Bidaai 2nd September 2010 Written Update

Tarun is appreciating Sakshi and Ajay\’s acting to ajay. Tarun says “I know that one day sakshi would need that fake necklace, that\’s why I got this necklace made before i got you to sold the original. He makes such nice duplicate necklaces. When sakshi told me about Ragini suspecting her, so what i did was put the necklace in the bouqet and sent it to the party. And sakshi very cunningly wore it. But you were also amazing.

Ajay says “anmol Rajvansh has beaten me heaps. I only got this wounds and injuries only because I own 25% of this money.” Tarun says “don\’t worry, now no one would belive AnGini as we won\’t let them succeed. Now aalekh and sakshi\’s wedding cannot be stopped.”

Aalekh\’s haldi is being done, gunni teases him. Ragini sees the rituals being performed. Tammy comes running to ragini saying that chachi has gone all yellow and asks ragini to put haldi on aalekh\’s hair too then he will look like a lion. Ragini forces a smile. Khushi asks ragini to put haldi, she was about to pupt haldi on him when vasu stops ragini saying that considering to the rituals only women put haldi on and that\’s already happened. Ragini says “mummy j ii never knew that haldi rasam was being performed.” Vasu says “you know what happens when in weddings. but what matters to you is other work, so i thought not to disturb you.” Ragini is listening quietly. Vasu orders guni to have this haldi sent to sakshi and other shagun things aswell and take kids along aswell as ragini has alot of things to do other than this, so therefore you do all this.” Ragini is hurt. Aalekh complains about the haldi. Vasu says “have a shower now.” Aalekh says “but how will i remove all this? ragini help me na please.” Ragini says “yes jija ji, i am here to help you only. If you don\’t want to keep this haldi, then don\’t worry i\’ll help you remove this, then you can have a shower. Jija ji don\’t worry this haldi will be off .

Malti discusses about Angini creating such drama in sangeet. Vinu tells her not to make an issue out of such a small thing. Malti says “ever since that sakshi stepped into this house, our peace is gone. No matter what she will be done in the future.” Vinu looks at her. Malti immediately changes the topic and ends up praising sakshi malti leave the room to check on sakshi.

Wedding preparations are being done in the Sharma house. Mama ji is watching all this from his room. Malti praises sakshi about her mehndi and her luck. Kaushi interrupts asking malti about the preparations not being done. Malti leaves to check on things. Kaushi and sakshi have a moment and discuss about married life. Kaushi apologises on ragini behalf. Sakshi thinks “I don\’t care about the future. It\’s not like I\’ll be living with you daughter. I am only waiting for my life to start with my family.” Kaushi asks her what she is thinking. Sakshi says “don\’t worry, ragini is my older sister, i am not angry with her.” Kaushi tells sakshi to go to her room while she\’ll bring breakfast for her.

Guni and TaShi come to the KN. Malti tells guni to give all the things sent by vasu to sakshi. Ragini comes there.

Sakshi is happy seeing all this jewellery given to her. Ragini comes there asking “how much more do you want? Your face is telling me that you got what you want. Right? I know this drama is all for the money and i know you want to spend your life with tarun. Why are you playing around with mummy ji\’s emotions? Why are you taking advantage of a mother\’s love?” Sakshi is ignoring her. ;you hadn\’t forgotten the rani haar. You gave it to ajay. You were just lucky that you had another necklace like that.” Sakshi had a smirk on her face. “Celebrate as much as you want, I am just waiting for one proof and that\’s it.” Sakshi is ignoring her. Ragini loses her cool and says “what do you want? Tell me. I\’ll give it you. But please SPARE my family. how much do you want? 10 lakhs? 20 lakhs? Tell me, i\’ll give it to you.” Sakshi sees kaushi in the room, she tries to be the goodie goodie again. Ragini is all confused. Kaushi is impressed and scolds ragini and accusses her that she is jealous of her as she can\’t accept her as khushi\’s mom. And tells her to worry about tammy only. Sakshi is listening to this and enjoying eveyr part of it. Kaushi tells her to help oiut int he wedding. Ragini says “i won\’t be doing this, as i know the truth. I am leaving now; i am going to expose her soon.\’ (Gosh this sakshi is a )

Sakshi\’s haldi is being performed. Kaushi tells malti to take sakshi for the shower. nani asks kaushi about the guests not coming for the wedding. Kaushi says \’vasudhara ji doesn\’t want too much for the wedding. I don\’t understand why anmol and ragini not wanting this marriage to happen.” Nani says that atleast ragini will be able to give time to tammy now. Kaushi agrees. Mama ji comes there saying “wow kaushalya ji.”

Sakshi has morning sickness (she more looks like a heart patient ), malti asks her about it, sakshi makes an excuse about food poisoning. Malti says that she\’ll call the doctor as her wedding is tonight. Sakshi says “no need to call the doctor, it\’s just that i have a delicate stomach. Maybe i ate alot during the sangeet. I have the medicine, i\’ll be fine in 2 hours.” Sakshi tells amlti not to tel anyone about this.

Mama ji says “now i understand why you want this marriage to happen. You are doing all this because you felt the distance between tammy and ragini. You are being selfish. Kaushi says “I agree, but i didn\’t pressure anyone for this. I am just respecting sakshi\’s decision. Where am i wrong?” both argue and kaushi bring saadhna\’s situation in about how he didn\’t do her kanyadaan at first, and then regretted it later. Mama ji in thoughts.

Anmol is reading some files, when ragini walks in. Anmol says “she didn\’t accept the offer did she?” Ragini nods a no. “What can you expect from her anyway? I am sorry to say ragini but i knew this would be a waste of time. Just think that girl just wouldn\’t leave like this especially when she\’s reached so close to her destination. IM-POSSIBLE.” Ragini says “she\’s got so much, i even told her that if she wants more then i would give it to her. But her dramas are not coming to an end. Mom over heard us and she scolded me. What will we do now?” anmol says \’when things aren\’r going your way then you have to be a bit smart. We have been very soft towards sakshi, we didn\’t even involve police in this, but now we will to portect our family.”

Precap: kaushi calls ragini and kaushi tells her that sakshi is not in her room. Ragini asks her about jewellery. Kaushi is searching but nothing is to be found. Ragini says “so i was right, she has run

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