Bidaai 30th August 2010 Written Update

Vasu called Ragi and asks where she is, Ragi says she\’s on her way home. Anmol came and asked why Ragi called him. Ragi told him about the necklace. she says she doesn\’t get how the necklace came here. She says she got an address fro the jeweler and Anmol says he will go. Ragi says: she will go home as Vasu already called her.

Saakshi, Kaushi and the kids came and Khushi asked if she can select one (she wants to buy it with her own money so vasu says she can return her when she\’ll get her pocket money). Khushi selected a green saree and imagined Ragi wearing it, just then Tammy says: wow Khushi, such a beautiful sari u selected 4 ur new mom. First Khushi didn\’t wanted to give it to Saakshi but Tammy told her as Saakshi will be happy. Ragi came.

The kids were with Alekh. Gunny came and took the girls with her. Kavya told Alekh that mamaji won\’t attend this function, as something is fishy, or he\’s not feeling well, or he doesn\’t want to come. Vasu came and says everything is fine, we\’ll go with the baraat there so how can he come here. She then took Kavya with her and asked Alekh to change asap.

Ragi called Anmol and asked where he is. Anmol: I just reached at the address. Anmol asked a shopkeeper where the address is? And from him he got to know that there a case going on since the last 20 years and no one is living there. Anmol went there and saw It.

Vasu and Ragi were talking, just then Saakshi came with her green sari. She told Vasu that she wore that one because it\’s special 4 her as Khushi gave it to her. Vasu happy and thanked god for giving her such a nice daughter-in-law. Just then Ragi asked her to wear some jewelry and asked her to come with her. Anmol went back to the jeweler and says he didn\’t got the man at that address. Jeweler: no prob. I\’ll show u our recording. The video: A man gives the necklace to the jeweler. Anmol asked who he is and the jeweler: I already told u what I knew. There was on more man and he says: this man looks like Ajay, my neighbor.

Ragi gave her necklace to Saakshi and she asked her what she\’s gonna do with the money (neek) she got from Vasu. Saakshi: I don\’t need anything, I\’ve everything. Ragi: whenever u need anything, u can ask me money. Saakshi thinks: I need lot of money, then I can go from here with my Tarun but when I\’ll ask u, u won\’t give it to me na. Just then Ragi told her to wear that necklace she got from Vasu. Ragi: what happened Saakshi, where\’s it? R u alright? Where\’s the necklace, maybe it will match with the sari. Saakshi: I think I forgot the necklace at home. Ragi: I\’ll ask malti bhabhi to bring it when she will come. Malti: I just cleaned her room, I didn\’t found anything.

Ragi: Saakshi, do u know where it is? Saakshi: I can\’t remember where I put it.

Ragi: Saakshi, bhabhi says it\’s now there. Saakshi: I\’ll look here, maybe it\’s in my bag.

Ragi thinks: U can\’t lie for long, once we will know who sold the necklace, I\’ll tell Vasu everything about u.

Precap: Anmol with the man from the video (some Ajay), he says: stop pretending, what are Tarun and Saakshi upto. Tell me, otherwise I\’ll call the police.

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