Bidaai 13th September 2010 Written Update

Khushi asks how Ragi got to know what time she will come out of the room.

Ragi says because she loves her princess very much. They went to sleep.

Kaushi asks mamaji what happened as there must be something that\’s why he didn\’t go to the nari niketan today. She says mamaji must be worried about Ragi and her family.

Mamaji: yess, and I think I\’m also responsible for everything that\’s happening there. But I can\’t say anything because that\’s not my home, it\’s vasu\’s, she won\’t listen to me.

Kaushi: but there are more people in that house who cares for u and listens to u.

Mamaji: that means u want me to go to Vasu\’s house

Kaushi: no I want u to go to my daughter\’s house and help her.

Tammy came to Khushi and says: khushi if u were gonna sleep here why didn\’t u tell me, then I would also come na, I went to mama and papa because I thought u were gonna sleep in ur new mama\’s room.

Khushi: yess, I went but she was very tired so I came back.

Tammy: she\’s very sweet na, she\’s making kheer, she asked everyone what they wanna have for breakfast, did she asked u?

Khushi says no. Tammy: oo then I think she wants to give u a surprise, maybe she asked mama then she will make it 4 u. Khushi wanted to get ready for shool but Tammy says It\’s Saturday silly.

Khushi: oo every Saturday we help mama in shaving na. Tammy: ow yess, come let\’s go.

Khushi: but he\’s still angry on me na

Tammy: don\’t worry, u\’ll be friends again. Let\’s go.

Alekh in his room looking in the mirror and thinks how Khushi and Tammy always helps him shave.

Saakshi knocks and he thought it\’s khushi, he went to open the door and saw Saakshi and told her not to enter his room as she\’s not his wife.

Saakshi: I know u must be angry, but I\’m also not happy with this marriage. ANmol and Khushi lied to u and I got punished 4 that, khushi is still a kid but Anmol? What was my mistake? And ragi didi is anmol\’s wife so he must have told her about all this, and she also lied.

Alekh got angry and says Ragi never lies, and throws the kheer bowl. Ragi came and he told her that saakshi isn\’t allowed in his room as it\’s not her room. It\’s my room and my sadi\’s room.

Saakshi thinks: Alekh rajvansh, u can do whatever u want, but for my child I\’ll also do everything.

Ragi: don\’t worry I\’ll tell her not to come near u. he went.

Ragi smiles and Saakshi says: kaun kisse door rahega time will tell, ragi rajvansh.

Khushi and Tammy were going to Alekh but Saakshi stops them saying she will tell them a story.

Tammy: we are going to Alekh, we always help him shave and have fun.

Saakshi told them not to go as his still very angry on Khushi and he doesn\’t want to see her, he also threw the kheer bowl when I talked about khushi. He also send me out of the door, u just wait and don\’t go to him till I don\’t tell u ok. Tammy and Khushi hug.

Saakshi thinks: ragi as u kept Tarun away from my unborn child I\’ll also keep Khushi and Alekh away.

Ragi came to Alekh and asks what he will have for breakfast, he doesn\’t say anything. Ragi thinks: I know ur missing Khushi, as she always helps u shaving. Just then Tammy came and gave him flowers on behalf of Khushi, she also says that Khushi wanted to say sorry to him but u told her not to come here na. that\’s why she asked me to give this 2 u, she went.

Ragi: the flowers are really beautiful, u also know Khushi must be missing u a lot, no one can separate u, ur her papa.

Alekh: but why did she lied? Sadi never lied? I\’ll never forgive them.

Ragi: ok, then if Khushi will find her a new friend then? After all she must have a friend na. His bathroom geyser wasn\’t working so Ragi told him to go to the kids room and she went.

Alekh took the flowers and Ragi smiles. (she was standing at the door).

Alekh came to the kids room and saw them shaving Anmol and having fun. Ragi saw him looking and she smiles.

Precap: sorry no precap.

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