Choti Bahu 4th September 2010 Written Update

Part 1:

Well well they have changed the montage now Dev has come near Radh and putting his hand on her shoulder and smiling down at her and so Radh smiles at him too\’ yay.. more to come..

Rajjan is coming back and is thinking about all his glory as a real son. As soon as the car stops the black thugs of MR come out with the guns and surrounds Rajjan..

MR comes with her body guard. She tells Rajjan that she has come to know about his plan and that Radhika will never be able to reach here with her proof and if she does they all know what to do with that.. Rajjan is terrified..

Radh and Abhay arrive on the premises and are immediately surrounded by MR\’s black clad thugs.. one says they are waiting for them as Rajjan has sent them and asked why were they late. Abhay says because the car trouble. They told them to go with them as Rajjan is waiting for them.. Abhay objects about the direction and the Gundas forcefully push them in the opposite direction of the wedding venu.. Radh screams but with the loud noise of fire cracker it is all in vain

On the other hand Barat is on it\’s way\’ Dev is on the horse\’ and all the Purohits are walking beside him with worried face. Birju and Vivek approaches dadima and shake their heads indicating that could no get Radh. Dadima is now getting worried.

On the receiving end Shashtriji and Devkiji are waiting for barat. MR approaches him saying how does he feel as brides\’s father. Babuji says being the father of sati like daughter and being the FIL of god like SIL he feels great. MR taunts him saying one should learn from him to keep the cool in dire circumstances..

Barat is approaching\’

Birju helps Dev to disembark from horse. Devki comes with aarti and does aarti.. MR comes forward saying let me do the aarti too.. CM looks at he questioningly she smartly says oh Radh is like the daughter so she would like to do.. She does the aarti.. Anna smiles Dev is still sad and looks at her. She says welcome damadbabu..

CM leads all in the mandap\’ Dadima is worried and stays back waiting for Radh. And prays to Kanha to that he needs to do something now and he needs to take control as all is in his hand.. She goes inside with heavy heart and approaches CM to delay the Varmala little bit more as Vaishali is not feeling well\’ But MR comes and objects saying it should be done in the auspicious time and should be done now. CM agrees that the auspicious time has already started.. Dev is lead to the stage\’ Dadima is sad.. MR taunts her.. Near the stage MR receives the phone call and goes away\’ Amma sees all these.

MR goes to the place Radhika is kept. Radhika looks at her and says with the spirit that she knew that MR is responsible for all these as she does not have courage to face the music with the truth. MR scoffs her that she is like her father who says she is sati.. She says I do not care for the methods but only for the victory\’ She scoffs her saying she came to get her pati now she will be sati.. And than orders her men to light fire.. Radh is horrified..
Part 2:

MR\’s man pushes Radhika in the room and asks his men to fire up the whole house\’ the men started pouring gasoline on the house and Radh keeps on screaming inside\’

On the stage the bride is called.. Vibha brings the bride…. All the Purohits watch this with horrified silence.. MR keeps on smirking… Kanika climbs the stage… CM asks Varmala to be done…. Dev picks up the garland and Vibha hands over to Kanika..

Dev lifts his hand to put the garland.. get\’s flashes of his earlier Varmala but still the face of the bride is not clear.. He keeps on getting flashes.. but his hand is almost on the top of Kanika\’s head\’ one Sevak comes and says stop there is a fire in the Ashram and one lady is trapped. All are horrified\’ Dev drops the Varmala and runs like crazy.. all others are after him.. They approach the house.. He sees Radh inside.. Screaming.. Birju is holding him.. He sees Radh coughing badly with the smoke and than dropping on the floor unconscious. Dev looks at the scene with horrified silence and gets all the flashes from earlier fire scene\’

Pushing aside Birju\’s hand he runs to the fire lighted house calling the name Radhika\’ he pushes the door with his leg and enters the house calling Radh\’s name as Radhika.. He sees her laying unconscious on the floor and remembers the earlier same kind of scene. At last he sees Radhika\’s face clearly lying on the floor and him covering her with the cloths as in earlier incident. He runs to Radh calling her name as Radhika\’ He picks her up and brings her out\’ Radh is still in his hand unconscious\’ He keeps on calling he Radhika Radhika\’ Suddenly Radh coughs and opens her eyes\’ She looks at him with a smile hearing her name as Radhika and says.. I knew you would come to me.. Teri her zalak….
Yahooo…. Our darling Dev is back….

