Bidaai 16th September 2010 Written Update

It begins with vasu telling ragini that any decision she makes about khushi, she must confront it with sakshi. Khushi comes running down the stairs calling out to ragini. She cut her finger. Ragini rushes to her and says that she will get the first aid. Vasu comes there and tells khushi that from now on sakshi will be taking care of her. Vasu holds khushi\’s hand and gives her to sakshi. Ragini is shattered. Sakshi takes khushi with her. Khushi looks on at ragini while walking up the stairs.
Aalekh can\’t sleep. He keeps looking at saadhna\’s photo, and then looks at his photo with khushi. He kisses the photo and then has FB scenes of khushi apologizing and mama ji explaining to him. Sakshi is setting the room and tells khushi that she will sleep in sakshi\’s room from now on with her. Khushi asks about aalekh. Sakshi says “yes.” Khushi wants to go meet him, but sakshi irritatingly says “I told you na, he is angry with you.” Khushi says “but maasi ma says he will forgive me.” Sakshi says “you remember what happened in the morning. He yelled at you right? C\’mon sleep now.” Khushi wants to go to her room. Sakshi tells her to sleep in here in sakshi\’s room. Khushi says “but maasi ma says that kids should sleep in their own room and not disturb the elders.” Sakshi says “but I am your mamma na. do you listen to what I say. You know wat happens to the kids hat don\’t listen to their mothers? They get eaten by a witch.” (wah sakshi\’couldn\’t you find anything else to say but to scare the little kid.)khushi gets scared and then says “but maasi ma says that there is no such thing.” Sakshi says “it happens. I have seen it with my own eyes.” She narrates a scary story to khushi, which actually scares her. Sakshi tells her to sleep before the witch comes. Khushi immediately tries to sleep. Sakshi has a smirk.

Ragini does tammy\’s hair, tammy asks about anmol, ragini says that he is in the study doing some work. Tammy says “khushi is so lucky, her new mom will tell her a lot of stories. Mom can you sing me a lullaby.” Ragini says “yes I will sing you, khushi and jija ji to sleep.” Tammy says “but those two aren\’t here.” Ragini says “they don\’t need to be here to listen to my lullaby. They will instantly fall asleep as soon as they hear me sing.” Ragini sings tammy to sleep. Khushi, aalekh and anmol too can hear ragini singing. Anmol lost in ragini\’s singing in his study. Khushi trying to sleep, aalekh goes to see khushi, he wants to touch her but he leaves. Ragini is really missing saadhna, she is in tears. (the lyrics are new) anmol shuts his file (looks like he too feels like sleeping now)

Sakshi is feeling nauseas, she sees khushi is asleep and she too falls asleep. Khushi is really scared; she is crying and calls out to ragini. Ragini rushes to see khushi, she is about to open the door but hoods herself and then remembers vasu\’s words. She opens the door and finds khushi crying. Khushi gets happy to see ragini and hugs her. Ragini sees that khushi has fever; she takes khushi and puts her in TaShi\’s room. Khushi asks about aalekh. Ragini says “he is sleeping; I\’ll bring him in the morning.” Khushi is suffering from a high fever and she immediately calls the dr. Ragini gives medication to khushi and tells her not to worry. Ragini leaves to gets cold strips for khushi.

It\’s morning, ragini stayed by her side all night. Khushi asks how she got here. Ragini says “you were suffering from a high fever, so I brought you. Now you fever is gone. I\’ll be back.” Khushi hugs her and says “maasi ma how did you know that I had fever?” ragini says “you know mothers have a switch that actually tells the mother that her children are in pain. You know you scared me last night.” Khushi tells about the witch\’sakshi walks in. (hahaha witch ka naam liya aur witch haazir) sakshi asks khushi what she is doing in this room. Ragini says “this is her house\’nothing to be afraid of here. No one will kidnap her.” Sakshi says “I\’m afraid of the family members in this house. Khushi I told you na that you were to sleep in my room last night, then why are you here? You didn\’t listen to your mom.” Ragini says “khushi had a high fever, so I brought her here.” Vasu walks in. sakshi says “mummy ji ragini brought khushi again with her last night.” Ragini says “mummy ji khushi was suffering from a high fever last night and sakshi was sleeping.” Vasu checks on khushi. Ragini says “the fever is down now.” Sakshi tries to justify herself. (haan bhai bas tu hi ek sayaani hai, baaki sab toh chalaak hai na! Sakshi is getting very irritating now.) Ragini says “sakshi, khushi is the daughter of this house. I\’ve raised her all those years, so please.” Sakshi says she needs to learn all this, so let her. vasu again comes in sakshi\’s talk and tells ragini to let sakshi take care of khushi. Sakshi sits next to khushi and says that she will fix everything, as long as she listens to her…or else she knows the consenquences.” Khushi gets scared again, ragini looks on. Sakshi takes khushi along with her.

Ragini is making mil for khushi, sakshi wants to make kheer. Ragini suggests sakshi not to make kheer for khushi as it may not be right. She gives the milk to sakshi and tells her to give it khushi. Sakshi says “why didn\’t you tell me this before? You wanted me to feed khushi kheer so she fals more sick and then it gives you a chance to complain to vasu.” Ragini says “I wasn\’t even thinking this, because my daughter\’s health means more to me. Such cheap thoughts come in your mind only not me.” Sakshi says “children are a weakness for the parents.\’ Ragini says “children are the strength of a mother. You won\’t understand because you\’re not a mother. Please make her drink this milk with love; she doesn\’t like milk with turmeric powder.” Sakshi walks away.

Tammy goes to check on khushi, but sakshi sends her away. Khushi is calling out tammy in her room. Tammy leaves. Khushi wants to meet tammy. Sakshi says “no you\’re not well. If you meet tammy your fever is increase.” Khushi is not willing to listen. Sakshi again mentions about the witch that will eat both TaShi. Khushi is crying again.

Tammy is leaving for school, ragini gives her the tiffin and asks if she met khushi. Tammy says “no her new mom didn\’t let me meet her, please tell her to get well soon on my behalf.” Tammy leaves. Ragini sees sakshi.

Precap: aalekh taking care of khushi and tells her that he is here to take care of herself and says that stupid sakshi told me that good parents are strict.

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