Bidaai 27th August 2010 Written Update

Sanju is not well,so i\’m doing update

1)Tarun does emotional blackmail to Sakshi by telling her to return everything & he will tackle the goons as it is his problem & sakshi after all his emotional hatyachaar asks him how can she go back & In Kaushalya Niwas everyone are worried & Khaushi is telling how will they show their face to Vasu ,she had given her responsibility & they did\’nt take care of it even for one night & Vinu,Mamaji say they will go & search her & they leave

2) it\’s next day morning & Ragini is getting ready & Anmol gets up & tells Ragini that he may have over slept but Ragini says no it\’s only 6 in the morning,she got up early as they have to go to Tie Rakhi & in the evening there is sangeet & she goes to dress herself .First she puts her bindi & next her sindoor & Anmol is just gazing at her through the mirror & someone knocks the door & Anmol signals Ragini that he will open & he puts is beddings on the bed & opens the door & Tashi are there & Anmol asks them what they are doing so early & they say they were waiting for the morning as they will tie Rakhi to Kavya

3) Sharmaji & Vinu are in the car & still they have not found sakshi & are worried.Ragini is telling Anmol & Tashi how she & sadhana would do nakras to miss the school but they were first ready for any functions or festivals & Tashi are just like them .Tashi & Anmol are listening to her intently.
Tashi ask Anmol to say whose Rakhi is best & Anmol is confused & tashi say Ragini\’s is very simple Rakhi.But ragini says it is not important which Rakhi you tie or what gift the brothers give it\’s love between them that is important & Anmol says that\’s right (he says something which i did\’nt get ) & Ragini,tammy ,Anmol & Khushi hug each other (i mean sideways)

4) In KN everyone are ready in the morning & malti suggests to search @ NK bur Khaushi says she can\’t be there & At last Sakshi comes with Vinu & mamaji & they say she was waiting @ bus stand & sakshi says she could\’nt see Maaji & Mamaji fight because of her thats why she was confused & worried & mamaji says some emotional dialogues like Khaushi as accepted her as her daughter & she has rights to scold her

5)Angini & Tashi arrive @KN & they give sakshi some shagun (loads of money) & Kavya asks if that money is real one or the Game money & he asks many questions & Malti stops him & kavya says that he understood one thing Shaadi ya Rakhi it\’s always Girls who get gifts & money & Anmol approves that(sweet scene) & Tashi ask when they will tie Rakhi & Anmol says when he goes from here they will tie Rakhi & Khaushi asks him eat something But Anmol says he is getting late As they have sangeet in the evening & says that he is her son & this house is his So he can come & eat whenever he wants & looks @ Ragini (but Ragini was looking @ other things other than Anmol) & he takes Mamaji\’s blessing & wishes vinu & he says he has to go as sangeet is there & Mamaji is not comfortable & Anmol takes the leave

6)Tashi both do the The Rakhi rituals & tie Rakhi & when it was his time to give gift Kavya was looking @ malti as if suggesting to give them & Malti asks him to give the envelopes which she had given him & he runs from there & Tashi chases them & Kavya gives them their Envelopes.
Ragini ties hers & sadhana\’s Rakhi to Vinu & malti asks why is third Rakhi there.Ragini asks Sakshi to come & tie it to Vinu & sharmaji says if she is the daughter of this house then she is Vinu\’s Sister & she ties him Rakhi & he to gives another envelope to sakshi & says Ragini does\’nt get anything this year as she gets it every year & Malti gifts her some necklace set & says vinu bought it 2 weeks back & says he brought it from best jewellary shop & goes to put it on Ragini but the chains thread was broken & asks her to get it repaired today only & Tashi says they will stay here & Ragini leaves stating she has more work

7) Ragini goes to the shop & gives her necklace for repair & the shop guy shows her the necklace that Vasu gave to Sakshi & she is very sure that the necklace is the same one & thinks that sakshi must have given to Tarun & she takes the address of the guy who sold it & her necklace got repaired ,so she is about to leave whenshe sees goddess idol & says prove my accusations wrong or help her so that she can show the true colours of cheaters Sakshi & Tarun

Precap : Anmol asks Ragini why did she call her urgently & Ragini says about the necklace & next scene Anmol is in the shop of the guy who sold the necklace (he was also some jewellary guy) & he says he will show the CCTv evidence & it was Ajay (tarun\’s friend) who was selling the necklace & the shop worker says he knows him as he stays near his house

So Angini\’s detectivegiri is full on once Again & The episode was sweet one

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