Bidaai 17th September 2010 Written Update

Sakshi is speaking to Ragini, she says “Well you said that khushi doesn\’t like Haldi milk, but when I gave it to her she drank is easily.” Ragini says “Khushi is awake?” sakshi says “Yeah, one cannot drink mil while a can they?” Ragini says “but tammy said khushi is asleep.” Sakshi says “exactly\’does that ring a bell? You see when khushi meets tammy she\’s happy and if khushi is happy then you are happy, which I don\’t want at all.” Ragini says “do you have any idea how much you\’re hurting my sick daughter?” Sakshi says “ofcourse I do, your daughter isn\’t just sick but very depressed aswell. You know how much she misses tammy and she keeps calling you\’poor one is very weak. She can hardly speak; maybe this may make her fall ill even more.” Ragini is about to go to khushi, when sakshi stops her. “If you go to meet khushi without my permission, then I won\’t spare your family.” Ragini says “what bad has my daughter done to you? Why are you hurting her so much? Spare my daughter; give me all the pain you want.” Ragini runs away while sakshi smiles. (Gosh how evil is she? Okay I understand your there for revenge but why are you putting that little child\’s life in danger. God will never spare you Sakshi *Witch <- in khushi\'s words *) Ragini is in her room crying, talking to saadhna\'s photo. "What do I do saadhna? Sakshi took khushi away from the family, but how do I tell mummy ji this? Sakshi is so cunning that she has brainwashed mummy ji." Ragini breaks down and then says "there is someone that has more right over khushi than sakshi. Someone that even mummy ji can\'t ignore." Aalekh is in his room looking at his medications. Ragini comes there and asks what he is doing. Aalekh says "Ragini it\'s good that you are here, you know tammy told me that khushi is unwell, she has fever so I am looking for tablets for her. Can you give these medications to khushi, she\'ll be fine. I wish I could go to her, but what to do I am a responsible father na, it\'s important to punish her as well, but ragini you can go na? Please go." Ragini says "it doesn\'t work that way jija ji. Medications are to be given on time and she\'s already had her medication but there is another way\'" aalekh says "what way? Tell me?" Aalekh says "If you become her friend again then she will be fine" aalekh says "but I am angry with her how can I go?" Ragini says "you are angry with her, and your sad for her\'you know anger is a really bad thing, that makes one go sick and depressed but by forgiving them they become happy again. Everything goes well again." Aalekh says "but you too get angry on tammy na? good parents do that\'you know that sakshi that comes in my room forcefully she told me that!" Ragini is in thoughts and then says "Should I tell you something that bauji always says. Things that can be done with love will never be done with anger." Aalekh says "yes yes mama ji told me." Ragini says "you know that bauji never lies. As you said that I get angry on tammy, but after a while I forgive her aswell and shower my love on her. There\'s a limit on parents anger, and you\'ve crossed the limit now. Go to khushi and talk to her, become her friend again. Shower all your love." Aalekh says "yes yes I\'ll go, I never knew that my limit for getting angry is over\' (aww this is called pure innocence..Love you aalekh ) aalekh is about to go btu stops again. Ragini asks him "what happened?" aalekh sits on the bed in anger and says "but there will that sakshi there too. Shecomes to my room forcefully." Ragini says "don\'t worry, sakshi will not be there." Vasu is talking to sakshi. "I\'m very happy sakshi that you want to go to the mandir to pray for khushi\'s wellbeing." Sakshi is confused. "Ragini just told me this. I am very worried for khushi, she\'s never experienced such high fever." Ragini comes there with the pooja thaali and asks sakshi if they can go. Sakshi looks at ragini in anger. Vasu says "god will indeed answer your prayers." Vasu leaves and sakshi says "now what\'s this new drama of yours" ragini says "drama? What drama? I just told mummy ji that I am going to the mandir to pray for khushi\'s wellbeing, and you being her new mother should also go." Sakshi says "but if I go to mandir then you can\'t meet khushi, tammy is in school and that aalekh he\'s so angry with khushi. What\'s your plan?" ragini says "I have only one plan and one aim to keep my family together. By the way are coming or should I tell mummy ji that you don\'t want to go." Sakshi leaves with ragini. Ragini thinks "you can\'t keep a father away from seeing his daughter." Sakshi on the other side thinks "Let\'s see ragini how successful this move of yours will be." Both arrive at the mandir, ragini meets a khushi\'s teacher and tells them about khushi\'s sickness