Bidaai 3rd September 2010 Written Update

How\’s everyone today? Well please excuse my update today,
as I am really really hyper. This hyperness has been for quite some time now
and the episode was boring, so let\’s make the update a bit fun at least. Yeah?

Anyways without wasting any time let\’s get to the update.

begins with anmol teling ragini to involve police in this matter now, ragini
says “but what can the police do? We don\’t have any evidence against them at
all.” Anmol says “if we don\’t have evidence then we shall find them. You remember
ajay told me that he helped tarun and Sakshi sell the necklace, and you remember
sakshi told us that she has broken up with tarun. There\’s a connection between
these two.” Ragini says “so you mean that Sakshi\’s jewelleries are with tarun.”
Anmol says “only if he hasn\’t sold them.” Ragini says “if we find tarun\’s
address then we will be able to expose him.” Anmol says “you remember that
builder giving us some papers. Well they have Tarun\’s address in this file.”
Ragini insists on leaving ASAP and exposing sakshi before the wedding (she has kept her hand on him, and anmol
lost in his own world I love how anmol is happy in such small moments.)
angina leave immediately.

is getting dressed in his casual clothes, he looks restless (gosh he is looking
Smokin\’ HOT…his wet hair ) khushi comes there and asks him if there\’s
any problem as his hair is all messed up and his buttons aren\’t done up properly
either. Aalekh says “dost I don\’t know. I feel very sad these days. I\’m
anxious. You know what my heart feels like, i feel like crying.” Khushi says “you
want me to get you a doctor?” Aalekh says “no I have my medicine. Whenever I keep
saadhna\’s photo near my heart then everything feels well. I just want this
marriage to happen, so i can win and my saadhna will return.” Vasu is hearing
this. khushi feels guilty and wants to tell him the truth. Khushi says “you
want me to tell you something? Don\’t be angry please.” Vasu stops her and asks
her if she has seen her dress for the wedding. Khushi informs her that maasi ma
was to show it but she left in a hurry with anmol. Vasu is curious to know, but
khushi does\’t know where they went. Vasu wonders what could be so important?
Khushi tells vasu that she wants to tell the truth to aalekh, but vasu sends
her away. Aalekh wanted to know what khushi told her, but vasu says it was
nothing, she just wants to see you in the groom\’s attire. Vasu excuses herself,
while aalekh looks at saadhna\’s photo.

calls kaushi and changes the timings of the wedding. She made it 6 hrs earlier (why are you always ruining things for your
family? you\’re making a terrible mistake. You\’ll be suffering for sure! You will
surely be cursing this day for sure!)kaushi goes to get sakshi ready. Vasu says
“I don\’t know what you two are up to now…but I won\’t let you ruing this
wedding. It\’s better that you don\’t attend this wedding at all.”

is getting ready but wonders why vasu changed the timings. Malti shows sakshi
her wedding jewellery (I don\’t get one
thing…why is this money thing being rubbed in so much? I mean it always
happens no matter what the track is they will literally make it obvious. I mean
we know she is there for money…but it just gets annoying seeing CT\’s show
Rajvansh so rich, and sakshi being given jewellery worth millions!) Kaushi
is concerned about getting sakshi ready by 4 pm, malti tells her not to worry.
Sakshi wants to run away. Sakshi says “ma j ii know it\’s just family members at
this wedding. But i have a friend and i want her to come to my wedding, can I
call?\’ kaushi permits her, sakshi calls tarun and informs him about the timing
change. Tarun is in thoughts.

arrive at Tarun\’s place, but find a locked gate. (apu fans you\’ll get to hear
him say DAMN IT!)

preparations are being completed at the sharma\’s. Mama ji leaves the house. Malti
is concerned about the kanyadaan. Sakshi\’s eyes continuously on the clock. She badly
wants to run away, she tries to make excuses for the beauticians to leave the
room and succeeds. As soon as the beauticians leave, Sakshi packs her bags,
kaushi comes there with refreshments. As soon as kauhi leaves, sakshi runs away
throught the window.

A man
comes there and informs AnGini that tarun has left the house with his
belongings. Both are left in thoughts. Anmol mentions that tarun has left
alone. Ragini says “sakshi..?” ragini calls kaushi and tells her to give the
phone to sakshi, but kaushi can\’t find her. Ragini tells her to check her
baggage and all. Kaushi looks for her bags everything is missing. Ragini says “that
means i was right! Sakshi has run away. kaushi is shocked. Ragini tells kaushi
that she was there for money and jewellery only, and assures kaushi that she
will fiz everything. Ragini tells anmol that sakshi has run away, and we have
to go to the police.

gives all the jewellery to tarun. Tarun keeps making excuses, and tells her
that he will be back in a while. Sakshi insisted to go, but tarun tells her to
wait here for him and he will be back. (Tarun runs away leaving sakshi there)

at the police station and have check posts made. Ragini is still restless and
wonders if sakshi is gone forever or is it a plan of theirs.

is looking at saadhna\’s photo, vasu coems there and puts the turban on him. Saadhna\’s
photo breaks. Aalekh gets restless. Vasu says “nothing can happen to saadhna
aalekh. Don\’t worry she is fine, only the frame broke.” Aalekh says “yeah, this
frame is of no use, but i won\’t need anymore as saadhna will return after this

is planning to run away, he gives ajay his share. Anmol is looking for tarun
with the police when they get the information about finding tarun\’s bike at the
airport. Ajay asks about sakshi, tarun tells her that she is waiting for me at
the station. Ajay says but aren\’t you taking her with you? Tarun says i never
wanted to take her, we had decided that already. Ajay says but she is pregnant.
Tarun says “you really expect me to take that dumb one with me?” anmol arrives
there with the police looking for tarun. Ajay says “you aren\’t doing this
right!” tarun tells him off, ajay sees anmol there with the police and runs
off. Tarun is arrested. He gives a cold look to anmol! (wah anmol mere sher wah! this guys man srsly he is not only handsome but SMART aswell…truly a SUPER HUMAN!)

Precap: Ragini with the police looking for
sakshi at the station.

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