakshi says vasu may have forgotten to keep it in the bag, and we have enough to last us a while.” Tarun the greedy …. says we need more and all. Sakshi says we can invest the money, and I am pregnant so we need to get married soon. Tarun says “i am doing this for our child. Just 3 days more please.” Sakshi says “i can\’t, you almost got caught, ragini almost saw my report. This is not safe anymore. Please let\’s go.” tarun think about not letting the opportunity go, as during the wedding it will be 10 times more.

Kavya keeps asking malti about sakshi, and if she would be taking care of her anf all. Malti is trying to sleep, so she tells him to sleep now and ask her tomorrow. Kavya leaves the room to check on Sakshi, Tarun is scolding sakshi for nagging him about the marriage, and to tell him right now if she doesn\’t trust him. Sakshi says “you don\’t know what you are to me” Tarun says “then only 3 days please.” Sakshi says “I am scared; I don\’t want to lose everything in the want to having everything. They are very nice people. I hate deceiving them.” Tarun says “Fine, take all these gifts and return them, and tell them that you don\’t want to marry aalekh.” Kavya wakes everyone up and informs them about sakshi missing. Kaushi wonders where sakshi could be. Mama ji sees the note that sakshi left for them.

Precap: Ragini at the jewellers and is shocked to see the same jewellery that Vasu gifted sakshi.

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