Bidaai 7th September 2010 Written Update

Hi friends Ready for the roller-costar Episode

*) Vasu tells Sakshi that she thought she will make up for the lost childhood of sakshi & give her so much love that she will be happy & asks Panditji how much time & says Khaushi to give sakshi the jewellery that vasu had brought as nekh (i don\’t understand how much nekh a Dulhan gets for marriage)

*)Angini was in the police station Ragini says that it is good that before time sakshi\’s truth came out & now we have jewellery & Tarun in the Jail & sakshi will be caught soon & Anmol says that we should be with our family as we don\’t have any reason to wait here.they inform the police & leave.

*) Alekshi come to the mandap along woth everyone & Alekh asks very is Angini & Vasu says that as we are getting late can\’t wait for them & they have important Work & Alekh gets happy & says he knows which important work they are doing.

*)Malti calls Ragini & tells her that marriage is taking Place & Ragini is shocked & asks how can that happen & malti says sakshi came back & Ragini says sakshi cheated us & she puts the Speaker phone on so that Anmol can hear.Malti says that it was her BF who blackmailed her thats why she had done that & Ragini says that no she is lying & Malti says even Mamaji has agrred to do her Kanyadhaan & Angini are shocked & upset.Malti says nothing can be done now & Ragini asks her to do something so that the marriage can take place little latter ,but Malti can\’t hear anything as Pandit was ringing the Bell & malti hangs up the phone & Ragini was just calling “bhabhi,Bhabhi”

*)Panditji recites some mantras & asks to do Kanyadhaan & Mamaji,mamiji come forward & Mamaji tells sakshi to do her duties as Alekh\’s Wife with Inamdhari & sakshi says to herself that she will surely do her duties & she will give her child Rajvansh name & she will make sure Ragini Rajvansh will suffer & says it\’s her InteKham (something like some test or some war)

*)Ragini says that they should stop the marriage no matter what happens & Anmol says what can we do when Everyone believes Sakshi & we don\’t have any proof .she says if the marriage is delayed they can take confession of Tarun & prove her wrong.Anmol says it will take time & Mamaji is aslo believes her & Ragini says if we can tell the truth to mamaji about the confession Ajay made to you then he will surely be on our side & prays god & asks Anmol to drive fast

*)Panditji asks to do Ghatbandhan as the time for Pheres had come & Vasu does it .Khushi signals Alekh All the best .Before the Pheres Started panditji says about Duties & responsibilities of marriage & sakshi says to herself yes she will do her duties she will make sure alekh & khushi Suffer & says that Ragini loves them very much na now she will see them suffer

*)first phere Panditji says that Both Bride & groom will take care of Families name & sakshi says she will destroy Alekh & ragini\’s Happiness.second phere (i clearly don\’t remember ,i will write after i see the rerun) ,like this 6 pheres were over .Atlast Angini reach home & they enter the house

*) everyone sees them & sakshi is not happy seeing them .Alekh Runs from there Happily & asks them i knew which important work you people had asks about sadhana & everyone are shocked .
they don\’t answer & Alekh goes near Khushi & asks her about Sadhana ,she says Madi Mummy & ALEKH asks her about sadhana & says that he played his part very well without any fault & she does\’nt Answer .other people leave from there .Alekh Again goes And asks her that he played the game very well & asks he about sadhana by shacking her badly .Anmol goes & tells Alekh that she is just a child & Khushi is crying Badly & Hugs Ragini & Ragini akss Gunni to take chidren upstairs

*)Alekh says but you are not child na ,i had told you everything about the game & you did\’nt tell anything & you told me lie & Anmol is sad & Alekh says Aap rehnedijiye & he asks Ragini where is sadhana & she says she will not come again & Alekh says it is lie everyone here are lying & he asks Mamaji & tells him he knows he will never lie to him & mamaji says Sadhana can\’t come back from the place she as gone & says from parlokh no one can come back .Alekh is broken & Anmol says Bhayya i\’m sorry & Alekh says not to call him Bhayya & says he will never talk to him & never forgive him ,Anmol is sad.Ragini comes there & he says that he should have listened when she asked him about what he wanted.

*)Panditji ask to complete 7th phere & Alekh is very angry & says he will not marry & noone is his wife other than sadhana & leaves from there

Precap : Ragini is saying to sakshi what can we do when Alekh is not ready to marry & sakshi says she will leave it for Vasu to decide

God Alekh is very Angry with Anmol & blaming him for not telling the truth when he had told about this Game called marriage

Angad was fantastic Today .His & Anmol\’s convo was soooooo emotional.both Apu & Angad did great job there

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