Bidaai 8th September 2010 Written Update

“Apni toh jaise taise, thodi aise yah waise

Kat jaayegi…aapka kya hoga janaab-e-ali”
(hahaha this is what I thought of Sakshi when aalekh walked out of KN)

Well it\’s been a while since I\’ve been around in the forum…what to do guys been really busy. But here I am with today\’s update.

It begins with aalekh leaving the KN in anger showuting that only saadhna is his wife, no one else. Mama ji says “this was wrong, very wrong Vasundhra ji. I was already against this marriage, but if you played tricks on aalekh to agree on this marriage, then this is definitely wrong. If I had any idea about this at all, then there was no chance I would\’ve let this happen. This is not a joke! This is not a child\’s play…it is the matter of aalekh\’s life. Atleast you should\’ve asked him if he wants to get married or not! Thank god that the last phera didn\’t happen, so therefore the marriage did not take place!” mama ji leaves in anger. Ragini asks pandit ji that this marriage is not done yet! Pandit ji informs that this marriage will not be successful unless the last phera is taken. Anmol says “the last phera isn\’t done yet as aalekh bhaiya has refused to get married, this marriage cannot take place no more.” Vasu shocked, Sakshi\’s instant reaction *hand on stomach* and is in tears. She begins with her drama, while AnGini enjoy this. Sakshi challenges Vasundhara by saying “is this the price of Vasundhara Rajvansh\’s promise?” she goes ahead about her childhood story and then how she got a new life in the nari niketan and then tarun and then etc… (Gosh she is too cunning…she\’s mastered in being a VAMP! )She indirectly talks about ragini how she always wanted this wedding to never take place and she always accuses her. (Gosh how much drama does she do? Man a topper in emotional blackmailing!) Ragini walks in with her drama and says “Sakshi you have our full sympathy and who said that your an orphan? We are with you na, we will always with there to support you. Infact we\’ll find a nice companion for you. But your wedding with jija ji…I hope you understand but he doesn\’t want to do this marriage.” (Sakshi is full trying to control her anger…Rub it in Ragini..Rub it in! Haha let sakshi taste her own medicine!) sakshi says “I take vasundhara ji as my mother, i want to hear this from her.” Anmol says “Mrs Rajvansh please take the decision that is acceptable for all of us.” Malti says “what decision? When aalekh doesn\’t want to marry then what will anyone do?” Vasu remains quiet. Sakshi says “your silence has given me my answer. Perhaps you don\’t want me to be your daughter in law. But I have always taken you as my mother and will always.” AnGini exchange looks. Sakshi takes vasu\’s blessings and walks towards the door in slow motion in the hope that someone will stop her vasu says “STOP SAKSHI!” everyone looks at vasu including sakshi. AnGini again exchange looks. Vasu says “the phere aren\’t done, this wedding didn\’t take place. But I came there with the proposal, so i will fulfil this promise i made to you. No matter what the world says but as far as I know i take you as my daughter in law and you will get the right!” Sakshi literally throws herself on vasu (a must see guys…i cracked up the way she hugged vasu.) Sakshi gives her evil looks to Ragini (Damn Sakshi takes this one AGAIN!) Ragini says “but mummy ji how can…” Vasu says “no more argument. Sakshi is the DIL of this house, so respect!” ragini says “but how can we do this? Jija ji doesn\’t accept this marriage so how can we take her as the DIL of our house?” Vasu says “you are forgetting Ragini that it was my decision to bring saadhna home aswell. Wasn\’t that right? You are my DIL, so you have the right to give your suggestions. But don\’t dare to interrupt in my decision. So let me fulfil a mothers duty.” Ragini is quiet. “This marriage may not be fulfilled due to the last phera, but sakshi is my DIL, so it\’s better if you all accept this as well. And any member that is against this then consider that I have no relation with them!” everyone is shocked. Kaushi explains to Ragini to accept this aswell as this will be the best for her and anmol. Ragini tries to say something but anmol stops her. Vasu says “kaushalya j ii am taking my DIL home, and i hope that you will fulfil the rights of the farewell.” Sakshi takes kaushi\’s blessings as wells as everyone else\’s. She gives a cold look to Ragini. Sakshi\’s bidaai is being done!

Aalekh walks in his room in anger and ruins his room. He breaks down when he sees saadhna\’s photo (heart breaking scene. I really felt for aalekh here.) he keeps asking saadhna that why she left him. Sakshi arrives home. Vasu is about to get aarti, but saakshi says that she wants Ragini to welcome her in this house. Ragini just looks on at sakshi. Vasu says “you see ragini, she had to face humiliation because of you, yet she takes your side. I hope you will fulfil your rights.” Ragini thinks “I wish you could see mummy ji. She isn\’t thinking about my rights, she is forcing her rights on me!” Vasu says “what are you thinking? Go and get the aarti.” Ragini looks at anmol, he indicates her to go. ragini leaves to get the aarti.

Coming up: aalekh blows the aarti, and kicks the kalash away! (WOHO GO AALEKH!)

Ragini is trying to light the match, anmol helps her. Anmol says “control yourself Ragini, i know this is hard, but there is a truth in all this, and that is our family isn\’t safe. Sakshi\’s intentions are not good. We need to be very careful.” Ragini nods and prays to god for strength to protect her family from sakshi. Anmol to prays with her. Aalekh sees sakshi out at the door and is angry. Everyone looks on at aalekh who walks away to the door in anger. He asks vasu that “what is this girl doing here?” Vasu says “she is the DIL of this house, she will live here only. Try and understand, she is your wife. Ragini start the rituals.” Sakshi is enjoying ragini welcome her. Vasu explains to sakshi to step her right foot in first, for the health and wealth of this family. Sakshi is taking another pratigya (making a promise to herself) that she will destroy this family. There will never be happiness in this family and ragini will suffer this. Ragini prays to god for not letting Sakshi\’s curse affect this house and nor her intentions. Ragini is about to do the aarti, when aalekh blows the diya and kicks away the kalash (GO AALEKH!!!! I am sooooooooooo PROUD of you!) aalekh says “you can keep her as you daughter in law but my wife will always be Saadhna and all the rituals that were performed on saadhna will not be performed on her as this is Saadhna\’s right only.\’ Aalekh gives an angry look to khushi and walks away! Ragini hugs khushi. Vasu just calls sakshi in ends on ragini.

Precap: inderjit says “Sakshi is the elder DIL of this house, so how can sakshi touch ragini\’s feet?” sakshi says “so as per the relation ragini should be touching my feet.” Ragini is shocked!

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