and how she will not be coming to school for a few days. Ragini takes their leave and prays for khushi\'s and her family\'s wellbeing, while sakshi prays for her unborn child, tarun and for the Rajvansh family\'s destruction." The teachers praise ragini and how she has never differentiated between the children, sakshi over hears them. The teachers discuss about aalekh\'s mental health which can create problems for khushi and can be a hurdle in her progress. Ragini overhears them, and says "how can you say this about my khushi? I\'m not doing all this to get attention\'everyone phases difficulty, and that\'s what khushi\'s papa is going through. Khushi and her papa love each other a lot." The teacher says "I am not doubting his love, I am just\'" ragini says "I know..but love doesn\'t harm anyone. Due to that love she is working extra hard, passes by good marks. I just want to say that if khushi is having any problems then let me know I\'ll work on it." Sakshi comes there and says "what happened ragini didi?" Ragini says "these are khushi\'s teachers, I was discussing khushi\'s studies with them." Sakshi says "thank you so much for taking care of khushi, and if in the future there\'s any problem then please do inform me." Ragini just looks on at her. Sakshi introduces herself ask sakshi rajvansh, aalekh\'s wife and khushi\'s new mom to the teachers. Ragini says "I think we should leave now." Back at rajvansh house, aalekh is applying the cold wet strips on khushi and says "Dost you have a fever na, you don\'t worry I\'m here na. I am so sorry that I didn\'t talk to you for so long\'but what do I do, that stupid sakshi said to me that I need to be strict like all responsible parents. (I so hope vasu hears this, par humari aisi kismat kahan) then ragini told me that my limit to be angry on you is over." Khushi calls out to aalekh in her sleep, and aalekh says "I am with you, I am here. Wake up dost I need to speak to you, I am no longer angry with you." Sakshi comes there and says "aalekh ji what are you doing?" aalekh looks angrily at sakshi. "Khushi has a high fever. What are you doing here If you will be here then there will a problem." Aalekh says "why? Khushi is my daughter, I am her father. Who are you to explain all this to me?" (Good going aalekh, tell her off) sakshi says "fine do whatever you want, if you want to ruin your daughter\'s life then go ahead. You don\'t know how much problem khushi will be in if you will stay with her." Aalekh is shocked. "If you don\'t want to know I can\'t do anything about it. Ruin your daughter\'s life." Sakshi walks away, aalekh is in thoughts. He follows sakshi and says "how dare you say such wrong thing that I am ruining my daughter\'s life." Sakshi says "aalekh ji it\'s really important to tell you." Aalekh says "what what do you want to tell me? Go ahead." Sakshi says "everyone that knows khushi know that your love is spoiling her." Aalekh says "That\'s a lie. I am khushi\'s father I love her a lot. Ask Ragini yourself." Sakshi says "ask ragini yourself that what happened in mandir today. Aalekh ji you are a bit\'" (don\'t you dare) Aalekh says "I know I am not normal\'so?" sakshi says "well khushi\'s teacher say that if you\'re going to be around your daughter than she will become like you\'abnormal." Aalekh is shocked. "She loves you a lot that\'s why she will think like you and will not bas smart as other students. You love will become her enemy. Tammy\'s father is normal, she will definitely be successful. Everyone will praise, and khushi..she will become a joke for everyone." Aalekh says "you\'re lying!" Sakshi says "fine ask the one who always apeaks the truth." Aalekh leaves in anger. Anmol and Ragini are discussing about the teacher issue. Ragini says "sakshi didn\'t hear anything, if she had then she would definitely take advantage of this. I told the teacher that we will take care of khushi and told her that he father will not be a hurdle in khushi\'s progress." Aalekh is listening to all this. "I have also told the teacher that khushi loves her father a lot and he can\'t live without her either. There\'s no way to separate the two." Anmol says "then\'" Ragini says "teacher said that it is fine for now but in the future this can be a problem for khushi\'mentally." Aalekh is shocked, he is crying and says "I will not spoil my daughter\'s life. I don\'t want to be a problem for her. What do I do god?" aalekh walks out of the house as he remembers sakshi and ragini\'s words. Sakshi gives her evil smile while she watches him go. (can someone just slap her already like seriously...) Precap: Khushi asks for aalekh and that she wants to meet him. Aalekh is litening to this and then remember\'s sakshi\'s words about how his love is spoiling her.

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