Part 3:

Dev and Radh is seated on the Chair and all Purohits are standing around them\’ Radh\’s head is on Dev\’s shoulder. Radh coughs and lifts her head. Dadima holds her hands and asks is she was ok.. Radh says she is ok. And than tells her story that by the help of Rajjan she has found original Abhay.. Dipu\’s father. Dev looks at her. Radh says today once again the truth has prevailed and tells all that MR has captured her and also order the fire to kill her.. All are horrified.. Radh says but in that fire the gold of my faith even proved more right. MR objects big time saying these are all the lies of Purohits and they are bunch of liars and crooked people.. OMG\’ You should see the thunderous voice of DEV the Raj Purohit\’ He says Stop and shut up MR .. He says I am not Abhya but I am Dev Raj Purohit. He says Radhika never told any lies nor any member of my family. He says we are the family of Raj Purohit and we give good morals to the society and help the society to walk on the path of truth and righteouness.. MR was totally shocked and horrified\’

(OMG.. You should listen to this powerful dialogue delivery from our fantastic actor Avinash Sahdev\’ So magnificent and regal voice\’ Kudos to you Avinash\’)

Dev says Yes MR I have remembered every thing.. I am not Abhay nor Kanika is my wife\’. Original Abhay walks in\’ Kanika says are u ok Abhay? Radh tells all that he is the original Abhay and Dipu\’s father.. MR also tired to kill him..

Dev wrath is now on MR\’ He says what not I did for you and your Family and you treated my family and myself in such a way? Than he almost screams at her saying and in spite of that my family tolerated you and kept you in our house.. do you know why??? Only because of me.. Only for me and you tired to burn my wife.. how dare you even think about such disgusting act??? MR and the yaduvanshies have no face to show\’
Dev says but God always judges good and bad works in this life time only. And you will have to pay for all these in this life time and that day has come for you\’ MR is just speechless and looks at him with her big eyes\’ Dev comes forward and says he has trusted her so much and she played such a dirty games with him for sake the of money? You tried to take away a son from his mom and a husband from his wife?? (Vakrakuda is playing\’.) Dev screams at MR saying you have been blinded so much by money that you neither see human nor Gods. Dev is on says tell me MR can you give me back my 5 years?? MR looks at him\’ Dev says those 5 years in which my mom, my dadima, my wife, my brother and my friend birju were crying for me. Dev says when in those 5 years my wife who each morning prayed for me and each evening wait for my returned.. Can you give me back those 5 years? MR looks at him and says NO.. you know very well that I never said that I will give you back anything\’ She is still in her ego says.. You know very well that if I make any decision I will complete my goal. Dev looks at her like she is has still not changed\’ She threatens Dev saying going against me will cost you a lot damad babu Dev gives her his famous angry stare\’ MR now tells him that he has given in writing that today he will be her SIL that he will marry Kanika. and than she produces that paper which Dev signed. She says Dev will have to keep his promise. She says today my daughter will be the RPtine and I and only I will have full rights on this RajPurohitship.. All looks at her as if she still does not get it.. Dev comes forward with a sarcastic smile saying the cord has burnt out but still thinks that it will hold.. (rassi jal gayi per bal nahi gaya..)\’ Dev says oh still you are as blind as ever\’ but let me tell you this very clearly that my wife is only Radhika and I cannot even think about any other woman.. Purohits are very happy. Radh takes the deep breath.. saying are you going to break the relations with the piece of paper?? Than she comes behind her husband saying let me see what kind of paper do you have.. Smirking and scoffing MR gives her that paper to see.. Radh turns to read the paper. Than she very boldly, she tore the paper in few pieces and turning she throws the paper on MR\’s face\’ MR screams at her hey stop but before her eyes Radhika did her job of tearing the paper in few pieces\’ Purohits were smiling and MR was horrified. She looked totally stupefied and looked at Radhika in total surprise and rage\’ Radh says you cannot make or break relations on the piece of paper\’ the relations are made by God above. MR has just wide eyes to look at Radh and no words\’ Babuji now smiles at all these and tells MR that now if you got the wisdom than spend your left over life in Kanha\’s worship and doing good works so that you will get good ending at the end of your life. Dadima adds Didn\’t I tell you that those who do the wrong did will never get good things and that is the way of the world and that is the judgment of Kanha. Dev than looks at Kanika saying You know that you loved Abhay so how come you agreed for this wedding.. Abhay picks up his son and Kanika looks down.. He than adds you love is Abhay and he only can make you happy\’ Kanika tell her mom that she loves Abhay and she wants to spend her life with Abhay.. (ha ha.. without marriage in her kundli\’)

MR jerks her hand in anger.. and turns to leave.. Rajjan calls Vibha to move along.. so all the Yaduvanshies leave after her. Rajjan says good bye to all…

Part 4:

Varmala scene.. RadhDev puts the Varmala on each other under the shower of flowers\’
Ammaji mumbles saying why the thakurji shows her this kind of days in her old age.. Vaishali comes after her tells her that Ammaji now believe that RadhDev are for each other and their bond has been blessed by Kanaha and please change your behavior toward Radhika.. Amma does not say but than goes with Vaishali for the pheras.

