Bidaai 6th September 2010 Written Update

Police arrests Tarun (Ajay saw it). Saakshi waiting for Tarun. Ragi and the officer are at the same place, looking 4 her. Just then Ajay called Saakshi and told her to go from there as police arrested Tarun (because of Ragi and Anmol). Saakshi shocked. Anmol called Ragi and asks if they found Saakshi and he told her that police arrested Tarun.

Baraat arrive , there\’s no one at the door to welcome them. Vasu asks everyone to wait outside and she went inside. Kaushi wanted to tell her what happened, and just then Malti: saakshi run away, she\’s missing.

Vasu: what, where can she go? Vasu then called the commissioner.

Saakshi walking on the street and thinks I had on chance to live my life happily with Tarun, now my life is ruined. My Tarun is in jail now, what will happen to my child? I won\’t let my child face all those problems I had faced. All this happened because of Ragi Rajvansh. She\’s always after me. Mamaji saw her and asks what she\’s doing there? She cries and hugs mamaji.

Ragi and Vasu on the phone. Ragi informed her that police already arrested Tarun and now they are after Saakshi and they also got all the jewellery. Vasu: I can\’t believe I made such a big mistake. Ragi: she will have to answer all ur questions, I will bring her to u.

Mamaji: don\’t worry beta, I know there\’s must be some reason ur marrying Alekh babu. But now u don\’t wanna marry him but just because of ur promise ur in a dilemma. I\’m also against this marriage so if u don\’t want then no one will force u. Ragi was right, this isn\’t just 4 u, it will also effect Alekh\’s and Khushi\’s life.

Saakshi: r u sure u will be with me, whatever I decide?

Mamaji: yess.

Saakshi: I want u to do my kanyadaan. Mamaji shocked.

Kaushi crying and Vinu asks why she\’s crying. Vinu consoles her that everything will be fine and she don\’t have to be sad because it\’s not her fault. The kids came and asks for Saakshi. Vinu explains that she will be back in a while, she went to mandir and told them to go and play.

Indrejit: let\’s go home. This wedding won\’t happen now. Good that it happened before the wedding.

Vasu: why she did this to us? Why? Indrejit told panditji that the wedding will not take place as the dulhan isn\’t here.

Just then Saakshi came.

Vasu: where were u? this means Ragi was right? Ur a cheat, how dare u do that to us? Answer me? Saakshi cries.

Mamaji: when u will give her a chance to speak then she will tell u, right. She tried to commit suicide. Tell her the truth beta.

Saakshi: I went to meet Tarun, he was blackmailing me, I wrote him some letters and if I wouldn\’t give him the money and jewellery then he would gave those letters to the media. I went to him to take those letters.

Vasu: how can I trust u now?

Mamaji: she\’s standing here, she came back that\’s the prove.

Saakshi: this is the truth, still if u don\’t believe me u can call the police otherwise u can forgive me and accept me as ur daughter-in-law. Whatever u will decide I\’ll accept it.

Mamaji: vasuji, listen 2 ur heart and then decide.

Precap: Ragi and Anmol on their way home and malti called ragi to asks where she is as the wedding rituals already began.

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