Miley Jab Hum Tum 21st September 2010 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv proposing Nupur which causes her to remember the spent moments with Mayank. She looks at him and Dhruv catches her looking at Samrat too. He shakes her hand and grips it tighter. Nupur with her tear-stricken eyes, says yes. Dhruv dosen\’t notice anything amiss and becomes very very happy. He says that he knew Nupur loved him as much as he loved her. He says that he couldn\’t wait any longer and wanted the wedding to be that day. To add more salt to their wounds, he invites them to their wedding as they were the only family Nupur had in Mumbai. Mayank leaves and Gunjan goes after him. Nupur says that she had some work in the locker room & leaves too. Dhruv hugs Samrat and says that he had made it much easier and he was behaving just like a friend. he was glad that Nupur told him. Samrat tells Dhruv that his joy was short-lived and he will cry at the end.
Cut to Nupur: Nupur is sobbing her heart out in the locker room and flashbacking some moments. Samrat comes and she moves forward unwilling to show her tear-stricken face. Samrat follows her and asks her why she had said yes. hey all were there and they could help Nupur; He wouldn\’t be able to harm a hair on her head. Nupur bursts out into more hysterical sobs and tells Samrat that Dhruv could do anything. She tells him that Dhruv had devised those \’accidents\’ i.e the short-circuit at mayank\’s house and the rack- falling. Samrat is shocked. Samrat asks her why she hadn\’t been protesting. She was not behaving like the Nupur they knew whose motto was that she was not afraid of anything. Samrat says that she was right when she had said that She was not their Nupur because she had changed.
Nupur goes out and bumps into Mayank. She stares at him, all the moments they spent flashbacking in her head. Dhruv comes along and on seeing them, puts his hand on nupur\’s shoulder and invites Mayank to come to his wedding. Mayank goes from there.
Dhruv asks her if she told Mayank anything. Nupur says a no and Dhruv asks her not to be worried so easily. Nupur pleads with Dhruv to let her see Gunjan as she ill not be able to see Gunjan ever again. He agrees after much persuasion.
In Samrat\’s office: Mayank asks Samrat if that was Samrat\’s plan as it had failed.He had made Nupur say yes to his proposal. Mayank was worried because Dhruv would beat Nupur more after the marriage. Samrat asks him why he was getting tensed up and worried for her because it was not his Nupur. Mayank leaves and Samrat says \’Rohan\’.
Cut to Gunjan & Ash: Gunjan is crying seeing nupur\’s photograph and flashbacking those Wedding scenes. nupur comes and sees her. Gunjan brushes her tears and Nupur explains that she had come as Gunjan had left very abruptly. Gunjan asks her why she was so worried for her as seh was not her sister. She concluded that Nupur cannot be her sister as Nupur would never agree to Dhruv\’s proposal. Nupur is teary.
Mayank enters and requests Gunjan and Ash to leave as he wanted to talk to Nupur.
Cut to Samrat and Rohan: Both are walking and Rohan tells him that Samrat sir was right and his plan would probably work.
Precap- Mayank gives Nupur her wedding dress as he wanted all traces of Nupur\’s memory to go away from him.
Dhruv is holding a gun. Nupur is clinging to Mayank while Gunjan to Samrat. He says that all of them had to die. Samrat and Mayank rush at him and both fall down, unconscious.
Raiting- 3 1/2. I kinda thought it was a filler episode. The precap was hopeful. i\’m quite sure no one will die as the gun was pointed upwards. It can\’t bounce, can it?

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