Pandit calls every one for pheras. RadhDev goes near Kunda.. Pandit tells Radh to sit on the right side of Dev and after the pheras she can sit on the left side of Dev.. Radh looks so beautiful as a bride and sits with Dev the havan starts\’ All Purohits with mom and dad Shastris are so very happy.. RadhDev look at each other and smiles.. Pandit says today on the auspicious day of Akhti your are getting married again and so all your sorrows ends here and you will have happy prosperous married life.. RadhDev looks at each other and smile and are happy.. pandit calls the groom mom to tie the knot.. Vasihali does that. Pandit tells Dev that he will give 7 promises to his wife in these 7 pheras of the wedding and will give promise to keep those for 7 life times.. ( our favorite tare hai barati starts in the BG)\’ The phera starts under the showers of flowers from the family.. Dev looks at Radh who so sweetly was looking at him..
After the 1st phera..
Pantit says.. Please give your promise that you will keep her happy through out the life time..
Dev holds Radhika\’s hand and looks in to her eyes and says.. I promise that I will make you happy with all the happiness in the world.
Pandit: And I will take care of you in every happiness and sorrow.
Dev: I will take care of you in every happiness and sorrow..
Dev still holding Radhika\’s hand takes the 2nd pheras
Dev: I take a vow that I will take care of your physical, mental and all kind of needs so that you can have a healthy life..
(They are showing (saptapadi) the foot work of Radhika with stone and rice from 1st wedding\’ )
Dev with third promise with third phera
Dev: I promise that with honest earning I will spend my life honestly with you and always will walk in the path of prosperity.. (amma gives wide eye look)

The forth phera with fourth promise:
Dev: I promise that with your love, support, collaboration and trust I will try to gain the knowledge and we both will live trustworthy and happy life..

From this phera the bride leads ahead.. so Radh comes forward.
The fifth phera and fifth promise
Dev: I promise to give the happiness of being a mother and give an heir to my family

The sixth phera with sixth promise
Dev looks at his wife and says..
I promise you that I will be always faithful to you and before being the husband and wife we will be the best friends. ( song.. Mai to dharma hi samji teri kahi hui her bath\’)

The seventh pehra\’. seventh promise are done..
After that With the sound of Shankha\’Dev puts managl sutra in Radhika\’s neck and they look at each other with so much love and honor..
Panditji concludes that now with these seven pheras the marriage has concluded now go and take the blessings of all the elders..

OMG… now the big twist in on the way… Gosh are they going to reveal Radh\’s original parents???
Part 5:

One more Gruha Pravesh for Radhika… At the main gate of PB.. Vasihali does the aarti and than Radhika topples the rice kalash and enters the house. Puts her fist steps in the kumkum\’s dish and than enters the PB by putting her red foot prints in the house.. Dev looks at her and both look really happy and radiant. Babuji than invites the Purohits for the Janmashtahmi to VR.. Dadima agrees. Than she said I now will escort them to their room so at least I will be able to see my Radhakishan for some more time. Dadima brings them to their bedroom and tells them to have some time with each other and than come down for dinner she than leaves them alone. RadhDev come in the room.. dev walks in and takes off his garland .. Radh follows him. They are near the dressing table.. Radh turns to him and Dev helps her to take off her garland and than puts both the garland on the sofa. Than he comes behind Radh and hugs her and says in her ear what is the matter today your heart beats have increased.. Radh says as we are more closer today…. Dev says hmm and smiles.. Radh says I have little work to do may I go and complete it.. Dev says work?? No .. we have this moment after a long interval.. Radh says sweetly oh please wait some more.. Dev says playfully and how much longer this wait would be… Radh says only 5 minutes.. Dev says 5 minutes?? Radh says sweetly why I can wait for you for 5 years and won\’t you wait for me for just 5 in… Dev mumbles.. oh here goes the emotional blackmailing… (They are trying to ease with each others this initially awkward moments and trying to make old Dev come back…) Dev tells her this is very wrong you should not trouble your husband like that.. Radh turns to him saying may I go now I will be right back.. than she leaves the room Dev looks at her departing back…

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